What If


Once a week or so, we buy lottery tickets. Just one or two. And I’m just putting you on alert, because when we win? I’m gonna have huge giveaways, like tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe millions. You know, if I win one of those lotteries that are worth hundreds of millions. I’m totally going to share with you, so be watching. I don’t need that much and I’ll have to figure out how to get rid of it all.

I’ll build a nice, big, old-fashioned barn.

Then get a couple horses. And an ornamental cow. Or six.

I’ll get that pond dug and some pretty ducks. I’ll pay off my house and pave the driveway with those heat strips under the concrete. I might even pave the road and build bridges over the creeks because I’m very community-spirited.

Or not. We like roughing it out here and if we paved it, other people might decide to live out here. Then I’ll have to buy up all the property up and down the road to keep it private. And I’ll hire construction people and architects to work on the old farmhouse to make sure it never falls down from old age. I’ll buy Georgia a new car and hire her a chauffeur to drive her around because she’d never figure out how to drive it herself, plus she’ll be all mad about me wasting more than $200 on a car.

I’ll have pet sheep.

And lots of pretty goats.

And I’ll find a couple good causes to support and I’ll keep blogging and give a lot of money to all of you.

What I won’t do is blow all my millions on fancy cars or houses in St. Tropez. Or give my children any excessive loads of loot at young ages that will ruin their lives. They need to learn the value of work, and I need to stay home with my chickens.

Because truth? I love my life just how it is and I wouldn’t want to change it. Though I wouldn’t mind a nice barn. I don’t understand all these stories about people who go crazy and ruin their lives when they win the lottery. What is that about?

What about you? What would you do if you won the lottery?


  1. liz in NY says:

    Buy a house on a lake in the Adirondacks!! I love the mist rising in swirls first thing in the morning, the loons calling, Oh I just love it all!! Maybe a Cardigan Corgi or 2.Thats all I want.Love reading about your life! Thanks for sharing it!!!

  2. Jyl says:

    I would be debt free! No debt! None, nada, zilch. Oh, and I would have a new chef’s dream of a kitchen…and hire me someone to clean up all the messes I would make cooking in it.

  3. Kim A. says:

    1. Clear all my debts.

    2. Fly my dad out to help me buy a car, because right now I can’t afford one. Probably a secondhand one…though I really do like the Honda Fit and might be inclined to splurge.

    3. Take care of the much-needed renos so I could actually sell the townhouse. Right now no one would buy it!

    4. Find land somewhere (once I decided where in Canada I wanted to live) and build a 1500 to 1800 square foot bungalow, and build my cat sanctuary/rescue centre. The house would have to be cat friendly, with lots of hiding spots, sunning spots, places to play. Ditto for the sanctuary building. I’d have at least an acre or two, possibly more, fenced so the cats could roam safely. (Proper cat fencing, I mean.)

    5. Set the Gananoque Humane Society up for years to come, because they are all volunteers and have a very tiny, derelict shelter right now. Heck, I’d even donate to our Kingston Humane Society, though I am not pleased with their policies. But I’d still want to help the animals.

    6. Help family and friends…Though I wouldn’t just give my mother a huge amount of money. She’d waste it on cigarettes and the casino, which would bug the heck out of me. But I’d buy her what she wanted/needed (though she and her hubby are quite comfortable now, financially).

    Most of my funds would go toward helping animals, because that’s what matters most to me. I couldn’t care less about big houses and fancy cars and designer this and that.

    Ah, it’s so nice to dream!


  4. Sharon Elkins says:

    Michigan’s lotto is up to 196 million. Cash option is 116 million. I would set up trust funds for the 5 kids, give siblings each a mil and each of my 4 co-workers a mil. That would leave me a cool 100 million to have FUN>

  5. Blaze says:

    1. Stop working. Like..forever.
    2. Pay off all the studen loans, car loans, parents house all that jazz.
    3. Build a nice house in Roane County.
    4. Start doing what I like most and make a go of that.

    Thats about it heh, I’d keep it simple I don’t need crazy cars or stuff like that. Just a good solid house and the security that I can buy and sell my enemies at will :shimmy:
    Is that so wrong?
    Well okay not that last one..maybe.

