They Were Just About to Get the Poker Chips and Sit Down at the Table


You knew this would happen, that one day I would walk into my living room and find THIS.

And you knew just whose fault….

….it was gonna be.

Because she’s prone to this sort of activity. (See the video of Spice opening the door.)

Not that she seemed concerned about the results of her behavior…

….during the whole time….

….I spent chasing the crooked little hen….

….out of my house!

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  1. Gen says:

    wow, one smart cat! (BBB)

  2. Cori R. says:

    I love how Little is just sitting in the doorway watching the crooked little hen. (BBB)

  3. WolfWalker says:

    We had a cat like that only it would get out the window by hooking its claws in the screen of the window and open the screen to get out. Thank goodness we lived in a basement apartment at the time. He sure lived up to his name…. Houdini. lol. (BBB)

  4. elaine says:

    Hi Suzanne, its Elaine from Australia, your cat is way to clever. I would love that book. I am willing to pay postage and handling etc. I love your blog :)(BBB)

  5. Senta Sandberg says:

    I hadn’t thought that about how hard it is to chase a chicken in the direction you want them to go. The are so tricky when they want to bolt. She may think she is a cat but she is not box trainable. :chicken: BBB

  6. CindyP says:

    πŸ˜† Suzanne, the chicken herder!!!! They just wanted to make you laugh today! πŸ˜†

    BBB!! Thank you Fred & Robyn for sponsoring it! Loved looking at your site! Habanero jelly, mmmmmm!

  7. Fran says:

    Nice :eating: We had a cat like that 10 years ago, we had to keep our doors locked or we would have a cat get-together at our kitchen table πŸ˜†

  8. Maureen says:

    It is cold outside so I can understand how appealing you house is.

  9. MissWiniW says:

    All you needed were Jack and Clover and they could have formed a committee! (a poker playing committee…) So glad you always havea camera handy ^^

  10. Sara says:

    This should be a childrens book! Adventures of the crocked little chicken

  11. Patricia Herman says:

    Oh how funny – the cat let the chicken in the house! You really run a farm Suzanne. At least you got your workout in chasing the chicken around your house.

    Please enter me in the BBB.

  12. Heidi says:

    That first picture is too funny. I hope it didn’t take you too long to catch the crooked little hen. BBB

  13. pam says:

    What a naughty kitty cat. BBB please!

  14. NorthCountryGirl says:

    And you thought it was your house? It’s a conspiracy…they are slowly taking over. Next you’ll find Clover, Mr. Pibb, and Jack watching TV with the “staff” busy in the kitchen. They are just too cute!

  15. Connie Trippett says:

    That is funny, we used to have a pygmy goat that would try to come inside.

    Please enter me for the BBB

  16. Diane says:

    Too funny!! One day your are going to find the whole farm in your house. BBB Please!!!

  17. Anke says:

    All she needs is a diaper and she could stay in the house… πŸ™‚
    Please enter me into the BBB drawing.

  18. WatkinsGal says:

    I bet they would have had some farm house cheese and crackers at the table too.


  19. Carmen Smith says:

    LOL…with all the trips to the porch I was wondering when crooked little hen would find a way in!!!

  20. Krystie says:

    Haha! That is too funny! BBB

  21. awprice says:

    I found your blog by googling Dough Enhancer. I love it!!! BBB please, please please!! :snoopy:

  22. Mim says:

    Maybe the little crooked hen has brainwashed the cat into believing it is a cat..Please enter me in the drawing also. :pawprint: :pawprint: :pawprint:

  23. lisa says:

    Ahh come on…let the Crooked Little Hen stay in where it’s warm. Surely you can house train her! LOL

  24. Nita in SC says:

    Would it be really terrible to make a pet out of CLH and let her hang out inside with you sometimes? I’m starting to get a soft spot for her. . .

  25. trish says:

    The picture of your cat (the one after the picture where she is opening the door), what attitude. She is saying, yeah and what are you going to do about it.

    Such a great post this morning!!

  26. Houseful says:

    My day is always brightened when I see what your post for the day is. That photo of the cat opening the door is so funny. Thank you for your blog!

  27. Patty says:

    Love the flooring! BBB

  28. CALAMITY CREEK says:

    I wouldn’t want to play poker with that crew! They’re up to no good and would take every penny you have in your pocket!

  29. Karen says:

    Suzanne you are too funny! The title of this post is hilarious and the pictures are awesome! I have chickens too and, if they don’t want to be picked up, they can move incredibly fast!

