Tough Call and a *Surprise* Contest (Time’s Up! Contest Now Closed!)


My cousin just bought his fourth VW bug. Not that it runs or anything, and neither do the other three. And as a complete aside, could I be bringing you this blog anywhere but from West Virginia? I am always talking about my cousins and now I’m going to show you my cousin’s latest addition to his junk yard. This is true West Virginia blogging here, people! We’re related to everybody and everybody has junk. I even have a pile of junk myself, but mine is special! (Don’t we all think our junk is special? My cousin definitely thinks his junk is special.) My cousin’s wife thinks it’s super-special. Her reaction to his new junk? “Oh, honey, I am so excited that you brought more junk home! I was dying for more junk! How did you ever read my mind? Can you get more junk tomorrow? Please!!”

Or maybe that wasn’t exactly her reaction, but some things are better left between a husband and wife.

Since my cousin knows what a freak of nature I am, he let it loose through the family grapevine (Georgia) that I’d better hurry on over and take pictures because the truly artistic and cultural highlights would soon disappear. So I scurried right over the hill, at a speed-of-light-busting 10 miles per hour on our rocky, creek-strewn dirt road to bring you this West Virginia junk photographic documentary before it was lost to the dust of history. (Okay, I was going over to the old farmhouse anyway to drop Princess off for the bus. Never mind.)

So here it is, my cousin’s brand new love. And I have to say, of all four of his beetles, this is the coolest one.

A genuine 1960’s anti-war love machine.

This bug was totally rockin’ at Woodstock, don’t you know?

And now here it ends its socially-conscious days of glory, awaiting cannibalism as my cousin chop-shops it together with his other three old VW bugs to turn them all into one working beetle.

I said, “You should just fix this one up and keep it this way. You would be totally hot driving this anti-war love machine to the courthouse every day.” (My cousin is the county prosecuting attorney.)

My cousin said something like, Are you finished with your nonsense, woman? Or maybe I can just read minds. Then he went back to taking apart his new old beetle. And I would have pointed out that he could have bought one working bug for the time, trouble, and expense of buying four and putting them together, but I’m afraid he would have said something sensible like, “You could just buy eggs at the store.” (Or even at the farmers’ market, if you want fresh.) And that’s true. I guess we all have our little oddities or hobbies, things we do that take extra effort but we do them that way because they bring pleasure into our lives in simple ways.

But, I have to say, the chickens are cuter, don’t you think?

Except this one. This one looks kinda angry and scary, doesn’t he?

I think the other chicks are scared of him, too.

Now we lay us down to sleep. We pray the Lord our souls to keep….

…..from chipmunk-chomping kitty-cats…..


(You’re not looking at the dust on my floor, are you? STOP IT. My floor is always clean. I dirtied it up just for this picture. To test you. To see if you noticed. Now stop noticing!)

…..and scary, angry, psycho peeps.


And if you made it through this entire ridiculous post, I’m going to reward you with a surprise contest! What do you think is cuter–the VW anti-war love machine bug or the chicks? I need to know! I need to be validated because I think you will mostly choose the chicks. But even if you choose the VW bug, I will forgive you and you will still be entered in the contest. (My feelings will just be hurt, but don’t worry about me.) So go ahead, tell me what’s cuter–just drop a comment in this post. Contest closes at noon (Eastern time) on Sunday, May 11, and the winner, by random drawing, will be announced in Monday’s post. Oh–and the prize? A $50 Amazon gift certificate.

The chicks are cute, aren’t they? Not that I’m trying to sway you!!


  1. Kim A. says:

    Well, sure, the chicks are cuter! Now if the Beetle had been restored, I might have another answer. πŸ˜†

    Boy, your cats are good hunters! Poor chimpunk. Mind you, eating raw is good for the cats — as long as they have been dewormed!


    P.S. As much as I would love to be in the contest, shipping and duty charges from probably would cancel out the gift certificate! Besides, no one picks #1 in a draw anyway. :rotfl:

  2. Rita says:

    Hey Susanne,
    The chicks are the cutest by far. They even say their prayers like good little chicks. So soft and precious. Thanks for entering me in the contest.

  3. Birdi says:

    No contest! There isn’t anything as cute as little farm critters…especially baby chicks. Even when they are grown up. It’s pure farmgirl entertainment at its finest. I am also a bug collector and think they are pretty special but they don’t peck and chirp and scratch and well anyway thanks for asking.

  4. Marianne says:

    I’m torn… my dad drove an old 1960-something bug until he died, so I’m naturally feeling a bit drawn to the VW Bug. OTOH, I’m a freak for animals, and cute, fluffy chicks are so adorable.

    Bug? Chicks? Bug? Chicks?

    Can we call it a draw? :thumbsup:

  5. Cheryl McMinn says:

    I vote for the chick far more character than the bug. I’m sure my husband would vote for the bug though. Love your post, read it first thing every morning. Great way to start the day. Cheryl

  6. Blessed says:

    I think the chicks are certainly the cutest!

  7. tracey says:

    you have to ask?!? a hunk of metal or a fluffy egg layer? oh yeah…it’s *definitely* the chicks! :yes:

  8. Kimberly says:

    Chicks, chicks, chicks any day,
    are cuter than that car in every way!
    Even the one resembling a thug
    is cuter by far than that poor old bug.

  9. connie says:

    Suzanne loved your post this morning..

    The chicks get my vote hands down..they are adorable..Connie

  10. Kathleen in MI says:

    I have to say the chicks, but the bugs a close second.

  11. Jan says:

    I love VW bugs but those chicks are by far the cutest!

