These Boots Are Stunning!


My new boots! No, seriously, stop what you’re doing and admire them! These are my new I’m-a-farmgirl boots. Aren’t they the cutest? People are always giving me a hard time around here because they think the shoes I wear are impractical. And maybe they are….. When I’m hiking around the farm or woods in my pretty but often non-sturdy shoes sometimes I have trouble. I’m not in the suburbs anymore…. I finally found some that I like. And I’m excited about it! Did I mention that? I’m gonna make everyone look at my boots everywhere I go today. “Look, I have farmgirl boots!”

Okay, that’s probably not gonna help me fit in….


  1. Kim A. says:

    Awesome boots! Are they water-proof? Steel-toed? I wear hiking boots all the time in winter, even though I’m in the city, because I walk so much. No one could every accuse me of having impractical footwear.

    Once a country girl, always a country girl…. ๐Ÿ˜†


  2. Susan says:

    I love your new farmgirl boots! You’re a real rural girl now. :shimmy:

  3. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    Oh yeah! She is officially a country girl now. :rockon: I have farm girl boots and I’m not even a farm girl. My son got them for me as a Christmas present a few years ago when I could still hike a bit. Now I wear them when it snows. Good traction in bad weather. You make everyone look and be proud of your new boots. Have a great day and :hug: to all.

  4. Hetty says:

    Love your boots! I can’t stop looking at them!!!!

  5. Lexi Connor says:

    Great boots! Don’t forget to break them in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Suzanne says:

    They’re waterproof! Not steel-toed, though…. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  7. leanne says:

    It’s good to wear a pair of boots when you’re out walking in the fields or woods. You never know what you might come up on or step in. ๐Ÿ˜† Hope everyone has a great day.

    Leanne :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy:

  8. Estella says:

    Love the boots!
    In our neck of the woods we call them s–t stompers.

  9. Dru says:

    ooh, I like your boots.

  10. catslady says:

    LOL you got to get them scuffed some – just like in school when you had those gleaming white tennis shoes lol. ๐Ÿ˜†

  11. Brandy says:

    I like the boots! I want a pair! *g* Make sure everyone notices them, you deserve them!

  12. Alice Audrey says:

    Oh. I thought those were hiking boots.

  13. kacey says:

    They are not real farmgirl boots until they are muddy and worn… Hey, *I* have farmgirl boots!!

  14. Margery Scott says:

    Cool boots, Suzanne! Now you have to break them in. They’re far too perfect looking. How warm are they? Mine are guaranteed to -40C, but they’re the ugliest boots on the planet.

  15. Ellen says:

    What beautiful farm girl boots! :shimmy:

  16. sherry says:

    You go girl. What do they look like now almost a month later! Every farm girl has to have a good pair of boots. I envy mine are a wearin’ out! I love Ariats.

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