T’was the Night of the Prom


It was prom night at our county high school this weekend. The rented tuxedo gear landed and we struggled to figure out how to put the whole get-up together.
We particularly struggled with the tie.

We don’t know how to tie a tie.

Little sister tried to help.
She wasn’t really any help. Neither was I.

We had to call for outside manly assistance.
Then there was even more trouble in tuxedo-land.
Ross had requested a shirt made for a regular suit tie but they gave him a shirt for a bow tie by mistake.

And we had a tie bought specifically to match his girlfriend’s dress and I’d ironed it and everything. (I never iron! I had to borrow an iron!)
52 saved the day, loaning him a white dress shirt. All was well in tuxedo-land again!

And off he went, dressed to the nines. I stalked him into town, following in my car.
I’m kidding! He gave me permission to follow him to pick up his girlfriend so I could take pictures.

I never stalk anyone. Unless they’re Nora Roberts.

They even let me write this blog post about them and previewed it. I’m having some of the photos printed and framed in a series as a gift to each of them.

Look! His girlfriend was actually ready when he arrived. She’s one in a million! We love her. She’s a beautiful girl and very smart. She’s going to study criminal justice and forensics in college.
There was the exchange of flowers–a wrist corsage for her, a lapel rose for him.
Behold, the perfectly matching tie that was worth the last-minute trauma.
It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks they will be high school graduates.

They dated on and off in 11th grade and for all of senior year. How much more adorable could they be? They are in love.
The kiss.
This is the look of a boy who loves his girlfriend. This is happiness. The kind of happiness that is ordinary splendor.
Can you look at these pictures and not feel the joy of life and love and youth?

Behold, my handsome boy.
And then away they went to the prom.
I had the eerie feeling I’d just witnessed the preview of the wedding. I could almost hear the cans tied to the bumper rattling as they drove away………..

They grow up so fast!!!!


  1. Ms E says:

    Oh, I like that shade of blue! Your valiant tuxedo efforts paid off, they’re an adorable couple.

  2. Patty says:

    Oh what a cute couple they make! I know how you feel. My oldest had her junior prom a couple weeks ago. Her boyfriend asked her to marry him that night. Of course they’re waiting til after they graduate, but I hope they both go on to college. My goodness, I can still remember so clearly the first day she had to walk down our deadend street to the bus stop by herself. Where does the time go??

  3. jan 'n' tn says:

    We know what the girlfriend wants to study…how bout #1 sons’ interests. ๐Ÿ˜•
    AAHHH, prom night, what fun times.
    Thank you mom, for taking the wrinkles out of the tie.
    And big thanks to 52, for saving the day with the shirt and that awesome knot.
    HAPPY is written all over those faces, sweet couple. Spectacular color too.

  4. CindyP says:

    Awwww, senior prom is to let mom get a practice run for graduation…….get all those feelings that your little boy is grown up.

    They are a beautiful, happy looking couple! The tie matched beautifully, thank goodness you knew where to borrow an iron and 52 had a shirt!!

  5. Heidi says:

    They are a good looking couple.

  6. Diane says:

    They are a great looking couple. So cute. Love the color of the dress and the tie was a perfect match. Thank goodness 52 saved the day with a dress shirt.

    No prom here yet. We have a few years yet. Thank goodness.

  7. Jenni in KS says:

    Aw, sweet! Dh and I went to my senior prom together–20 years ago this month!

  8. Heidi says:

    That is ONE HANDSOME SON you have there my dear friend! I remember being young and in love. The feeling that NO ONE else in the whole world could possibly feel that way you feel about this person. You can see that in his face when he kissed her… ๐Ÿ˜‰ lucky girl. Nice job picking her #1 son, you can help my boys pick one in the future!!! LOL

  9. shirley says:

    AWWW…..I don’t know what’s better….baby animal and chick pics,Clover and her kingdom pics, mouthwatering food pics,kitty & doggie pics, OR…….VERY HANDSOME SON pics!! What a sweet couple they make.I know you must have cried.
    The time goes by so fast.

  10. Lynda Dunham-Watkins says:

    So many firsts we get to share with our children, making memories. He is handsome, seems like a fine young man. You’ve done yourself proud.

  11. Bee says:

    Oh,my. He looks at her like every young girl wants to be looked at! They look smashing together. He’s very handsome. Thank you for sharing that special time with us.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Oh stop… my ‘boy’ is getting married June the 6th to his girlfriend of almost 12 years. They started dating his junior year of high school. I already have my waterproof mascara for the wedding…

    And I remember thinking exactly what you are when they had Prom…

  13. DragonLady says:

    Ah, to be young again! They are a beautiful couple. :heart:

  14. MissyinWV says:

    What a beautiful couple!They do look very in love. :heart: Hope you are doing Ok with all of the Mom feelings that come with having a senior this year. I am right there with you, our prom is in 2 weeks…Its so hard to believe. :snuggle:

  15. Suzette says:

    How I remember the tugs on the heart. All the bittersweet moments of the final days of high school. I hope you enjoy every single minute. And, yes…they DID look wonderful – and all glowy. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bottle that Young Love feeling and take a sip now and then?

  16. epon4 says:

    Very sweet couple! Your boy looked so snazzy!

    My son took his girlfriend to her 8th grade dance. (he is a freshman and technically should not have been there, but he helped the teachers decorate and there were other circumstances involved, so the teachers invited him to come) They wore the SAME colors and my son had the same tie! Thankfully, DH was able to tie it for him. I haven’t tied one since the 80’s, when I was trying to dress like member of Duran Duran!

  17. Fencepost says:

    We did that here this weekend, too. Not my child, but one I consider an adopted child. Love her to death. But hate to see her growing up.