  12. kelly says:

    I think the chicks are cute…but I have always had something for VW’s! Not that the one pictured is cute in any way, but it is cool!! :guitar:

  13. Paula says:

    The look on the cat’s face is the cutest, but between the chicks and the VW, definitely the chicks! The mad chick! :sheepjump:

  14. julie says:

    Hands down….the chicks are much cuter!!! Well for now until that one mean chick turns into a really mean rooster and attacks you everytime you try to do something nice for him like give him food and water!!! In my opinion a nice piping hot kettle of chicken and dumplings is STILL cuter than a VW bug!!!
    grace and peace,

  15. Photochick (Amanda) says:

    Aww! Your chickies are DEFINITELY all SO much cuter – even the one with the ‘angry eyes.’ Maybe that little chick just thinks it’s park hawk? I can totally see the resemblance. πŸ™‚

    You just HAD to do a contest to get me to come out of lurking, huh? There I was perfectly content to ‘stalk’ you with bloglines – see even more cheating, since I wasn’t even really visiting you! Well, fun lady, now I’m officially de-lurked! So I can tell you how much I big-puffy-heart LOVE your blog! I feel like the dancing snoopy you have in your little characters up there – I get all happy and excited whenever I read your wonderful blog and see all your beautiful pictures. Makes me want to move to Virginia and start a chicken farm! Any land available near you? Just kidding – I promise I won’t stalk you down! I’ll just continue to lurk about reading and loving your blog.

    Much love to you and yours, and thank you so much for having such a cute contest & letting me take part. God’s Blessings to you all and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY tomorrow!!!

    xoxo Photochick (Amanda)

  16. Kathryn says:

    I love the little chick, and of course everyone knows chicks are precious. Here’s the thing, though. When chicks are all hunkered down, bundled up ready for sleep, they are shaped like a nice old VW. And, chicks eat bugs! Their (the chicks) peep-peep-peeping reminds me of our old Bug’s horn which was seriously in need of work. All this treatise of mine is leading to my point, which is that poor chick should be named Bug so that his coopmates will not be afraid. Of course, they might try to eat him/her with that name, so maybe you should name him/her after your cousin!

  17. Heidi says:

    OH I love the bug – who doesnt remember Herbie the LOVE BUG!! LOL.. Its a toss up for me, cuz I loved the Herbie movies πŸ™‚ but the chickens praying…. ok they win!

  18. Howdy says:

    I would definately say those Chicks are hands down… errr wings down the winnner!

  19. Dawn says:

    Well I thought the kitty was the cutest :catmeow: , but that’s not the question. πŸ˜† I think the chicks are cuter than the love bug. I actually think scary chick in is cute. He kind of looks like Angelica Jolie’s little kid that has a mohawk.

  20. jan says:

    I LOVE the chicks…the scary one is my all time favorite.

    The VW is pretty cool…I’ve always dreamed of owning a yellow one. Maybe someday in my very old age. The the chicks get my vote. The scary one seems to be saying…”So you want a piece of me?”

  21. Minna says:

    Awww, the chicks are really cute.
    The other day I saw this documentary where they -among other things- told a bit about the history of the VW bug. It may have have become anti-war love machine bug in the sixties, but before that it had a more sinister history.

  22. Amelia says:

    Metal is cold…
    Chicks are warm…

    I vote for the warmth and fluff of the little chick-lets.

    Amelia in Oklahoma

  23. Vicki says:

    The chicks are by far the cuter. I especially like the one who looks scary (I think it is just a front to cover up shyness). The coloring on his head is gorgeous. We had chickens when I was young and none of ours were as cute as yours, course ours were grown when we got them. Little ones sure are precious.

  24. Ann from Montana says:

    Chicks definitely!

    I love the little scary one and also how they all snuggle together to sleep. They are all just too cute.

    I like the cat also, although I know he or she is not in the contest. I had a tuxedo cat that was a dedicated hunter so I did get fairly immune to the sight of the “kill” – it is what they do…

    Chicks, though, that is my vote!

  25. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    I haven’t been lurking, I was away visiting my grandsons. Then they came and visited me. You get no computer time around them but that was okay. :yes: I’m trying to catch up but sooooooo much has been happening while I was away that it’s going to take some time. The chicks are so cute. I vote for them. I always wanted a bug though. My mother-in-law had one but she wouldn’t let me drive it. :hissyfit: Maybe some day I’ll get one. They are so popular right now with the high gas prices that everyone wants one. A tank of gas lasts forever. Happy Mothers Day to all and :hug: also.

  26. wkf says:

    Chicks! :flying: My husbqand brings home chrysler junk.

  27. jane says:

    Of course the chicks are cuter without question. However a vintage bug!!!!! so few around so many memories!!! When I was in high school in the late 60s and early 70s – they were the thing. loved them. my friend debbie had one that was white with dark interior. it was so great to go around town in it. i wounder what gas mileage it got? I hope your cousin gets enough parts to restore one. i would love to know where they have been and what went on inside – now there is a story for you.

    Suzanne – loved this post – made my morning – worth getting up for. Hey you write so well you should write books!! honestly you write very very well and we are all taken along the journey with you in a mesmerizing way. I must read one of your books one day. First thing I do every morning is ckick on to you. so my vote is for the bug!

  28. Sarah in Sanford says:

    The chicks are way cuter, no contest. I really like the little angry looking one. He seems to be saying “Don’t make me open a can of whoopa** on ya’ll”. I’m a mind reader too.

  29. Alison says:

    Chicks rule! Besides in a rock paper scissors type game, wouldn’t chicks eat beetles thus chicks always trump all beetles!

  30. Jyl says:

    Hmmm, definately the chicks, but my favorite chick is the angry, psycho looking chick. She looks like she is ready to run through you. Nothing better than a chick with an attitude!

  31. Kristen says:

    I am most definitley going with the chicks. I took my 3 little girls to the feed store yesterday and they had baby chicks there and the girls wanted them so bad and after watching yours and how cute they are I just couldn’t say no. So now our laundry room is home to 10 little soon to be egg machines I hope. I think the scary chick is cute. Do you have any idea what it is? We got one that kinda looks like it. :shimmy:

  32. Snapper says:

    The chicks of course…even Mr. Tuffypants Chick.

  33. stacy says:

    no doubt about it the chicks win!!