  6. Mary McLure says:

    1- clear debts.
    2- education funds for my kids & niece/nephews
    3- invest so I won’t have to worry about future money
    4- pay off my parents’ debts
    5- donations (Scouts, Aquarium, Church, etc..)

  7. Lora says:

    First, I would take care of my brother and my sisters. Then I would scout for a large piece of land, something rolling with vistas, something easy to walk. On that land there would be three things:
    I’d buld a state-of-the-art vet clinic and hire great people to work there, the best vets I could find, techs, the works. It would be free to everybody and would serve as a facility for teaching folks and as a safe place for lost, hurt or abondoned animals of any kind.
    I would build a teaching center with little cabins around it. It would be a retreat for kids and adults to come learn about and create art and music and gardens. There would be workshops with great teachers that would rotate in and out of the programs. There would be scholarships and low or no fees for folks with hardships.
    And lastly, I would build myself a sweet stone cottage with a walled garden for my cats to play in. Far enough away from the activity to be peaceful, but close enough for me to be able to walk everyday to work at either facility.
    That’s my dream.

  8. Becky says:

    1. Pay off my debts and friends and family debts.
    2. Build a big house.
    3. Build a small guest house for my handicapped brother, and he would never have to worry again.
    4. Buy a motorhome and see the country, starting in WV. Gotta see my family and friends I miss so much.
    5. Buy or build a big beach house and invite everyone to visit.
    6. Support the local women’s shelters and childrens group homes.
    7. Build a big barn.
    8. Set up trust funds for each of my grandchildren.
    And after all that vacationing stuff, I would begin planning a business to keep the money coming in and financial security for our family. Something I LIKE to do, instead of something I HAVE to do.

  9. Shimmy Mom says:

    I’d do the happy dance :shimmy: Then I’d pay off debt. Possibly buy more land. Get a Motor home for traveling. Travel. Save for my children’s educations. Donate to my favorite charities and put the rest in the bank.

  10. Annie says:

    I would also build a new old-fashioned barn with concrete floor with solar powered radiant heating, a separate barn for hay storage, a shearing table. I would also build a wind turbine large enough to supply all of my power needs. Add a screened in wrap around porch to the house, and add on a fiber/dyeing studio with tiled floor with radiant heat, and add a bathroom with roll-in shower to the first floor. Not that I’ve thought about this at all. I would also buy the 100 acres to the south, just so I can be sure nobody builds a house right next to me. With the rest I would set up a fund to provide regular respite care for Alzheimer’s caregivers. They (we) need a break. :drowning:

  11. Treasia says:

    Well after I recuperated from the hospital stay from the heart attack I had after finding out I won, I would first off:

    1. Pay our present home off and completely renovate it from top to bottom.
    2. Buy three new vehicles for the family.
    3. Pay off our debt (which isn’t much).
    4. Buy my sister a house.
    5. Buy my son and grandbabies a home close to me.
    6. Purchase a travel trailer and hit all the nascar races.

  12. Connie says:

    I would pay off all my debts, buy a 160 acres in the country somewhere, build the house of my dreams, with guest houses all around, for my friends and family to come and visit and buy one of those really fancy RV/s and take off on a trip for as long as I want. I would buy an office for my Court Appointed Special Advocates Program here in Osage County and donate a couple of million to them and pay off all my families debts and give them each a couple of mil. And I would sleep great at nite, because I wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore. :woof:

  13. Remudamom says:

    Let’s see……..what about a climate controlled indoor arena! And I’d have some Clinton Anderson trainers come to work with me and my horses.

  14. wkf says:

    Some type of combination of all of the above. 1st and formost would be that whole nasty debt thing. Then it would be all :flying:

  15. Dru says:

    I would invest for my retirement, which starts soon now that I won.
    I would move from the big city to a smaller town and build my dream cottage.
    I would pay off all my mother’s debt.
    I would put money aside for my youngest niece college education (she graduates next year)
    I would put money away for my youngest nephew college education (I got 6 years until that happens)
    I would take my whole family on a cruise vacation to Alaska
    I would buy my sister a car of her choice.

    MegaMillion is $198 million and I have a dollar and a dream.

  16. Kim A. says:

    I love Lora’s state-of-the-art vet clinic dream! I wouldn’t go that far, but I certainly would fund spaying and neutering of all cats up for adoption in our area (or whatever in which I settled).