  18. Stacia says:

    They look so good together. I love her dress (it’s nice to see a someone at prom wearing a CLASSY, not slutty, dress). I hope they had a great time.

  19. wildcat says:

    You mentioned that Girlfriend is planning to study forensic science in college. Will she be going to Marshall?

  20. Darlene says:

    That is so beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ It does bring back lots of memories.

  21. iowacowgirl says:

    Wow. She is beautiful! What a great-looking couple!

  22. Claudia W. says:

    What a beautiful couple! They look so good together! Aw…young love, it’s wonderful, isn’t it?
    I hope they ahd a grand time. This will be an evening to remember forever! You have to let us know how it went for them.

  23. Nancy in Atlanta says:

    A couple looking that fabulous just had to have a great time at the prom. I’m always amazed at the self-confidence your kids show by letting you photograph them for your blog. Ross picked a winner for his girlfriend, so that shows his good sense as well. This happy moment is just what I needed today as I bark like a seal for the 2nd day of bronchitis!!

  24. Treasia/TruckersWife says:

    How handsome son looks and how pretty the girlfriend looks. Gorgeous tux and beautiful dress. They do look in love. Aww young love. That tie was worth every bit of effort put into it Suzanne. My Princess has Sr. prom in a couple of weeks then off to college. I try very hard not to think about it. :no:

  25. Barbara Wilson says:

    :snuggle: Suzann what wonderfull pic`s You have a very handsome son , & they make a wonderfull couple tell him best of luck in his yrs to come . maybe you will be having a wedding coming up soon. U think ? You always make my day when I bring up u`r site

  26. Jaymi B. says:

    Thanks Suzanne, I’m sitting here trying to have pizza and a coke..but it’s hard to swallow when you’re bawling. My son is there now, too and it’s KILLING ME. I don’t want him to leave wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  27. Rooth says:

    :devil2: Oh what a beautiful dress! What a lovely couple! Uhuhuhmmmm You’ve discussed Birth Control … right Suzanne?
    Ruth < ~~ who should be minding her own business but remembers Prom night… uhmmm 40 years ago

  28. Sheryl says:

    That is so sweet! You have a great son there! I can here the pride and excitement there!

    I know what you are feeling! I have a 23 yr old son of whom I am very proud. He has a good and beautiful girlfriend that we like a lot. DOn’t konw if there is a wedding in the offing soon, but I am hoping. It’s so sweet! They are so in love!

    That is a beatiful tie, btw. Very nicely ironed too!

  29. Ken Mueller says:

    Do your son and girl friend-in-law have blogs? I am thoroughly entertained by your blog but am a little curious what some of the characters in it are thinking? Or will we have to wait until Oprah and/or her descendents reveal all? Keep up the good work. Your blog is the first thing I turn to every day.

  30. Debbie in PA says:

    What a sweet post….actually made me “damp up” a little! What a nice looking couple! And you are so right about feeling the joy of life and love and youth….. :snuggle:

    But Suzanne…..let’s not rush things here…unless those tin cans you were hearing were for another member of your family….. :devil2:

  31. anne says:

    What a handsome couple they make.
    They look so happy and comfortable with each other.
    I hope the prom was all they dreamed it would be!!


  32. Estella says:

    They are a very handsome couple!

  33. Kacey says:

    Wow, he grew up so quickly! Where did the time go? They are a cute couple, and yes, it’s obvious they are in love. Ah, young love.

  34. catslady says:

    Awwwww how sweet – I had 3 proms – one daughter went two different years. Girls – just wait until it’s princess – definitely more high maintenance lol. Neither are with the same boys lol. I married the guy that I went with to his prom and mine. We’ll be married 40 years this june – yikes!

  35. maddy says:

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ :sun: :hug: Aww! They are such a good couple!My prom is in 9 years. I cant wait! :hissyfit: :heart: They look sooooooooo adorable together! Hope to see you soon
    Love :heart: :wave:
    Maddy@ Mary

  36. The Retired One says:

    How nice of them to include you in the ceremony of the prom prep, etc.
    He is one handsome boy.
    Don’t rush them to the alter yet…they have a lot of living to do first! ha

  37. Donna says:

    That is just too sweet! :snuggle: I think Ross is going to be a judge or lawyer or State Trooper – he just has that look of integrity. A fine young man. I just picture him being something like that.
    They are so cute…I am so glad all went well! :snuggle:

  38. Mental P Mama says:

    Ross is the spitting image of his mama!

  39. SuzieQ says:

    :snuggle: Beautiful post!! Nothing more need be said.. :snuggle:

  40. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful kids and they make a lovely couple! Ross is very handsome and the young lady is very pretty! Hope they had an awesome time.

    Prom is definitely a “mile marker” in life, but there will be many more to celebrate! Only shed tears of joy.

    Oh yeah, and when Princess gets there….Watch out!….you’ll have to spend months looking for the right dress!

  41. Taryn says:

    Scary how fast this happens. I am forbidding my girls to grow up. I’m not sure I could handle this!

  42. Madeline says:

    Oh my, tears in my eyes– youth! How fast our kids grow up! It is awesome to see them enjoying a prom, each other, flowers, dressing up — life can get so complicated,so fast, when we’re not even looking! Here is a PROM NIGHT to remember–forever!

  43. Kim W says:

    LOVED the ‘trauma’ over the matching tie!! In Feb., we had our 1st homeschool prom for our county. Our youngest (and only one left ๐Ÿ™ ) found a beautiful yellow gown. Her date went to nearly every dept store in 2 counties (no kidding!) to find THE perfect shade of yellow tie! He did. They had a blast!

    Blessings from Ohio…

  44. Jane says:

    Just lovely! He is a very handsome lad, your Ross. I wish him much success this weekend with his Navy drill on the 21.

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