  30. Hannah says:

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  31. Cranberry says:

    A little bit of everything in the house today, love it! Easy clean up, too! hee hee! Gorgeous floors!!

  32. BethAnn says:

    What a riot!! I’d love the BBB!

  33. marymac says:

    Love,love,love, this blog. That is just tooo funny. I was just telling my husband that if I only had 1 chicken I could probably stand it to make a house pet out of her. Put one of those chicken diapers on her, give her a nice bath and all. It wouldn’t be much worse than a big Mccaw or parrot now would it? That CLH is a people chicken, and animals are so amazing. BBB

  34. Charlene says:

    One of your funnier posts! Love it, though better you than me!

  35. Tabitha says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I needed that laugh this morning! The cat looks like she’s thinking, “Yeah, I let ’em in. Now get us something to eat!” I agree – one day you’re going to come home and the dogs, cats, goats, Poky and the hen are going to be sitting in your living room watching TV, drinking beer and smoking cigars, LOL!

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! It makes me smile.

    Please enter me in the drawing too!

  36. Wildcat says:

    That crooked little hen will do ANYTHING to get her picture in the blog! LOL :chicken: What a character she is! BBB Please!

  37. Chic says:

    LOL…it was planned….they were sick of winter…bored… and planned the whole thing. They even made plans to raid your cookie jar!!! By the way…I’d love to win the BBB book!!!

  38. Leisha says:

    Oh my – the chicken has graduated from the road to the house!!!BBB please πŸ˜‰

  39. 5kathleen2 says:

    Too funny! What a smart kitty. I think its nice they all like each other and I too really have a thing for the crooked little hen. Wouldn’t want to bet anything against em. I would love the BBB.
    8) :pawprint: :chicken: :pawprint: :chicken: :pawprint: :chicken: πŸ˜†

  40. Betsy R. says:

    Love your blog. I am learning a lot….BBB

  41. April says:

    How funny!!

    BBB, thanks!!!

  42. Lisa says:

    I love your blog, and learn so much!

    (And that’s some cat!)


  43. Betty Moore says:

    Yes I would love to have the new Ball Blue Book as I enjoy canning and freezing all the goodies we raise in our garden. I love reading your blog every day. Keep up the good work.

  44. Lisa Cummings says:

    Nothing like a live chicken in the house! BBB

  45. CindyP says:

    :chicken: Chickens in the House :chicken:

  46. Becky from MN says:

    I just discovered your blog yesterday and am still working my way through it. I look forward to trying some of your recipes. Your wood floors are beautiful. BBB

  47. Jo says:

    The cat looks so detached from the whole scene….like he/she didn’t have a thing to do with it! πŸ˜†

    I actually read another blog where the lady made a diaper for her chicken so it could be in the house! Ummmmm…..yeah. (Actually, the chicken was having health issues and the other chickens were picking on it. So she was bringing it back to health.)

  48. Cyndy Buiniskis says:

    TOO FUNNY! Thanks for a great laugh to start my day. Your staff is the best!

  49. Liz in Wis says:

    First thing I noticed was the beautiful floor. Melinda asked my question in comment #2: whick was answered in comment #24. Love this website. It is user friendly.

  50. Dixie says:

    A conpiracy may be a foot! They might be taking YOUR measurements for the chicken coop. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  51. EightPondFarm says:

    So this is what the little hen has wanted. Ours keep coming to the door with the house sheep. Not a good sign. Please count me in on the BBB project.

  52. Just Kris says:

    Simply hilarious Suzanne! I think there is a conspiracy afoot – you are out numbered. Smart, smart kitty just wanted to play with all it’s friends. πŸ˜†

  53. Emily says:

    Too Funny!

    Enter me for the BBB!

  54. Susan at Charm of the Carolines says:

    Suzanne, that is simply adorable!!! I love your whole furfamily! One question, though. Why doesn’t the cat attack the chicken? I want to raise chickens, but folks keep telling me the cats will kill them. Appreciate your insight! (BBB)


  55. christina hochschild says:

    HAHA I LOVE it! Your animals have such adorable personalities! bbb

  56. The Retired One says:

    That is SO funny!~
    You’d think the cat would be afraid of the chicken? Or chase the chicken? (Especially since it steals its food all the time!) I could just picture you chasing the chicken all through the house ( with a camera in the other hand of course).
    You have hilarious adventures!

  57. Gini says:

    Haaaaaa!! The crooked little hen wants to live with her humans! ADORABLE.