    There are some really wonderful dreams here, like respite for those who care for Alzheimer’s patients.

    There’s not much point in having millions of dollars unless you use some of the money to make your corner of the world a better place, IMO.


  17. Jill S. says:

    I’d pay off debt and then I’d pay off the debt of everyone I cared about and then I’d build a place for kids to go have fun after school without getting into trouble, and then . . . and then I’d sit on my porch and read without feeling guilty!

  18. Krista says:

    Funny you should mention goats. . .

    I think I would buy some land, but some cute goats and figure out how to make goat cheese. Don’t know why this is appealing but it is. I used to work for the CA Lottery and I got to interview some of the winners. It is a hoot seeing people blown away – and a little overwhlemed on what their next move is. The first stop was usually a big extended family trip to Disneyworld. :shimmy:

  19. I can't tell you that, now can I says:

    First of all, I would make like I never won anything. In fact, I could have already won and be pretending to be poor. :treehugger: People are sue-happy these days, and if you’ve got money you’re a target. Probably through trusts to hide my identity, I would buy lots of insurance and real estate, including open land for habitat preservation. I’d also be a world traveler and international woman of mystery…

    And I’d help my family. :cattail: <–Anonycat

  20. Amy says:

    I’d change my name so dh’s brother and other lousy relatives can’t find us. I would set up a fund for them though, they’d have to write grant proposals though, couldn’t just have money for the asking. They are masters at taking advantage of everyone.

    I’d set up college funds for the kids, buy the property in Colorado I’ve wanted all my life, since I was 4, so all my life.

    I’d set up some theatre/opera endowments for high school students. I’d also set up a large endowment for community theatre where we live and get them a decent place.

  21. Laura says:

    I’d definately set up a trust, so noone would know I won. Then I would pay off my extended family’s and close friends mortgages, buy myself a nice cottage on a lake and invent a job that would take me all over the world. Or actually, I’d go to grad school (yeah! no debt) and get a real job internationally. Along the way, I’d probably set up a fund of some sort for charity. But I also love surprise giving for no reason at all – just a need that wouldn’t get met any other way.

  22. Lisa Lucchese says:

    I would buy a slightly bigger home with a bit of property, a new car for my dh and take the boys to Disney World because they’ve never been. I’d open a small business. Give my mom and dad money to retire. Hand out envelopes with $1,000 in them to unsuspecting people in my community – just for fun. And donate some to research into anaphylaxis and allergies.

  23. Maria says:

    You know, I’m with you on this, I don’t think I’d go whole hog, altho I would like to travel to India again, see South America or Iceland…travel stuff like that…but I’d buy the modest little Cape I’ve been dreaming of, and oh, yeah, I could afford to put it by the ocean…like RIGHT by the ocean..and then I’d just fix a few things…be able to afford the payments when my car goes “BOINK”…that type of thing…oh and yes, I’d do some MAJOR blog give aways. That would be sooo fun. The sky would be the limit…the winner wou ld get a dump trunk full of stuff…so they could win the lottery too….

  24. Lexi Connor says:

    Pay off my debts, fix up my condo exactly the way I want, travel, then write. I figure I’ll do a lot of writing and traveling so I won’t be working at a normal job. Oh, I’d want to give money to some charities and do some volunteer work too.

  25. MARY says:

    :elephant: What if???????? If I won the lottery, I would:
    1. Pay off all debts.
    2. Create a college fund for my daughter.
    3. Buy an historic farm.
    4. Buy horses, a pony, 3 dogs.
    5. Go to Tahiti for three weeks, to think of more ways to use my newfound wealth.
    6. Set up a non-profit which would help foster children.
    7. Donate a new technology center for my daughter’s school.
    8. Give all my good friends $100,000.00 each.
    9. Put the rest ( or a large chunk) in a trust fund.
    10. Submit a letter to my boss informing him I would only be working two days a week from now on.
    11. Go on the world’s biggest clothes shopping spree!!! :rockon:

  26. Gina says:

    Buy a house somewhere, help out a few family members.

  27. Diane says:

    Buy some ground out in the hills of Kentucky, build a house, buy some animals, dig a pond, plant a garden, hang my clothes outside to dry, leave Louisville and my job, and spend every day and night with my sweetie husband (okay, and my kids if they want to visit).

