Woolly Worm Weather Do-Over


The first woolly worm I found this year predicted a cold, hard winter. What rational choice did I have but to disqualify it and seek a replacement? Look at this woolly worm! I love this one! See all the brown on this one! It’s predicting a short, mild winter. What a sweet woolly.

If this works, I’m gonna find a doctor who says, “Eat all the ice cream you want! It won’t make you fat!”


  1. Kim A. says:

    We just call them caterpillars here, but “woolly worm” is cuter.

    I haven’t seen any this year, come to think of it, even out walking in the woods. What does that mean? 😮


  2. Suzanne says:

    Kim, maybe it means you’ll have NO winter!! :rotfl:

  3. Susan says:

    We have found both kinds! I’m not sure what that predicts, but I hope it is something good. 😆

  4. Ellen says:

    LOL! I like your way of doing things – forge your own reality. 😆

  5. Tori Lennox says:

    I hope your new woolly worm is right!

  6. leanne says:

    I’m like Susan. I’ve seen both colors so far this fall. I hope it turns out to be the winter your woolly worm is predicting, even though the snow would help bring back the water too. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Leanne :cattail:

  7. Estella says:

    The only wooly worm I have seen this year was smashed on the street. It is late in the month for them to be so scarce. Wonder what that means?

  8. Brandy says:

    Okay, I can say I have NEVER seen a woolly worm before. Seriously. It’s kinda cute. *g* Hope you get the winter you want.
    Have an enjoyable day!

  9. Toni Anderson says:

    Send the worm up here right NOW!!!

  10. jaq says:

    I’ve never seen a wolly worm, either. They’re kinda cute. For a bug. ::shudder::

  11. Carol says:

    I hate to admit this but I ate one of these when I was little! I was sitting on the step singing “Jesus loves me” and I just stuck it in my mouth! My mom says I managed to spit out all the fur! haha! gross huh!!! 😆

  12. Gary says:

    wellll… we saw more woollies than EVER this past summer and fall and we have been having one of the hardest winters in a long long time and YESTERDAY… Feb 2, 2008 I found a woolly worm all curled up for a long winters nap and guess what… he/she was almost ALL BLACK! just had a small narrow band of brown…. so what does THAT mean? I think I already know the answer as our winter is telling the story… oh come all ye robins and blue birds, the cats are getting cabin fever! :purr:

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