The Tractor Has Landed


The tractor store delivered our bright red tractor to my cousin’s farm, saving them the last two-and-a-half miles up our rocky road.

I brought Coco over to the old farmhouse with me. She likes riding in the car. She likes the tractor, too.

My cousin came home and found a shiny new tractor sitting in front of his barn, along with his hobby ambulance and VW bug (he likes to play with old vehicles), and he said, “I thought I had the greatest wife in the world.” It wasn’t even his birthday! Then he found out it wasn’t for him.

“It’s for me!” Coco decided.

“Seriously, where’s the key?”

“What about me?” my cousin’s dog, Flash, wanted to know.

“Don’t I get to drive it?”

Noooooo….. I had to disappoint Coco, too.

A quick study, she learned this hangdog expression from Flash.

Then we got some contraption hooked onto the back of it that we borrowed from my cousin, and Georgia drove it home for me.

Okay, not really, 52 drove it home for me.

The wild meadow on our farm sighed in anticipation.

Let the mowing begin!

Just, you know, like, not by me….. I gotta go make some biscuits or somethin’……


  1. Kim A. says:

    I see 52 has his work cut out for him. Nice to know there’s at least one man on the planet who isn’t lazy. ๐Ÿ˜†

    I think you should let Coco drive the tractor. She’ll do a fab job!


  2. Lora says:

    Such a cool tractor. Can I borrow it next weekend?!

  3. Carolyn A. says:

    I bet 52 is just busting a button owning such a nice tractor like that. And it’s nice to know he’ll actually use it, unlike some other people I could name in my family.

    Now wouldn’t that be a picture for posterity if Georgia HAD driven it home? You should totally get a pic of her, with a straw hat and her overalls, at the wheel. She’d probably be giggling the whole time. I just think she’s precious. xxoo

  4. wkf says:

    I think they call it a bush hog. Go forth and bush hog!!!! You need to learn how to drive that tractor. It does something to your ovaries! Makes you feel all strong and self confident. But nothing like a bulldozer! Those scare the bejezus outta me. :flying:

  5. Bayou Woman says:

    Congratulations to whomever it is that owns that super new grass cutting toy!! Oh, and garden tilling thingy!

    Oh, and I saw the photo of the blackberries coming out. If you need a tried and true cobbler recipe, I’ve posted one that is proving quite successful with the blogging populous!
    I really would be honored to have you try it out and see if you like it. It’s an easy breezy self-crusting cobbler!

  6. Claudia W says:

    I like the picture of 52 mowing the meadow! Great tractor! I would love to be able to drive that!

  7. Christine says:

    My hubby dreams of a tractor like that. YOU are the greatest wife in the world. ๐Ÿ˜†

  8. Shari C says:

    Wow! What a fancy new tractor…but glad I don’t have to drive it either.

    Love the photos and Coco just keeps getting cuter and….wow, bigger.

  9. TeresaH says:

    nice tractor…I bet coco was big enough to drive it, poor little guy…

  10. MsJamie says:

    I just discovered your blog this week and I am in love with it and with your life. You are living my dream life! I want a few cows and a few goats and a few horses and a few chickens. Unfortunately, I don’t want to do any of the work associated with that. But I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind. Ha!

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for sharing you life like this! I live in Pinch so not too far down the road, relatively speaking.

  11. happyathome says:

    Oooo..that contraption is the mower deck we just got last year for our tractor. Cuts mowing time in half, love it! Shiney new nicey nice tractor… long will it take to get dirty.

  12. Suzette says:

    I love the tractor! I want one. But, I’m not sure it will fit in my back yard. For real. SIGH. I’m not even sure Coco would fit in my back yard. SIGH…again.

    Can’t wait to hear about all the great mowing and earth-moving adventures!

  13. Susan says:

    I guess 52 is still camera shy. Flash is a bad influence on Coco! You know she is going to use that look every time she doesn’t get her way. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Suzanne, I have faith in you, you’ll be driving that new shiny red tractor in no time! :yes:

  14. Wendy says:

    It’s only a matter of time before 17 drives the tractor.

  15. Amy Addison says:

    :elephant: Yay for the new tractor! LOL on your cousin thinking it was his new toy.

    I’m sure Coco would LOVE to mow the meadow for you. Or, perhaps one of the boys? Surely 17 is EXCITED to drive the tractor, right?

    Our Marionberries are blushing…soon, I’ll be able to make pies and cobblers and whatnot…assuming, of course, any of the berries make it into the house. The boys (and me!) tend to eat them straight off the vine. Husband’s raspberries are turning, too. It’s going to be a berry-licious summer.

  16. Tori Lennox says:

    Coco’s a smart girl. I bet she could drive the tractor, no problem, if only she had, like, thumbs. :rotfl:

  17. Joanne says:

    Oh God, now I want a tractor. You’ve got to stop with this getting all the cool stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Karen B says:

    :flying: Is 52 related to the late Wilson Wilson from the Home Improvement series? :rotfl:

  19. Estella says:

    Hurrah for 52, down in the meadow brushogging away.

  20. Jennifer Robin says:

    I can’t wait until we can afford a tractor; hubby has his eye on a 90 horse Kubota. You’re going to love having yours, and probably wonder how you ever got along without it!

  21. Donna says:

    Ohhhh that Coco is the SWEETEST pup. I am so happy she is feeling like she is part of the family now! I love Flash’s face too. LOL I LOVE pups..I am a dog person, even though I have a Parakeet and dont’ want a dog – one bite of Petey and he’d be gone..but if Petey were not here..I would have a pup! Pretty tractor!!!! :mrgreen: :shimmy: I bet Georgia could have driven that home, had she wanted to!

  22. M says:

    Bush-hoggin is fun girl. Instant gratification! Not like the 22-inch self-propelled that takes 20 minutes to see any progress.

    Savor the sweet smell of just mown grass!

    Try going for a ride with 52. I’m sure you would find it ed-u-ca-tional ๐Ÿ˜‰


  23. Shimmy Mom says:

    It’s beautiful. I bet 52 won’t even mind the honey-do’s now.

  24. Brandy says:

    Looks like fun! I want to learn to drive one! *G*

  25. Cama says:

    Love the RED color! Put some big black dots on it (ladybug style)!!! Looks like Georgia was supervising that operation. GO GEORGIA!!!! Great shot of 52!! HA HA!

  26. Ruby55 says:

    Nothing gives away disappointment like a dog’s face, especially a beagle’s(?) Uh, don’t ask me about dog breeds.

    My sister and brother-in-law have :woof:, about a dozen :cowsleep:, a pond of trout and a cat? The latter might have died. I should post a picture of the farm–if I can find one. It’s on the Internet since it has registered Highland cattle, which look more like yaks than cows.

  27. Susan K from Ohio says:

    Wow, that’s really shiny and pretty… It’s overkill for my 1/3 acre, though. Bummer.

    Yea for Coco, though! I love to see Coco in action.

  28. Crystal B. says:

    Glad you got your tractor. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Sharon Elkins says:

    Maybe the goats would help.

  30. Debbie in Memphis says:

    I love Flash and Georgia. I need Flash and Georgia in my life.

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