  28. Lynn Jones says:

    I’ve always thought the fun of just thinking about what I’d do with the money is worth much more than the price of a ticket. I’m with you–I wouldn’t want to change my life too much at all. I would like to be able to change others’ in small ways, like giving relatives freedom from car payments, or educating my kid’s friends whose parents can’t afford college for them. I know a young guy who needs a transplant–I’d love to just be able to do it. Just things like that.

  29. tracey k. in Ohio says:

    Love reading your post; thanks for sharing you life! I look forward o reading you daily. By the way – the picture of the goat is adorable! Makes me want one, but I dont think my 2 big labs would like him :no:

    Like everyone else, I would quit my job; get rid of all debt; square away my sibs & mom; move into a big old fashioned farm house w/wrap around porch w/at least an acre all around; plant a huge garden & hire help to help me keep it up; by a truck for my finds at garage sales & have the time & $$ to find a ‘special needs-type college’ for my autistic son who has just graduated from high school. That’s pretty much it – not having to worry about bills & the price of gas would make me happy. :snoopy:

  30. Kim W says:

    After tithing, I would like to designate certain amounts to people in our church who need some $$ help and, via my church so that they wouldn’t know who did it, I would like to pay their house payments and send grocery $$ for a couple of months. I would adopt a Christmas family and not only meet their immediate needs, but enable them to do something fun together. I would also give to a couple of well-deserved ministries and organizations like the SIDS Foundation (we lost our oldest to SIDS).

    THEN…I do believe that I would have to spoil my family just a little!! :shimmy: I would buy all of us a good car/SUV. I would build that log home that we already have the blueprints for and are waiting for the $$ to come in before we die! :clock: I would pay all of my mom’s bills so that she wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting what’s paid and what’ not…being a widow w/failing memory. We would buy a cottage at Lakeside, Ohio…our best friends are a 3rd generation owner of a cottage that we go to every summer and we love it up there. We could then pass ours down to our family, too.

    After that and paying off our bills…we would BREATHE! :snoopy:

    Blessings from Ohio…

  31. Kelly Myers says:

    Lots of land and water- like a lake. And then, I would live just like you are Suzanne. Honesty, you would maybe be surprised if you look at some of my goal writing… sounds a lot like the life you are making for yourself right now. I KNOW money isn’t everything and my aspirations would still remain simple… It would all just happen a bit sooner and more easily with a chunk of change. And it would be great for my husband (me too, but mostly him) not to have to work himself to death or stress himself out so…

    Oh, and I’d be sharing like crazy with family and friends and one cause in particular that has always been on my “when I hit the lotto” list.

    Lotto here in Ohio worth over 150 million tonight. I’ll buy a ticket! Let you know how it goes!

  32. Amy Addison says:

    If I won the lottery? Hmm, I guess I’d put gas in the car. You know, without the hyperventilating and the rescue inhaler….

    Great pictures. There’s this sheep that lives on a farm on the main highway into town and he looks like…well, let’s just say he needs to be clipped SOON. He looks like an overgrown cotton ball. You can barely tell it’s a sheep his wool is so long and matted. You can barely see his legs or his face.

  33. Jennifer Robin says:

    I’ve thought about this many times. First, the obvious. Pay off my close friends and families mortgages. Not their debt; I just want to make sure they don’t have to worry about the roof over their heads. Then I would buy as many adjoining properties to mine as I could until my closest neighbor would be about 1/2 to 1 mile away. The rest? In the bank, making interest so my wonderful husband could spend the rest of his life tending his forest and animals.

  34. Becky says:

    Bridges. You need bridges. :drowning:

    I think if I won some huge amount of money I would get out of debt, help my family with their financial needs and get everybody all nice and comfy, and then build some sort of arts center in Spencer. The Roane Arts & Humanities Council was going to buy the old ice factory and turn it into an arts center, but it didn’t work out. I would want to do something similar… have a big stage for performances, a gallery, maybe a coffee shop and bookstore to keep the place in the black when the weather is bad and people don’t want to go out as much…

    Then, I would pay for art and music programs at all the county’s schools.

  35. Farmlady says:

    Oh my gosh! Wouldn’t it be lovely…..