  58. Leanna says:

    Ha! That just seems like it was bound to happen on a farm one day! And poker, of course! BBB

  59. Crystal B. says:

    What a smart kitty. I would love to have the BBB book.

  60. Janessa says:

    The picture of the cat opening the door was hilarious!! What a stinker!


  61. Just Kris says:

    Love the paint color too!
    Oh and I forgot – BBB please!!

  62. Amy Ladd says:

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. As an animal lover and “collector” myself, more often than not I can completely relate to your escapades and adventures. Wonderful pictures and story teller. Please include me in the drawing today. Thanks!

  63. Lisa says:

    Would love to win the ball book! I can’t wait to get my own chickens this spring.

  64. TXLady says:

    That’s an adorable video and Tux is a beautiful cat. I have heard people say “I hate Cats” and I always wonder…how could anyone hate a cat. BBB I’d love one.

  65. Laura says:

    How funny! My cousin has 2 baby goats in her laundry room, but she did that on purpose.


  66. anne says:

    They all look so sweet and innocent. BBB.

  67. Pastor kathy says:

    Are you changing the name of the blog to “Chickens in the House?” (BBB)

  68. Karen says:

    Funny! Sometimes I wish my cat would learn to open doors – she’s forever getting trapped in a closed room! -BBB

  69. Chantal says:

    Thanks for this post. I love to laugh!

    Have a great day(BBB)

  70. MMT says:

    When you have animals as members of your family, they tend to take over. Gotta love ’em! BBB me please.

  71. Paula Tillotson says:

    OMG!!!! Just too funny. i LOVE reading about your everyday life.. BBB

  72. Sue says:

    Think it may be time to change the front door knob. My DS and DDIL didn’t get those lever door knobs in their new home just because their cat could open them when their apartment.

  73. Andrea Maddiex says:

    My daughter loves that kitty. Please include me in the BBB! :wave:

  74. UlrikeDG says:

    I used to have a cat who would let the dog out! I blamed the dog for weeks.

    BBB, please.

  75. Ms E says:

    There’s a series of children’s books in this ongoing saga!!

  76. B. Ruth says:

    Drag out those fabric scraps and make the ‘crooked little hen’ one of those Banty diapers, they fit around the wings, under and down in the appropiate place..there are some patterns on the Internet..then let the poor thing hang around the porch and come in once in a while…at least until warm weather arrives…
    That ‘Spice’ is such a sweet cat…very smart…I bet she is a great ‘mouser’, too…
    Cats raised with chickens are usually good about leaving them alone…but I never trust them around chicks until they are with the rest of the flock…It’s a natural thing…
    Just like me…I can’t be trusted around a pan of fried chicken.LOL

  77. Lynn says:

    Now that’s too funny!

  78. Natalie O. says:

    Naughty kitty! BBB, please.

  79. diane says:

    Spice is one sneaky cat and persistent. Notice how she looks back to make sure no one is watching. Oh so smart! BBB please

  80. Cindy says:

    Oh, too funny. Oh, man, this made my morning, Suzanne. Hey, I wrote on my blog about my adventures making your pepperoni rolls. My son was determined not to like them (he just turned 18), but he ended up eating a ton of them!

  81. Alexandra says:

    Ha, wouldnΒ΄t you know it! Chickens and kitties afoot! Beware, Suzanne; they`re up to no good…
    BBB please.

  82. ScreamingSardine says:

    I hope she didn’t make too much of a mess in your home!


  83. Miss Becky says:

    oh boy, a fluffy butt in the house! I was waiting for this day, because I suspected it would come ~ only I thought she would be in the house because YOU invited her in Suzanne, and now we learn it’s because Spice sent out the invitations!!! :heart:

  84. paulukon says:

    Oh, I have to win one of these to get more awesome recipes like the rustic apples! BBB

  85. Lisa Lee says:

    funny!!! pick me 4 bb πŸ™‚

  86. Donna (Texas) says:

    Hello from Texas….Hahahaaa….SO Funny! Great blog!

  87. Kelley says:

    Silly kitty!
    I would love a BBB.

  88. debbie says:

    Back in the olden olden days people used to let their chickens wander in the house, didn’t they? I’m thinking of a old Louisa May Alcott book that I love, “Eight Cousins”. It has a scene where the main characters visit a farm and in order to eat at the table, they had to chase the chickens off it. What’s the problem? :hungry: LOL!

    BBB, please. And, as always, thank the folks who provide them and thank you, Suzanne, for all the work you do here.

