This Is My Spring


It’s about the pleasure in each new day of more leaves greening the woods around me. Flowers blooming. Calves in the meadow. Walking in the creek and clambering up hillsides. Chicks (hopefully!) hatching in my incubator. Bulbs planted to begin a garden that will last the rest of my life. Cats in my bed, dogs on my porch. Living in the most perfect place in the world even though most of the rest of that world wouldn’t even venture down our country road. Bread in my oven and pies on my counter. Children laughing. Candles on my tables, butterflies in my yard. Open windows and the sound of the river far below us. Looking forward, never back. Joy in what is and taking the time to just breathe and know the present time for what it is–a gift.

This is my spring. What’s yours?


  1. debbie peterson says:

    Suzanne,I love this time of year also.Living in S.Caroling the dogwood trees are blooming..The older i get the more I hate cold weather……Most all my garden is in and all the planters planted(Had to cover two nights last week)So much enjoy reading your blog.I wish I could put everyday life to words so well.Debbie

  2. debbie peterson says:

    :cattail: :elephant: :flying: :snoopy:

  3. Hillbilly2 says:

    So much joy in your post!
    All things new again. I love Spring! :snoopy:

  4. Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks&Me says:

    I live across from a Christmas tree farm and I’m just beginning to see the activity that comes with Spring there. I know the same thing is happening in farms all across the Midwest as the farmers are plowing fields and planting.

    Our daffodils are looking lovely and yesterday I noticed one of the Azalea bushes beginning to bloom!

  5. Treasia says:

    Beautiful post.

    My spring is blooming flowers and trees, farmers working in the fields, seeing the tractors and seed planters moving around on farms, and the kids being outside.

  6. Jen-o-topia in TN says:

    Suzanne, well said as always. What a beautiful post. I just sat down with my cappuccino in my little bay window looking out to a beautiful spring morning, and your post was the first thing I read ~ a perfect start to the day!

    Thank you.

  7. kacey says:

    I love and adore spring. Things green up. Flowers bloom. Weather good enough to sit on the deck. :love:

  8. Heidi says:

    How beutiful sue! This has been our spring – :weather: Last year at this time we had most of our oats planted and were going to start on our corn – this year, nothing yet but muck… LOL What kind of tree is that? A flowering crab or somthing else?

  9. Melissa says:

    Our spring is still struggling to make an appearance. We have snow, hail and prairie fires right now. Colorado is a MESS! :weather:

  10. Lora says:

    Such a lovely post.
    My spring is every shade of pink azalea, new roses planted in fresh turned soil, the dawn chorus. We moved here in November from Alaska and don’t know what colors the peonies and the old roses that have been here for fifty-five years are. The anticipation of waiting for what is waking up is a lot of fun. We are trying to tread lightly this spring.

  11. Hillbilly2 says:

    Shedding horses, whipporwills and the smell of freshly cut grass!

  12. Deb says:

    I love this post. It’s exactly what I would have written about spring and how I feel about it… if I hadn’t had blog block and, of course, were a gifted writer like you!

  13. Shimmy Mom says:

    :butterfly: Your spring sounds pretty perfect. But since we are rabbit breeders I HAVE to ad baby bunnies in the nest boxes. They are so cute and make me smile everyday. I”d also ad my horse out rolling in the pasture to work out some of her winter coat. She looks like a colt frolicking out there.

  14. Amy says:

    Suzanne, I want to borrow your spring! Spring here means things are greening up, but the winds are blowing and dust is flying. Farmers are preparing the fields for cotton and the dirt is flying. Everyone is sneezing and I know I just dusted Wednesday, but the house doesn’t look like it.


  15. Amy Addison says:

    The grapevine is budding, the apple tree is blossoming, the strawberries are doing their thing, the herbs are starting to fill out, the cherry tree is leafing, the berry brambles are filling in…

    And the forecast for the weekend: SNOW.

    20+ years I’ve lived here. Never had snow in LATE APRIL in the valley.

  16. Jennifer Robin says:

    Couldn’t express it better myself. Add in the occasional freak snowstorm and you have my spring here in Washington!

  17. Leah says:

    Hey Suzanne, that sounds so perfect! What a great place to be in life. I hope to one day be exactly where I want to be. This is Spring in Rockport, TX. I love it, but mostly I’m relieved the foggy season is over. Ever seen “The Fog”? My gills have finally converted back for air breathing.