    1. pay off our mortgage.
    2. Pay off my boy’s mortgages.
    3. Add a family/craft room to the house
    4. Build a barn.
    5. pave our road and fence the property.
    6. a gate at our entrance.
    7. donations to a few favorite charities and a few well deserving friends.
    8. a “guard” donkey for our goats.
    9. start a real savings account.

    ….Well, that was fun. Thanks. :typing:

  36. Susan says:

    I would hope I would be more generous, because I could be, and continue to live a simpe life, like I do now….except I would never balance my checkbook. :treehugger:

  37. Angie says:

    I would fall over because the huge weight off my shoulders would totally throw me off balance. Imagine not having to worry about every bill and every time we eat a meal out and every time we fill the car or even the lawn mower with gasoline… I hate worrying about money all the time. It’s exhausting. I could finally REALLY relax for the first time in my adult life. What a blessing that would be!

  38. Jean says:

    I would do pretty much the same things you would do – get out of debt! Buy my old farmhouse and fix it up, buy my great-grandparents’ house and fix it up, have a big, big farm or ranch and make it a home for animals like Best Friends in Utah – probably be broke within a month! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

  39. Robbyn says:

    Get set up with something small and sustainable for us, with guest cabins for friends and folks in need, all paid off..

    And then endow the Percy Schmeiser family with the retirement income Monsanto stole from them in legal fees…

    And then pay off all my friends’ mortgages and set up a fund to help folks who are starting out with sustainable agriculture be able to afford land and starting their own small farms

  40. Tori Lennox says:

    Oh, I make sure we had a state of the art storm shelter with lots of luxurious features (who cares if I’m only in it for a few minutes?), I’d get a snazzy car and hire a hot single chauffeur so I wouldn’t have to get my mom to drive me places (I hate not being able to drive myself anymore but if I had a hot single guy to do it for me I’d cope *g*), a house in Arizona for the winter, new fuel-efficient vehicles for my parents, I’d travel by train (what a great way to see the country!) or hire a private jet. I’d never worry about buying electronics or books.

  41. Diane says:

    ๐Ÿ˜† OH If I won the lottery!!!! Easy. Pay off debt. Get good health insureance for all of us. Pay off my mortage.
    Get a new truck. Fix up our house, build a garage with a small apartment or better yet an art studio above it.
    Quit my job and get my degree faster. Have hubby quit his job and build that blacksmith shop. We would pay off my parents house. And then buy an RV and go travel the USA. Hit all the Nascar races, and see several beaches. Finding as many blacksmith shops as we can along the way.

    Lets not forget the college education for my dd. And then put the rest in trust for our retirement and live a simple life for as long as we live doing what we love.

    I love dreaming of winning the lottery. lol.

  42. emg says:

    Well, I have a long list. I would have to hit really big to do all this.
    1) Pay off my houses/mortgages (right now I have two); can’t sell my old house!!!!
    2) pay off my sisters, parents and inlaws mortgages
    3) give money to all my family to help out with their debt
    4) quit my job (once the money is in the bank)
    5) go on a land/sea cruise to alaska (and invite my family to go along too of course)
    6) do all the work around my house that I can’t afford to do now
    7) live stress free!!!!!!

  43. Brandy says:

    I’d pay off my hubs student loans, pay off our house, maybe add a screened in porch to it. Buy a new jeep for me and one for hubs and then donate a bundle to the ASPCA, HUMANE SOCIETY and our Church. And if I had any left over after that? I’d bank it for my kids education and THIER kids education. *G*

    Have a great Friday!

  44. Christine says:

    I would spend it the same as you. Well, I wouldn’t need to build any bridges. ๐Ÿ˜† But I would fix up our old barn for the sheep and goats I’d get. Some turkeys, the old fashioned kind. Oh, and maybe a duck or two and some of those funky wild-hairdo chickens. :chicken:

  45. quasi says:

    My humans say they’d do exactly what you’re doing, even though we don’t have a farm now. They’d get llamas and pigs, too. As for me, I’d just buy more catnip, a bigger bed, more treats,…you get the idea. I’d contribute to lots of animal charities, too.

  46. Estella says:

    I would pay off the mortgage and then set up trust funds for my grandchildrens(4) education. Beyond that I guess I would live the same as I do now.

  47. Janice says:

    Buy my Mom a bathtub and shower that she could get into for a real bath.She is 89 years old.Would that not be great?