  34. Annie says:

    The chicks, hands down. I would totally drive that bug just the way it is. If it ran, that is.

  35. Nancy says:

    :fryingpan: I have to vote on the VW,cause my baby chicks are cuter than yours!(Every Mothers baby/babies are the cutiest)
    Have a great weekenend from Wisconsin where we got almost to freezing last night

  36. robin says:

    memories…you have inspired in both the vw and chicks…
    went thru 2 vw’s in the late 70’s so that is special to see
    a vw graveyard! and have to go see the little chicks at our
    local feed store so i can actually hear the peeps! on a regular basis now because of your little ones…
    but for cuter – i like the chicks! :heart:

  37. Netherfieldmom says:

    Of course the chicks are cuter–if the bug was a convertible, butter yellow with leather interior, it might be a toss-up. Don’t hate the “angry” guy just because he wears eye-liner. Maybe he’s half-quail! πŸ˜‰

  38. Courtney KS says:

    I’m going with the chicks. I think all the “slug bug, no slug backs” in my childhood ruined my taste for VW’s. But I can appreciate other people’s love for them for some reason.

    Anyway, I think the chicks are THE cutest, even the angry looking one.

  39. Jen says:

    Okay,if the beetle was fully restored and a lovely shade of electric blue, I’d have to pick the bug. However, since those lovely puffs of fuzz and feathers are in the here and now, I pick them! I’m jealous. I REALLY wanted chicks this spring, but the gods have aligned with malice to make sure it wouldn’t happen this year. I live in ‘next year country’, so next year it is!
    You are one of my daily stops. Have a great day!

  40. margie says:

    i was raised in vw bugs. my dad’s first one had a speedometer , radio, and vents you opened to pray for heat from the engine ! kid you not! it was a 1957 black bug. he had to use a dip stick to measure the amount of gas in the tank and carried a rag to clean the windsheild of fog on the inside. no seat belts etc. we lived in beckley and he was from the cranberry glade area and had gone to school at Pitt. i was his travel buddy and we rode those hills oh so many times. mind you this was before the new river gorge bridge and then it took you 2 hours to cross the gorge. he was a terrible driver-hated stop signs and one way street signs etc. very noncompliant driver. lol

    i have to vote for the bug. i love the chickens so. is the mean looking one the one that came out of the egg feet first?


  41. Lisa J says:

    I would take a chick pix any day over a bug! Had bacon and eggs for dinner last night, thought of you!

  42. Melissa's Cozy Teacup says:

    I like the chicks but I especially like the angry, scary one. I think he looks like he is wearing one of those Mexican wrestling masks only I call it ‘wrastling’.

  43. midwestmom says:

    The bug looks like a lot of fun, but the chicks are so much cuter!! And I loved this fun post!

  44. Patricia Herman says:

    The chickens are cuter…..I like the angry one – he or she is my favorite.

  45. Sue says:

    I am in love with the Chickens–especially the mean angry chick with the eyeliner!


  46. Fran says:

    Chicks rule! Because they ARE the cutest!!! I fell in love iwth your chicks ever since Lucky hatched. Am going to have to run to the farmer’s market in the next hour just thinking about farm fresh eggs. I would love to drive around in that VW though. Love the faded peace sign on the front hood. Almost bought a new bug last year, but still disappointed that they didn’t put the trunk in the front of the new design. Don’t know why your cousin the county prosecuting attorney would be reluctant to drive around in that ultimate emblem of our generation!!! It would give hope to all the downtrodden! :chicken:

  47. James Baldwin says:


    Hi SuzAnne,
    I just happened in on a wave. You never know where those darn things will take you! Beetles and chicks, sounds like some kind of nasty english pudding. πŸ™‚

    I like the car but then, I am an old hippy that never grew up. I would be proud to be seen driving through Spokane in it, IF I were stoned.

    The chicks are real cute. It’s sad to think somebody will be eating them one day. πŸ™
    Jim Baldwin
    Spokane WA
    Personal website:

    Written by Melanie Safka 1969

    I was just thinking
    ‘Bout the way it’s supposed to be
    I’ll eat the plants
    And the fruit from the trees
    And I’ll live on vegetables
    And I’ll grow on seeds
    But I don’t eat animals
    And they don’t eat me

    Oh no, I don’t eat animals
    ‘Cause I love them, you see
    I don’t eat animals
    I want nothing dead in me

    I don’t eat white flour
    White sugar makes you rot
    Oh, white could be beautiful
    But mostly it’s not
    A little bit of whole meal
    Some raisins and cheese
    But I don’t eat animals
    And they don’t eat me

    Oh no, I don’t eat animals
    ‘Cause I love them, you see
    I don’t eat animals
    I want nothing dead in me

    A little bit of whole meal
    Some raisins and cheese
    I’ll eat the plants
    And the fruit from the trees
    And I’ll live on vegetables
    And I’ll grow on seeds
    But I won’t eat animals
    And they won’t eat me
    Oh no, I’ll live on life
    I want nothing dead in me
    You know I’ll become life
    And my life will become me
    You know I’ll live on life
    And my life will live on me

  48. Kathy says:

    No Contest…Chicks Cuter!!!!

  49. Tina L says:

    I definatly vote for the chicks. My hubby would like to junk up the back yard too but I don’t know If VW’s are his thing.

  50. Pam says:

    The chicks are cuter by far.
    The VW is cool, no doubt about it; but the chicks are just adorable!

  51. sc says:

    Chicks and Bugs!

    ….as always, your posts are such a lovely way to start the day. I can’t get enough of your stories and photos.

    I’m for chicks, the bugs a close second….so many memories!

  52. becki says:

    I have to vote for the Bug. I was a child of the 60’s (ok-I was 7 when they ended) and raised on miltary bases in Germany. The first road trips I remember were from Mannheim to K-town in a bug with my family of six on the autobahn. And in those days–no one used car seats or seat belts.

    And those Herbie movies watched at the post theater for a quarter–popcorn was another dime.

