Then They Arrested Me!


I’m not very observant, so I didn’t notice these huge posters of all the senior football players on the side of the bleachers last week at the first home game, but I noticed it this week. Look, there’s my baby!

I told him if they offer them the posters at the end of the season, TAKE IT! Because if I don’t tell him that in advance, he won’t.

#57, my baby.

I would have liked to have taken more pictures at this game, but my batteries were dying and my camera kept shutting off. Plus I had to work the concession stand.

I did manage to get this picture of Weston’s girlfriend at halftime. (She’s front, center, playing the flute.)

This was my second concession stand duty this season, which means it was my last one. My last one forever at the high school football stadium. Weston is a senior. You’re only required to pull two concession duty nights. It’s only September, so there’s lot of football to go, but I’ve graduated from high school football concession duty!

Dear High School Football Concession Stand,

You were my favorite concession stand duty ever. I will miss you when I’m pulling high school concession stand duty for Morgan at volleyball, basketball, and softball, because, dear football stand, they can’t hold a candle to you. You could put the hot dogs they sell on the head of a pin compared to you. The excitement…. It’s just not there. Dear football stand, you have it all. Thank you for the rapid-fire experience in counting change. I needed the math brush-up. I’m sorry about that one time I was late. And that other time. And I’m sorry about that one time I ate a bag of popcorn and didn’t pay for it. And that other time.


I said, “I’ve got the dollar for the popcorn in my car! I’ll go get it right now!!!”

Okay, that’s not why they were there.

There were some people passing counterfeit bills at the stadium! The state police found $100 in fake 20s at the home team concession stand. The officer went through all the bills at the visitor concession stand (where I was working) and found none. He said they probably were too lazy to walk over there. (Probably right.)

They have video from the stadium and concession area and a description from one of the workers at the home concession stand, so they’re working on it. Anyway, that was the exciting finish to my high school football concession stand career. Weston only plays one sport, so it’s done.

Of course, Morgan’s just getting started.

Who wants nachos with chili and cheese? Sour Skittles? A hot dog with slaw? Blue Gatorade? I’VE GOT YOU COVERED.


  1. Ivy says:

    Thank-you for that great remembrance. Although my kids didn’t play football, they were in the band and flag. Many a night in the stands, holding saxophones while they went to get some soda or working the concession with a lot of other stressed-out-over-worked moms. What fun! Those days are gone. Wait. Maybe my grandson will be in the band, or play football? Have to wait a few years to find out, he’s only 7. Well, time flys for sure!

  2. Tina says:

    Maybe you could offer to sub for a parent some night? That way you could get your “fix” of football concession stand excitement!

  3. Beth Caudill says:

    Growing up, my Mom did concession stand duty. Except it was the band boosters who did the duty..not the football players.

    Now, I get concession duty for my oldest who is in baseball. We haven’t hit school sports…this just recreational league stuff. But we have to do one night a season. I usually do the first one because we don’t have a schedule set for the season and I’m the coaches wife so easy for me to do it.

    I don’t really mind doing it. Yeah you miss seeing one game but I don’t understand why parents have a problem doing this job. Most just want to pay a teenager. (Which is good for the teenager) But concession stand duty can be lots of fun.

  4. Bethany James says:

    57 was my cousin’s number when we were in high school. I almost just shouted “wooo, 57!”, when I saw your son’s jersey. It’s a good number.

  5. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Do you think Clover and her cohorts infiltrated the game? They would of course have to use counterfeit money since they don’t have paying jobs – er, because they EAT their pay!

  6. Kathy in KY says:

    Funny to hear about the popcorn police coming to arrest you. Don’t know if anyone will remember, but that reminds me of the show WKRP in Cincinnati, and Dr Johnny Fever thinking the phone police were coming after him when he pulled a phone out of the wall at the station’s sub-station location. I love the small-town life that you give us glimpses into in your blog. Thank you Suzanne. Take care from KY.

  7. skippymom says:

    I love these memories – we were done with concessioning last fall as our daughter was in Marching Band [love Wes’ girlfriend’s uniform – beautiful – yeah band geek mom here] Anyway – we thought we were done until the band director from the high school came over to the middle school and sweet talked our youngest [in eighth grade] to join the band next year [he’s a good guy] – So here we go again! We get one year off and then back at it next fall. YAY!

  8. trudy says:

    We didn’t have concession stands when i was in High School. Now I’m, wondering if that’s why people are more chubby.

  9. Rechelle says:

    I don’t even want to think about what is in that nacho cheese sauce. I also don’t want to think about how much of it I eat during ballgames.

  10. Beth Brown says:

    I haven’t pulled my concession stand duty yet. I will be working one of the football games even though the only child old enough to play high school sports is in girls soccer!

    Such fun!! And I think those posters are really cool!!!

    Beth :sheepjump:

  11. northcountrygirl says:

    I remember the high school football games and the concession stands. They were good times! When I got older and had my own kids, they didn’t play sports. But I remember my own high school days! Those definitely were the days!

  12. Runningtrails says:

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  13. ML says:

    Loved this post! You reminded me of my high school days long ago.

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