  48. Lucy says:

    I’d live just like you do. Lots of land around me and animals.

    Or….maybe I’d go to England. Or…maybe I’d pay bills. I would never have to worry again. Ahhhhhh………….

  49. Carol says:

    Well, as a person who can barely keep 15 cents in her pocket, I would have to PRAY alot and I mean ALOT for divine intervention to not just indulge my whims……like, rescue every stray dog on the planet…..I would sincerely want to do something good and lasting, but who decides that? My favorite “angel moment” happened three years ago, a woman in front of me in the grocery line was $40 short on a very large grocery bill. She was really stressed about what to put back, her kids were getting whiney and she was getting teary trying to put back, and I just said “will you let me help you pay this” and she cried and I cried and the grocery checker cried and that was the best thing ever and no I didnt have an extra $40. It was totaly spontaneous and the Universe just worked it out. Maybe I would hang out in grocery stores and just do that.

  50. Kacey says:

    It’d have to be a pretty big lottery…and then I’d have all 5 boys’ colleges paid for… :mrgreen:

  51. Alison says:

    I would pay off my debts buy a house and a new car. Open my own business where I would only work Tues.-Thursday. Put a talk to a wealth management person so I could continue to live off the savings for a long time help my sister pay off her collage costs. Oh and let my boyfriend quit work to write or play music if he wanted to. Not that this will happen because I usually don’t by lotto tickets. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Ann in TN says:

    What would I do if I won the lottery.

    1. Pay off my car
    2. Pay off my Visa
    3. Pay off son’s student loans and pay for the rest of his college outright.
    4. Build a house since I don’t live in one now. It would be far enough off the main road that no one could see it.
    5. Buy my husband and son new vehicles. Mine is fairly new, so I would probably keep it for a while. I don’t really have a dream car.
    6. I would help out my brother, my parents and my husband’s siblings. Well, maybe help my husband’s siblings.
    7. Put a lot away for later in life.

    These are the plans for now. If I ever do win, who knows what I would really do. :mrgreen:

  53. Susan says:

    I like my life the way it is so I’d most likely give most of it to charity. :yes:

  54. catslady says:

    I’d want to help out with animal charities, build a house where neighbors aren’t running their electrical tools at 7 in the morning and one room is a library, travel and help out my two daughters.

  55. Carolyn says:

    I would build you the barn of your dreams.
    I would build myself a nice house and get out of this little apartment.
    I would give some money to the man who lives on the third floor of my building.
    I would give money to my family.
    I would have a party for all my friends that might last like 4 days.
    I would set my 81 year old Dad up with constant care so he wouldn’t have to do anything but what he wanted to do.
    I would help out some charities that I really think need the money.
    I would donate to the Neonatal Intensive Care unit at my local hospital. They do such a good job with those babies that my heart goes out to them when they lose one.
    I’d make a donation to the churchs around my area as they invite anyone in no matter what religious denomination they are.
    Then, if there’s anything left, I might buy myself a new laptop and take a trip to Ocean City, MD. I don’t think that’s too selfish, is it?

  56. Kathryn says:

    Himself and I make it a point to buy some tickets when it goes over $100 million. Then, we have hilarious conversations (well, we think they are) about what to do with all that money. Of course, there would be education funds for the GrandGirlies. Trusts for our children and their spouses. Gifts to charities we support. And then. And then. Dang. What in the world would we do with all that money? Another home? No way! We love our home! We moved into this house in August of 2007, and it is our piece of heaven on earth. A vacation home? Why? And, most importantly, where? We travel all over and could never choose just one place. Would we stop working? Never in a million years. That day will come soon enough. We are both 55, love what we do. Okay. We have something. More bookcases to hold more books that we could buybuybuy! Wait. What about the groups that depend on our donations of used books for their use? Rats. Okay. No more bookcases. But, we can still spend some for books. Our conversation goes on like this until the lottery numbers are drawn and we find out we don’t have to decide how to spend those millions right yet. Maybe our not winning is a good thing!

  57. Ruth says:

    Like most of us–pay off bills (Oh, to be debt free!). Drive a decent car and live in a house that isn’t falling down. Basic desires for most of us in this country!! Not have to worry about being homeless because I can’t pay the rent or utilities or buy groceries. Start up a non-profit to help people like me.