    I always thought (as a young girl) that bugs were always smiling.

    Have to admit, though, don’t care much for the new ones.

  53. Lauri V says:

    The chicks are cuter hands down although a VW Bug is my dream car. Have a great weekend.

  54. Cyndi Lewis says:

    Well, I am a lover of vw bugs (and the one you posted is a classic) but the chickens win hands down! Thanks for entering me in your contest.

  55. Kelly Myers says:

    Hands down, the winner is… The chicks!

  56. Country Girl says:

    Yep, you’re right. Even super psycho chicky dude is “Cuter than a Bug!” You know you’re going to have to name that one, right? He is so full of personality!

  57. Dorothy says:

    The chicks win without a doubt. Love your site.
    Dorothy from Ohio formerly from Spencer,WV.

  58. Kathyp says:

    We owned a VW Bug many years ago – and loved it. But for cuteness – always baby animals. Chicks win.

  59. Heyjules says:

    I gotta go with the chicks but the beetle still holds a dear place in my 70’s heart.

  60. Lori A says:

    The chicks are too cute, especially the one with the attitude.

  61. Brenda says:

    Love the chickens, but also love the bug,guess the chicks win. Brenda from Ohio born in Spencer,WV

  62. Bertie says:

    I’m a former Hippie from the 60’s so this is a hard one for me! I used to have THE COOLEST VW Van ever, although it didn’t have a peace sign or anti-war slogans on it. But, when I was a small child I loved to go into my Grandma’s brooder house and pick out my own special little chick and wheel it around in a little cart filled with straw. Such fond memories :chicken: I guess I’m gonna have to go with the cute little chicks on this one! Love your site! :wave:

  63. Jen says:

    Chicks Win! I remember sitting in the chicken coop when I was young with hundredes of little chicks surrounding me. My Grandmother would call and say she got them and I would sit for hours playing with them. Now, ducks on the other hand…I :heart: little fluffy ducks, but chicks are right up there.
    I love your blog, I check it everyday! I grew up in the country and love to see what’s going on at your farm home.

    Jen in MN

  64. Karen B says:

    :flying: Chicks, of course! I have neighbors with a fairly new bright yellow VW. They uncover it, take it out of the garage while they clean the garage (2x yearly), and go for a drive somewhere for about 1/2 hour once or twice in the summer. I don’t understand… this supposed to be an investment or something???

  65. Treasia says:

    As much as I love old cars for restoration I have to say this time the chicks are much cuter. I’ve never been a big VW fan whether restored to their former glory or not.

    That angry looking little chick is really cute. He sorta reminds me of an owl. Are you sure this couldn’t have happened.?

  66. Diane says:

    Definitely the chickies! πŸ™‚

  67. Bonny says:

    The chicks are totally cuter than the VW Bug.

  68. kd (small caps) says:

    I vote for the VW bug! :mrgreen:

  69. Kendra Laidlaw says:

    I have a softspot for VW Beetles sinch my first car was an 8 year old 1967 VW Beetle. I loved that car!!!! But, I think the chicks are cuter than your cousin’s Beetle!

  70. Deb says:

    The chicks are cute…as long as I don’t have to touch them. I don’t think I could bear picking up a chicken even if you told me you’d outright give me the gift certif. LOL!

  71. jeff says:

    I’m anti-hippy and pro-chicken, so I’m definitely going for the chicks.

  72. Tobey says:

    Chicks, of course! We always received the pastel dye-colored chicks for Easter and kept them in a big box on the enclosed back porch under a lamp. It was fun to watch the feathers grow out, but we always thought they were cuter as fuzzballs.

    Then they would join the rest of the ladies and gents in the chicken yard.

    Now the banty chicks we received one year – those little roosters were downright MEAN. One used to escape and chase us all over the yard while we were hanging out the wash. Mother made us go back out and pick up the clothespins we used as missiles to chase him away.

  73. DeeBee says:

    The chicks!… of course.

  74. Claudia W says:

    The Bug brings back some wonderful memories for me, but I have to say the chicks are the cutest. I never, ever in my ownership of my ’68 bug did I check in on it two or three dozen times a day to make sure it was comfortable, warm, had food and water, or that it was being cute just as i thought it should be. Have to definitely go for the chicks.

  75. jodi says:

    There is nothing cuter then that angry chick. Except maybe if it was an anti-war angry chick riding in the beetle.

  76. Chris Griffith says:

    *hood ornament*

    Is there a chance you’d be willing to photograph a chick on the hood of the anti-war love machine. It would be the best of both worlds.

  77. Hope says:

    The chicks!!No question about it. πŸ™‚

  78. Cheryl in Nebraska says:

    I love the “Bug” but the chicks rule the roost!

  79. Karen Erickson says:

    Ah the chicks win hands down, even the scary looking one! Though you gotta love a VW anti-war bug. :elephant:

  80. pticester says:

    Definitely the chicks. Never been a VW fan.

  81. Laura says:

    Those chicks are soooo cute!

  82. Norma says:

    The “chicks” win, no question. Not only cuter but warmer, softer, sweeter, and they don’t even know what war is.

    Beware though—that beautiful cat who loves to bring his kill to you will also bring a snake into your house. My frind who had a cat door for his cats had a wrinkle in his living room rug that he just couldn’t get out. When he picked up the rug to check it out he found a nice live toy that the cat had brought into the house.

  83. Kelly Lynn in TX says:

    No contest, it’s the chick by far!
    You and their adorable faces have inspired us greatly. We are in the process of building a coop ourselves! Backyard city chickens they will be! (we’ll be putting up some privacy fencing as well…so not to disturb our neighbors)
    We love your blog Suzanne! Thank you for all you share. It’s a blast reading updates on your “babies”. Can’t wait til you find the first egg laid!

    :heart: -Kelly Lynn

  84. Nell says:

    You’re making us all want to move to W. V. and study chickens….not war, anymore. One vote for chicks!

