The Party on the Farm 2011 Report


This past Sunday we hosted our fourth annual Party on the Farm. It was the biggest and best party ever, with at least 100 people experiencing the farm during the peak hours. There was coffee roasting, lard rendering, tortilla making, dehydrating, spinning, goat hoof trimming, Santa gourd making, and more. New and fun this year was a canning and crafting swap. (I’m betting that one will be back next year! Somebody even brought blown-out ostrich eggs!) And, of course, there was food, food, and more food, along with laughter and conversation and hugging and feeding cookies to the goats. And door prizes! (Thank you especially to Pat from Springer’s Yarn Nook who not only sponsored the retreat and provided door prizes there, but also brought another BIG box of door prizes for the party.)

One of my favorite things every year is seeing the little kids–and grown-ups, too!–milk Beulah Petunia. And the food. The food is pretty much one of my favorite things, too. And getting to see you, and letting you see the farm and the animals. If you came, thank you for being here! If you didn’t come, we’ll do it again next year!

I’ve got a whole gallery of photos from the party here: Party on the Farm 2011 Gallery.


  1. CarrieJ says:

    It was a once in a life time experience!!! Here’s some pics from my FB account

    I have a few more to about 20 of BP and me milking her! Thanks everyone, I loved it!

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