  58. jodi says:

    I didn’t know a goat could be pretty…but that is one PRETTY goat!

  59. Claudia W says:

    If I won the big one…I would pay off my house and have it fixed up, then give it to a single mom (or dad) who is struggling to make ends meet. Then I would buy my ranch or farm and have a small cottage built on (for me) it so that my youngest daughter could live in the main house and do her horse training and breeding. Then I would pay for my older daughter to finish nursing school and I don’t know what to do about my middle one, but something would be paid for to help her get on the right track and be productive. Of course everyone in my extended family would get something from me, because they have helped me throughout the years. I would throw a big party for all my friends, just because I love them all so much.
    I also want to give a big bunch of money to the senior center where I used to work, because all those grandmas and grandpas need more services to help them live a quality life in their own homes and stay independant as long as possible. I love those people, they have taught me so much about life!

  60. M says:

    :catmeow: I like what you would do with your $$ and am actually quite jealous…but if I won $$$ I would keep teaching, because I love it and all- and I would pay off my house and pay for my kids’s college (cuz I am a nice mom that way)- then I would find the best children’s cancer researcher around and fund him/her with the remainder of my winnings so little kids hopefully would not have to suffer through cancer like my own daughter did. Here’s to hoping you win!! Or me…one of us!

  61. Joy says:

    Loved reading allof your readers comments. A thread ran through them. Your website is a happy bit of tips and interesting stories from the country. Thanks.

  62. SuzieQ says:

    Been in this same house since 1959 and, like myself, it could use some updating. It’s “my little nest” and I really don’t need anything larger because I can’t keep up with all that needs to be done now. I’ve been widowed for 12 years, after a great 39 yr marriage to the most wonderful man ever, and would like to be able to hire some help to get my 2 acres in decent shape. THEN – take care of my children’s mortgages, bail out all the dogs at our local shelter and purchase adjoining land to make the best “forever home” for the dogs. That would be heaven..give to my favorite charities and be able to take all my family on beach trips just to have fun together..I dno’t need much for myself, just my dogs, books and internet..and maybe a new heating/ac system..

  63. Birdi says:

    Ok, so I am a little late responding to this. Sorry Suzanne. I am debt free and I am living my dream…mostly. I guess I would finish the farm by hiring someone to help clear land and build the old-fashioned barn. Right now, we have plans and lumber…must get to the laboring part. Yep! I’d hire helpers. And then I would bring some of the things that I miss from West Virginia to Maine….like RAMPS!!! And Sheetz hotdogs…I don’t know how I’d do that…hmmm. My needs are simple but I would love to make a corner of it brighter for those more unfortunate.

    I believe in the whole “pay it forward” thing and I would love to be able to do more of that.

  64. Jodie says:

    I missed commenting… so I’m late. I was sick as a dog for like 3.5 days. If I won about 10 million, I would start with 1) paying off all debts & mortgage, 2) create college fund for our two nieces that are 12, 3) do all needed home repairs, 4) give a scholarship fund to my college & my husband’s, 5) fund a big retirement account and begin my retiring NOW, 6) travel, 7) give away some more money to causes that I believe in.

  65. Bayou Woman says:

    First, I’d have to buy a ticket and when I won, I would give the first ten percent to God’s work in several places. Then i would think of my family next, then my friends, and then my debts, and then how I would like to put the rest to work for me and my immediate family.

    I’ve been busy with my only daughter’s wedding, but I had to come back today and check on your chickens!!! And your nesting boxes are FANTASTIC!!! I just hope they are snake proof! I always had a fear of reaching in and grabbing a rat snake. We did have to “dispose” of several that were eating our eggs.


  66. Donna says:

    I missed this post too..I looked for it, but obviously I need help navigating blogs. LOL Guess I haven’t done many.
    I love to help people and if I won, the first thing I would do is give a portion as a tithe, and then I would LOVE to be able to give to organizations I tithe to now, such as IFCJ, Salvation Army, Billy Graham….but I would just love to be able to give on the spur of the moment, to someone down and out who needs help, has a hardship, …heck, just look around, and you can see the needs are EVERYWHERE. Run down homes, people who need cars, have a jillion kids and very little to eat – there are SO many hungry people, who don’t have enough…things like that.

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