  85. Sarah says:

    Chickens, of course! So much cuteness!

  86. Maryann says:

    Yes I think your chicks are cutier but boy does that VW bring back memories. I had a “73” bug that was tan color. I prefer the older models to the new ones. The older one the door panel fitted into the curve of the door where the new ones stick out into the car. This made the older models more roomy then the newer models.

  87. Kim says:

    I have to choose the chicks. They are just the cutest!! :butterfly:

  88. annie says:

    Gotta go for the underdog, the VW Bug. Between growing up in the “make love, not war” era and the “hand-detailed” graphic peace symbol, it just brought back too many memories to not vote for it. Besides, “Angry Chick” looks like he/she could kick my butt and I’m afraid. Perhaps it knows fried chicken is on the menu for tomorrow’s dinner. (Also, the wire handing out of the right side hole where the bumper should be, reminds me of when we needed to tie the door shut on my brother’s VW.)

  89. stacey says:

    Awww, I love the mean chick. Can you just hear him saying, in his toughest Clint Eastwood voice, “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya punk? Go ahead… make my day.'”

    Anyway, mean chick gets my vote over the peacenik mobile anyday!

  90. Sue says:

    I would go with the chicks being the cutest. After all it’s said that the owners and pets tend to look alike??!! Which ones favor you Suzanne!!! HA! HA! Happy Mothers Day you certainly have the “brood” to quailfy. :cattail:

  91. Donna Mc says:

    Hmmm – I think I’ll pick that cute little CHICKEN HAWK!!!!!!!!!! Your ‘scary’ chick makes me think of that cartoon with the wee little chicken hawk.

    VW bugs are cute, but your chicks win hands down.

  92. Terry says:

    The chicks of course. Terry

  93. Remudamom says:

    The chicks are cuter, hands down. And btw, I’m blaming you
    for the new chicks at my house. If I hadn’ been looking at your cuties all week long I wouldn’t have gotten mine.

  94. Heather says:

    Absolutely the chicks are the cutest. Thanks for entering me in the contest. Heather

  95. anne says:

    The chicks are precious, sweet and cute as buttons. Love your posts and excellent photos.

  96. Shimmy Mom says:

    The chicks are definitely cuter. If the VW had been convertible maybe. But my vote is definitely with the chicks. I think he should drive it to work like that though. Too Funny.

  97. laney says:

    While I have always liked bug cars…

    THE CHICKS are by far the cutest of the two, hands down.

  98. Amy Addison says:

    The chicks are WAY cuter, Suzanne! Even the Demon Chick!

    Poor Suzanne, having to clean up dead chipmunk AND dirty floors.

    My uncle used to “collect” VW Beetles. He turned them into Dune Buggies. I remember going out to the desert, flying across the sand in those things. They were like miniature rolling ovens. Because when he was busy jacking them up and putting on all those grilles and roll bars, could he bothered to install air conditioning? Um, no.

  99. Melanie says:

    Hmmm….. I dig the bug. I really do. But, I will vote for chicks. : )

  100. ruth says:

    Enjoyed your interesting blog about VW’s which are unique but cannot be compared to adorable chicks.

  101. Linda in San Diego says:

    Chicks vs. Bugs? This is a tough one. In about to get into my red 1978 VW convertible SuperBeetle and drive to my egg lady to get fresh brown eggs from her flock. And today I asked if I could meet her 8 hens, I am so excited. Now your contest – humm, I really can’t choose, they are both very special to me. Actually I have 2 VW SuperBeetle convertables but I also have 12 chicks growing up before my eyes in the kitchen….LOL
    Ok, I will go with the chicks, no maybe the bugs, no the chicks, I think. Hit submit now!!!

  102. Jennifer Robin says:

    Definitely the chicks. I gotta tell you though, West Virginia is not the only place where the residents love their junk. The Olympic Peninsula of Washington is a contender for Junk Capital of the western seaboard. Check out my archives at Robin’s Woods (search blog for “junk”). I specialize in photographing the detritus of peoples lives around here!

  103. jenna says:

    VW’s of that vintage are fascinating but the chicks inspire your creativity and are so uplifting.

  104. Ashley says:

    You’ll find junk contenders around south Georgia as well. Anyway, since the bug needs work and the chicks don’t, I’ll vote for the chicks! Hope you have a good Mother’s Day!

  105. Jean says: Definitely the chicks! I start my day by reading your blog – I love to see how the chicks change day by day. Thanks for the contest.

  106. Paula Bogdan says:

    Oh, definitely the chicks, especially psycho angry babe!

  107. Nancy says:

    The chicks are by far the cutest. even the angy psycho looking ones.

  108. Tammy says:

    I love the bug (and the anti-war sentiment) but the chicks have captured my heart.

  109. Linda says:

    The chicks are far cuter than that version of the bug. I owned one a long time ago and that one has been chopped up already from the original form. I love the look of the angry psycho chick. I am waiting to see what the chick looks like all grown up.

  110. Katharina says:

    I’ve owned bugs, driven bugs, rebuilt bug engines, often the bodies just fell off, although once I did have one repainted professionally, I’ve hated bugs, loved bugs and once had a working VW camper.

    But I vote for chicks. I’ve also owned chickens.They are cute and I love eggs. Chicks don’t need a mechanic, don’t break down and leave you stranded on the road and they don’t get you a ticket for driving an unsafe vehicle for having a door falling off! What? The duct tape was holding! Did the officer think I could afford to pay a ticket if I couldn’t afford a better car?

  111. Angela says:

    Definetly the peeps are the cutest! How could anyone resist voting for those little faces?


  112. Daisy Girl says:

    I have to go with the chicks!

  113. David says:

    The chicks are definitely cuter…even the angry looking one!

  114. Karen Hinkle says:

    The chicks are cuter without a doubt! I have 15 chickens myself and have just ordered 8 Easter Eggers from By the time we built the chicken house and their yard, it has probably cost us $50/dozen for the eggs but what the hey! Chickens are neat little creatures and we enjoy sitting in our lawn chairs watching them in the evenings (are we simpletons or what?). Can’t wait until the next batch gets here. By the way, our chickens started laying in mid-September and have just reached the 2,700 mark!