  89. DeWanna says:

    I love the way Spice was so concerned about the consequences of her behavior. I just recently found your blog and am totally hooked! I love reading about your life and the animals. I am a country girl stuck in the city and have found I love to live vicariously through others. My father started canning last year and would love the Ball Blue Book. Thanks you for filling your blog with such wonderful stories. BBB

  90. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Emma, my cat, has been reading your blog – she saw what Spice can do with the lever door handle and she has tried – really tried – to open my front door!!! Thankfully, she hasn’t gotten it yet.

  91. Linda Gilbraith says:

    Pretty soon you will have to change the name of the blog to Chickens in the House!

  92. Betsy says:

    This is hilarious! Spice is very talented.

  93. Blessings says:

    Let the Olympic Games On The Farm begin!
    LOL love this post

  94. Melanie says:

    BBB, please! And thank you. Good luck in the Bloggies!

  95. Amber says:

    Hope it didn’t take to long to catch that sneaky hen!

    Add me to the BBB please – thanks!!

  96. rileysmom says:

    Oh no! Now you’ll have to get up earlier to outsmart the kitty!
    I just hate the days when my dog is smarter than me! Seems to be happening much more frequently!

  97. Billy says:

    The crooked little hen is probably thinking “Wow she’s got a nice coop here.” I’m a little bit like the cat, sometimes I like to start a little trouble and then just sit back and watch the excitement. HeHeHe. BBB for ME ME ME!

  98. Michele Messier says:

    (BBB) The animals probably smell all the good food you make and want to invite their friends for leftovers. Cute.

  99. jan 'n' tn says:

    Yes, I have been waiting for this one. Ever since you posted the door opening video.
    You need to let Spice know that she can’t invite her friends in, until you get up.
    This way you can screen them i.e. nobody gets in if they’re wearing a mask or body armor.
    That would not be funny!!!

  100. Joy says:

    Surprised more of the animals didn’t come in from the cold. BBB

  101. Sharon Gosney says:

    hehe….guess I spoke to soon! Enter me in the draw fo BBB.

  102. Darlene in North Georgia says:

    Spice: Woman, I caught it, you clean and cook it!

    I had a goat that was always trying to open my doors – she would “mouth” them. She also stood and supervised any outside work – stealing any tools she could get her mouth around. Here helpers were a cat named “Pearl” and a dog named “Ella”. And a rooster with no name. Loved to play “King of the Mountain” on my car. It was too funny.

    I would love the BBB.

  103. Mary Whisnant says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    I love the video of your cat opening the door. How smart is that!

    Also, I would love the canning book. I am just beginning my homesteading journey, and canning is the first skill that I am trying to master. I would love the ball canning book to use as a guide!

    I read your blog daily and you are truly an inspiration to those of us who long for a simpler way of life. I am getting there.

    Thanks again,

  104. Ruth C says:

    Can you make Chicken diapers? :happyflower:

  105. Mary Whisnant says:

    Enter me for the BBB

  106. Susie says:

    LOL. Boomer just sitting there as to say, I didn’t do it! I love these true stories!BBB.

  107. Nancy says:

    HAHAHAHA! They are taking over! I should dig out the pic of 2 goats and a goose in my kitchen…compliments of the dog!

  108. Debbie in Memphis says:

    Well, it is COLD outside. I’d be heading into the house, too. Maybe you can house train the hen just like a puppy or kitten. (BBB)

  109. Patty says:

    LOL I love that cat!! The clever ones are the best. I can’t stop laughing, your critters are like the ones in kids’ books. I am especially reminded of “Little Bear” and friends from Maurice Sendak. So funny! (BBB)

  110. Barbee' says:

    Someone should check out that cat’s I.Q.! Suzanne, you are outnumbered.

  111. Lynette says:


    Thanks for the great laugh today! (BBB) :chicken:

  112. catslady says:

    Oh I just love it!!! :snoopy: Cats are soooo smart lol.

  113. catslady says:

    p.s. I can no longer watch your videos and I don’t know why. It’s not just yours but I do get some that come through so I definitely don’t get it. I just get a tiny little square in the top left hand corner (sob).

  114. Beth Brown says:

    :snuggle: Love it! Spice doesn’t look the least bit guilty!

    Count me in for the BBB

    Beth aka oneoldgoat

  115. SuzieQ says:

    I love your animals!!! BBB πŸ˜€ :devil:

  116. Liz in Wis says:

    Suzanne, it would be great if you could a video of the cat letting in the dogs and then a chicken.