    I’ve got tomatoes and peppers, our crazy tropical plants are blooming, and so far the gophers have spared my new rose bush. So, I’ve got that going for me… :bananadance:

  18. Susan says:

    You put it beautifully! A year ago today we got 17 inches of snow, so I appreciate the warm weather we are experiencing this year. :flying: :butterfly: :cattail: :snoopy:

  19. Estella says:

    My spring is the return of the songbirds to my feeders, daffodils and tulips blooming in my yard, and the smell of freshly cut grass.

  20. Kim A. says:

    The trees are only starting to bud now, and I’ve seen some daffodils up and in bloom. But today we skipped spring and went directly to summer, with 27C temps.

    Here, spring actually means mud and mess, then summer. Our “Spring” is really very short, it always seems.

    Once the warm weather arrives, I spend a lot of time out in my back space, puttering in the tiny garden and reading, watching the cats. (A pitcher of sangria or a cold beer goes down well then! LOL.)

    -Kim, who’s actually drinking a cup of Oolong tea at the moment. 🙂

  21. catslady says:

    The tree is gorgeous. We have forsythia blooming – I so wish it would last longer. Oh and two onions have sprouted lol.

    Have you read The New Earth? because it sounds like you really, really have experienced it. I’m still struggling.

  22. annbb says:

    I love just about everything Spring. (And swear it’s my favorite season till we get to Autumn.)

    My very favorite “I now know it is Spring and I’m so very thrilled!”? Spring Peepers. My children and I, to this day, still record the first day we can hear them. Such a lovely sound.

    What else? Early Springtime lowers, leaves waiting to burst forth, forsythia, papa cardinals feeding their mama cardinals…the list is endless.

    Thank you, Suzanne!


  23. BekBek says:

    My Spring is a beautiful 75 degrees today and expected snow tomorrow! My Spring is the smell of freshly cut grass and apricot and cherry blossoms. The wonder of seagulls everywhere looking for their ‘dinner’ as fields are plowed stirring up their delicious worms. My Spring is the expectation of my pink tulips almost budding out and hoping we don’t get an East wind that will pluck the heads right off. We usually do get the wind or snow that flattens the tulips. Every year I say next year I will plant daffodills that bloom early and then I won’t have to worry over the tulips. And every year I feel optomistic and leave the tulips in. So, Spring is worrying. It is also planting peas and carrots and radishes with the excitement that the harsh Winter is over and warmth is just a breath away. Ups and downs…warm and cold…wind and rain…but best of all the feeling of the warm sun on my skin as I can sit outside and enjoy the blessings of nature.

  24. Jennifer (KS) says:

    That you for sharing your spring. Spring seems to come later every year for me. I will have my garden in this coming week.

  25. Baby Island says:

    Um, how can I be you? Really, it might take me until my toddlers are teenagers, but I’m thinking what you have is very good and earthy. Pies and bread and rivers and trees. If I survive single motherhood and three toddlers, I’m so there. I own some supposedly swampy land (about 10 acres) out in Virginia, maybe I should check it out….

  26. IowaCowgirl says:

    Well….mud and manure mostly. How’s that for alliteration?

  27. Doris says:

    I love this website. annbb made a coment about male cardinals feeding the females. I saw this for the first time yesterday and could not believe my eyes . I feed the birds year round but never saw the males feed the females. He brought her a big juicy worm and gave it to her not over 10 feet from me and was not the least bit afraid of me . I have seen lots of cardinals feed their babies, now I wonder if sometimes what I saw was them feed their wife too ? I do love to watch the birds . Doris

  28. Jen says:

    Last Sunday I would have been more in agreement with you (it was around 70F). I actually had flowers starting to bloom (and that’s rather rare in central Alberta at this time of year). However, as I type this we are under a blizzard watch, and are expecting 20-25cm (8-10 inches) of snow overnight. The temp is hovering around 21F with winds making it feel like 9F.

    So much for getting any sleep, as someone has to be out on cattle check — it is calving season, and those little guys don’t last long in conditions like this.

    Spring…it was just teasing us.

  29. Remudamom says:

    Open windows at night so the frogs can sing you to sleep, and full moons that can keep up with your car.

  30. Jackie Cesario says:


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