  115. liz in NY says:

    OH! No contest. Chicks rule!! They always have and they always will!! I love your blog, read it first thing everyday. Thank You!!!

  116. jean says:

    The VW holds no interest with me. I prefer the chicks. And I have to say that when that scary one gets bigger, your cat is in trouble. She will kick Kitty’s ass.

  117. Cherie says:

    The only car I ever loved was a 1970 vintage bug. When we bought it in the 80’s it had over 70,000 miles. We kept it for another ten years and the only reason we sold it was because it wouldn’t pass a motor vehicle inspection. It wasn’t a beauty (rusted and no shine left on its body, but it never let us down.
    The chicks are sweet, and I do love animals. We have 11 dogs and 4 cats but I will be the odd one and vote for the VW in memory of my “old friend” the gray bug.

  118. M. Yanalcanlin says:

    The chicks are the clear winners but that bug reminded me of my very first car, a beautiful, bright blue VW bug.

  119. *jan says:

    The chicks are absolutely adorable and will give back hundreds fold to you and yours.
    The VW anti-war love machine will be as satisfying to your cousin as the chicks are to you.
    It’s a matter of personal preference.
    I pick the chicks….I feed them and in return, they feed me.

    P.S. The angry looking chick will more than likely be head of the flock and be one of the prettiest

  120. Karen says:

    The chicks are for sure cuter…. but I do like the bug!

  121. Lura says:

    The bug is really cool, but I guess I’m going to have to go w/ the chicks. I really like the psycho one in his own strange way.

  122. Debbi says:

    There is nothing cuter than baby animals, so the chicks win hands down.

  123. Mary says:

    It goes without saying that real chicks are way cuter than any old car!!! It’s not that poor little guys fault he has those angry little markings around his eyes- maybe they”l come in handy someday scaring away coons and possums….

  124. Jill Flinchum says:

    The chicks are cuter than the bug, but the cat is cute, too!! I love your blog!

  125. Karen says:

    Hands down the chicks. Especially the scary looking one. I think he could relly steal my heart.

  126. Susan says:

    Of course “our” chicks!

    Yes you could bring this blog from somewhere other than West Virginia. Just about any rural area (mine included neighbor :hug:) has people who don’t know what junk is. Your cousin makes perfect sense to me! :shimmy:

  127. Doris says:

    Chicks ! All the way, Chicks ! Chicks Rock ! We have four pullets that were given to us by a friend a couple of months ago. They have just started laying this past week. I just love to hear that loud cackling when they have laid ! SOOOOOOO funny.

  128. JenniferB says:

    Of course the chicks are cuter! The only way the cuteness could be combined is if you can get your cousin to paint his chop-shopped VW bug bright yellow and get him to apply a beak to the front. :chicken:

  129. Molly says:

    The chicks are cuter. My vote is definitely for chicks. :chicken:

  130. catslady says:

    YOU HAVE A 131 POSTS AHEAD OF ME!!!!!Mention a contest – roflmao :rotfl: Of course we love the chicks more than an inanimate object. The first car my husband drove was one of those bugs but it was his moms. Oh and I think that one chick is definitely a rooster – he’s got attitude!

  131. Carolyn says:

    The chicks are by far the cutest!

  132. Jill says:

    The bug brings back memories. My husband of thirty seven years had a 1969 red bug when we started dating.
    My vote will be with the chicks. They are just too cute.

  133. Tori Lennox says:

    Well, the Bug is interesting in a 1960s hippie anti-establishment sort of way, but for pure cuteness? It’s the chicks all the way!

    Though that Angry Chick looks mean enough to take on a chicken hawk. :rotfl:

  134. Pamela M. In Louisiana says:

    That mean looking chicken is awesome, and he could sure use an anti-war Volkswagon to cruise in, in order to prove his point! I’d love to have that chicken!!

  135. Leah says:

    I loves me some chicks! Happy Mom’s Day to all the Moms out there!

  136. Meghan Rosenstengel says:

    Chicks are way cuter than bugs!

  137. angiecmt says:

    Chicks for sure, except maybe the scary-looking one – LOL

    But, I do love that VW Bug πŸ™‚

  138. Jean S says:

    I have to say the chicks hands down are the cutest.

  139. Susan says:

    Totally the chicks…but the Bug has potential!

  140. Dava says:

    Oh, definitely the chicks! Even the angry, psycho one is cuter than a bug!

  141. Estella says:

    The chicks are cuter, hands down! I’ve always thought VW Beetles were the ugliest things, even tho I drove one in the early seventies.

  142. Jana says:

    Oh, absolutely the chicks. Especially the tough little bird!

  143. Dru says:

    The chicks, hands down.

  144. Susan says:

    The chicks fer sure!!!

  145. shannon says:

    definitely the chicks…ESPECIALLY the angry one. i think he looks like a hawk….a chickenhawk!!!!!

  146. Rooth says:

    Well the VW is history but the angry chick is the best!

  147. Liz says:

    I had a VW Beetle, then I got another one and together they made a third Beetle so I love recycling cars, especially Beetles.
    I have 10 ex-battery hens who are now fed organically and run free (or should that be run amok?) in the garden so I love hens, I also have a 11 quail chicks so I love chicks.

    So I say they’re all cute in their own special way! :hug:

  148. Betty says:

    I had chicks as a little girl and loved them. My BFF has a couple of Beetles that are in worse shape than the one in your post. I’m torn also, but chicks win. BTW, my chicks were Inny, Minney, Miney asd Mo. Mo was the hen. LOL

  149. mirela says:

    YOU ARE CUTER THAN ALL OF THEM :)) However, if I have to chose, it wil ALWAYS be the chicks! :love:

  150. jenn says:

    DEFINITELY the chicks. What can compete with a bundle of fluff?