  117. Brenda says:

    Your site is great! Ornery animals πŸ˜† BBB Please

  118. Lacey says:

    Pick me, pick me!!! I want the book!

  119. ShannonLeigh says:

    So cute and funny! BBB please!

  120. Runningtrails says:

    Spice looks a lot like Chisel, same big green eyes and black and white colouring. What a smart cat! Those guys can’t be blamed for coming into the house for a game of cards.

    I would love the Blue Ball Book.

  121. Estella says:

    Only on this blog could this happen!!
    Maybe Spice was lonely?

  122. Sandra R says:

    Love, love, love your blog and this is too funny. I would love to win the canning book.

  123. Aedrielle says:

    That is just too cute. I guess you’ve got a couple house cats and a house hen. She just wants to cuddle up on your lap with the kittles! πŸ™‚


  124. Mary Whisnant says:

    I love the cat video!


  125. Esther L. says:

    I would love to be entered in the Blue Ball Book giveaway! I learned how to can 2 years ago and simply adore it–nothing beats the flavors of summer while staring at snow and bitter cold temps! Thanks so much.

  126. kerri says:

    The little crooked hen that could….with a little help from her friends. Priceless! :chicken:
    It’s a conspiracy for sure πŸ™‚
    I’d love to be entered in the BBB drawing please.

  127. Pat says:

    I’d like to win the book πŸ™‚

  128. Marianne G says:

    I’m fairly new to your blog…I really enjoy it and I’ve learned so much already. Please count me in for the BBB.

  129. Rys says:

    I used to have a pet chicken that we let in the house. She loved to “talk” on the phone.
    Please add me to the BBB list. πŸ™‚

  130. chickensohmyagain says:

    ROTFLMAO — seriously! How many black and white spots did CLH leave behind?

  131. Leah says:

    Dont you know that the cats own the house? They let us live there. lol

  132. Molly says:

    Want BBB! Want door opening cat!!! Want chicken in my house!!!

  133. Jami says:

    oooooo sign me up for the BBB drawing!

  134. 34state says:

    BBB, yes please! I just talked with our public library about increasing our books on canning. I would love to have this! Mary

  135. Lanita canup says:

    Your cat and my cat would get along great!!Mine likes bring in little shrews and let them go and play with them! We live in the country and in a older house,this is the first year we did not have any mice come in ,but here the cat is bringing them in! What is up with that!!
    By the way I would love to have the BBB book! Love your blog!

  136. SueL says:

    Recently found your blog and really enjoy it. Would love the BBB.
    Thanks, Sue

  137. Kathi says:

    BBB – I want it! Please, please, please…

  138. QuietStorm says:

    Where’s Clover? You know she’s going to be miffed that she wasnt invited to the party….

    BBB please? need something positive today….

  139. Shar says:

    How cute! The poor dog on the right has this “I’m not responsible look” You know, there is a group on yahoo for house chickens and has lots of people who have chickens as house pets! Maybe henny thinks she’s joining in!

    I’d love to win the BBB as I can’t afford to buy it due to job losses and massive medical bills.

    Thank you so much to the sponsor!

  140. Kris says:

    Best. Blog. Ever!!! How long before Clover gets inside the house πŸ™‚

  141. Mel Meister says:

    I’m sorry! I’m laughing! I have cats that open door, too. I can just picture all those animals around a poker table, smoking and drinking.

    Too funny!

    Please enter me in the BBB drawing!

    Thank you!


  142. Clairice Stowe says:

    Awsome! And I really needed a laugh today, thanks, Suzanne.

  143. Sasha says:

    Did you get that hen’s beak fixed yet?? Concerned readers would like to know πŸ™‚

  144. Laura in Greenwood, IN says:

    Love your website Suzanne! I read almost every morning. My sister has started reading it too! BBB

  145. lisab says:

    That is SO cute πŸ™‚ They def looked like mischief was about to happen. I would please like to enter BBB giveaway

  146. lisab says:

    I bet if you had a snuggy dog bed that little red hen would just curl right up in it..

  147. wheezay says:

    This was great..very cute !!

  148. ScreamingSardine says:

    Thanks, Robyn Anderson at Crooked Acres and Suzanne for the Ball Blue Book!

  149. Tonya says:

    got a text from my 14 year old daughter….of her rooster in front of the television in the family room. she brought him in to see if he wanted to play “Let’s Dance 2” with her :bugeyed:

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