  151. Jeannie in OKC says:

    I vote for the chicks. I’ve loved watching them hatch and grow. Besides, I was young in the sixties and saw (and rode in) lots of those little bugs. And all in all, I don’t look at the sixties with nostalgia. I’m happier now in MY sixties!

  152. Gloria Jean says:

    Chicks. Chicks. Definitely chicks. Only thing cuter might be chicks PLUS anti-war VW bug. Let’s see. Will there be enough bug left after your cousin’s chopping to convert into a brooder? Or a time out mini-house for misbehaving hens?

  153. Candid Reflections says:

    Yep, the chicks take the cuteness award. My own are currently in the other room catching some rays from the heat lamp…chirp chirp.

  154. Mim says:

    The chicks win! They are too cute, even the scary one. I think he’s just misunderstood.

  155. Lisa in California says:

    The chicks are WAY cuter. Are you kidding with the VW? It’s not even close…nothing is cuter than those fuzzy little birds.

  156. Sabrina in Kentucky says:

    I agree, the chicks are the cutest…but did you know, the Bug can run on Vegetable Oil? No joke!

  157. Laura says:

    When the bug is restored, I think that it would be the winner hands down. However, this time of life in the grand scheme of all things chicken, the chick win the cuteness factor. :chicken:
    You know, I think that they still build VW bugs in the most southern state of Chiapas, Mexico… incase he needs parts or something. They dismantled the plant and moved it lock, stock and barrel down there. I’m not sure if it is still a working plant there, but you never know. Food for thought.

  158. Mary says:

    The chicks are the cutest.

  159. Julie says:

    Definitely the chicks! Your posts are taking me back to my childhood when I would go out to the barn and look over the fence to all the little chicks my grandma was raising.

  160. Carolyn says:

    I think the scary chick totally rocks! Could you just imagine trying to stare that little thing down? He/she would win. Thanks for hostessing the contest. xxoo

  161. Cheryl S. says:

    The chicks are just the cutest! Thanks for sharing with us non-farmers.

  162. Katie says:

    I just found your blog while searching for a yummy crusty bread recipe. I tried the bread and it didnt even get cooled off before it was gone! While it did its thing I have read your blog and I must say I love it. You are hilarious and just so much fun to read. My family is searching for just the right piece of land here in Texas to have room for my passion, gardening, and we are thinking of raising chickens and goats for milk for my other passion soapmaking. All that said I simply must vote for the chicks! They are so adorable while the bug is just too cool : )

  163. Sue says:

    Yes I agree to most of them chick are cuties

  164. Kathy@brazoscowgirl says:

    Chicks are definately cuter! I have chick pictures on my blog too really my sons raise chickens!

  165. Jean says:


    Sorry to hurt your feelings, but I have to go with the VW bug. But, then, chicks are old hat with me. If it were the bug or ducklings, well, that would be another story. Like my noncreative use of cliches?

  166. Rena Bordea says:

    WEll.. the chicks are cuter! I do love an old VW though! Thanks for all your fun every day!

  167. Lisa Lucchese says:

    I definitely have to go for the chicks – except for that scary one! LOL!

  168. Jodie says:

    Me & my kitty vote for the chicks! :purr:

  169. Pamela-ATL. says:

    The chicks are by far cuter. The best picture though is of kitty and chipmunk. That’s a cat for ya’. Gotta’ love ’em.

  170. Madds says:

    it has to be the chicks, and they are so darn clever , learning their ABC’s saying their prayers , they will be off to collage soon :wave:

  171. Annette Burmeister says:

    The chicks win, hands down! I was raised on a farm, and I well remember the baby chicks in the brooder house in the spring. Mom bought the chicks in town from the hatchery and brought them home in a big box with holes in the sides. For our sixth grade trip from our country school, we visited the hatchery and saw how the eggs were candled and turned and then how the chickens were sexed. Once in a while, we had a few unexpected chicks appear in the yard from a nest an ambitious hen had hidden in the grove. Good luck with your chicks, and thanks for the memories.

  172. Karen says:

    :clap: Oh, the chicks by far! Altho’ I did have 61 VW Bug ‘once upon a time’ when I was young and broke and it kept on running on 2 cylinders until I could save enough to let the high school auto mechanics fix it! Wish I had it now – I’d sell it to your cousin.

  173. Brandy says:

    It’s a hard choice, the Bug is cute, but the chick are cute! I vote for the scary looking chick just because I think he’s adorable! *G*

  174. Annette says:

    The Chicks have my vote! The bug does have potential or could be used as a political statement! Howerver a :woof: good pic would be Mark in the bug! Such a little car for a tall man! When I worked for him at the courthouse, we all went to lunch and I drove,I have a ford focus, lets just say not a good car for Mark! I know he had to have felt like a sardine! It is on the other hand very good on gas (40mpg)! I’m sure Mark would be proud of my furgal purchase! As long as he never has to ride in it again!!

  175. Meg says:

    I’m stickin’ with the Love Bug! Chicks grow up, bugs stay cute.

  176. Momanna98 says:

    Most definitely the chicks! I love the pics of them!

  177. Cathy says:

    Gee this is a tough one. I’ve always had a thing for VW bugs & plan to get one as my next car (a newer model though). But being an animal lover I got to vote those cute little chicks. Even the scary one that looks like Vincent Price.

  178. Beth in Michigan says:

    Oh the chicks are cuter for sure….the bug is cool…but you didn’t ask which is cooler!

  179. Kim W says:

    You just HAVE to love to little chck-a-dees! Even the mean looking ones. Besides…if he’s a rooster…don’t you WANT him to look mean so he’ll chase away all the bad boy coyotes and bobcats?! …And chipmonk eating kitties?!

    Sick ’em rooster! :chicken: :fryingpan:

    Blessings from Ohio…

  180. Jess says:

    Sorry – the VW is way cuter in this contest – it was the anti-war throwback that tipped the scales πŸ˜‰

  181. amy says:

    The chicks get my vote.

  182. Melinda says:

    The chicks are definitely cuter! πŸ™‚

  183. amy says:

    I wanted to say that if the goats from the goat farm were in the running, they would’ve won, though. Sorry chickies.

    [Feel free to delete my unfair double entry!]

  184. Leslie says:

    The baby chicks are the cutest! No contest.

  185. Dedra says:

    :sheepjump: :elephant: Definately the chicks

  186. Elizabeth says:

    The chicks are cuter, as we have known them since birth.

  187. Terry says:

    The chicks get my vote. I don’t think the little one is angry…just the chick in charge!

  188. Linda says:

    Not a chicken fan – love the Bug!

  189. Lori says:

    The Chicks rule! Of course the kitties pretty much rock too!!

  190. Ann says:

    The chicks! My vote is for the cute little chicks. Anyone can tow home junk, but not everyone can hatch chicks.

  191. Dianne says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a good while now and just never got around to posting a comment. I guess the contest drew me out. :wave: My vote is for the chicks. My daughter has a pet rooster named Chickie. He came to us hurt and he lived in her bedroom until he was healthy enough to join the rest of our little flock. He thought my daughter was his Mama and he would chase after her and crawl under her long hair like it was his Mama’s wing. So cute. And BTW….. I just HAD to try the ramp salad after seeing your blog about it. I had never tried them before but had been seeing them while in the woods looking for morel mushrooms. I did like the ramp salad too! YUM :hungry:

  192. Susan says:

    :woof: Chicks are cuter but drove a VW bug in high school so good memories there, too!

  193. Alison says:

    :chicken: I have to go with the chicks as the cutest. It is aways great to see your updates. Especially the ones featuring the chicks πŸ™‚

  194. Julie Shannon says:

    Oh yes, the chicks, of course. But that bug has its allure :thumbsup:

  195. Egghead says:

    The chicks of course, especially the angry chick. Cute!

  196. RobynL says:

    those chickees are so adorable and cute so I vote for them. They bring back memories of on the farm when the baby chicks first arrived and the noise of all of them. We had these water feeders and a red lamp in the chicken house.

  197. KarlaT says:

    The chicks are WAY cuter (now). After seeing my first set of new chicks I thought – how adorable. Until I saw them loose that cute little fluff so their feathers could come in. That in-between stage? not so cute!

  198. Lynn Jones says:

    I love bugs too, have many fun memories of them, but gotta go with the chicks. I’m a sucker for babies. Happy Mothers Day.

  199. Renee says:

    Definately the chicks πŸ™‚

  200. Christine says:

    Ok don’t hate me but I really like the bug!!!
    I long for the days of the bugs time especially when the price of gas was under $1

  201. Clarice Shriver says:

    I am trying to decide which one I would want in my yard! Old VW or Chickens? I liked our VW’s, but they all ran and were just one color. Having chickens remind me of a simpler life. Harder in some respects, but simplify is my new motto. I guess I am going with CHICKS!

  202. Tracylyn says:

    The chicks are cuter but the Vw brings back learning to drive……It wasn’t pretty!

  203. Tresha says:

    The VW can bring back nostalgia and be a “love” bug …but the Chicks…they can (and already have) give you so much more, new friends that read your post and share this new “love” and passion and make new memories for future nostalgia when you look back on these pictures…your first brood…that you hatched and raised! AND how smart they are…they know their ABC’s already! The chicks win…feathers down!

    Tresh in Oklahoma

  204. Janice says:

    You have to love the chicks!!!

  205. tillie says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Beetles. In fact, my current mode of transportation is a sweet little Luna Green VW Beetle. But, when it comes to the cute factor, the chickies have my vote…

  206. Jan says:

    Oh definitely chicks! Definitely!

  207. M says:

    Oh dang…I waited until this morning but neglected to see the “eastern time zone” ….but even though the contest is closed I must leave a comment- I chose the BUG! We have a non-running ’69 in the garage and we drove a ’63 Micro Bus (the touring kind) until there was nothing left to do with it but part it out….fond memories of VW days!!

    And you have me beat with the chipmunk!! My dear little shit cat has brought me several presents…..this morning a Mother’s Day gift of a tail-less aligator lizard…alive! Two days ago a dead rat in my sink! And a bird…well what was left of a bird….in the bathroom…feathers everywhere but no real “parts” to be found.

    Love the chicks…and I agree on that little trouble one….he’s sure cute! I have duck eggs due to hatch next week in my kindergarten class…and my co-workers have chicks…can’t wait!

    HAPPY MOTHER’ :bananadance: S DAY!

  208. Barbara Watkins says:

    Oh definitely the chicks are the cutest! Too too cute. I love your blog, love your farm, love your chicks, love everything, but most of all would love to win the prize!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all.
    Smiles, Barbara

  209. Donna says:

    Dern, I missed the contest! Well, see the airshow is here and the Blue Angels are flying…or was it that we were at Sam’s club..or Lowe’s? Oh well…
    The chicks are cuter!!!!! Esp. “the Lone Ranger!”. LOL
    We had a powder blue VW bug AND station wagon in the late 60’s…maybe my brother or hippy sister should have painted it that way, with the peace signs…Lord knows my sister was into all that…But, Dad being a commander and pilot and in the Vietnam war and all…nope, don’t think he would have let that happen…isn’t it cool though! I sure did all the black light posters in my room…and so did my sister..lots of peace signs…LOUD colors of the 60’s…

  210. Donna says:

    P.S. – I feel sad for the little Chipmunk, after watching that Chipmunk Christmas movie…it made me want one. My brother in Law told me he rescued one from a cat batting it around, until it was dizzy..he had to rescue the poor little thing TWICE. Then a big dog came out and straightened that cat’s hiney out! Ha!

  211. cindy smith says:

    i use to own a vw and a motorcycle. the vw kept breaking down so i use to tow it home with my motorcycle. it worked out well.

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