Parallel Dimension


He did it! He passed parallel parking and here he is with his brand-spanking-new license to drive!

So then he could barely contain himself. He had to drive by himself! Alone! Without me in the car! In fact, when I dropped him off at school he suggested I just leave the car there for him and I could walk home. Ha. That didn’t work out for him. But, when he got home from school (ON THE BUS), I sent him to the store, with a twenty–for a gallon of milk, and cheap cookies and punch for the 4-H meeting last night. Told him to bring me the change. He came back with no change. He bought all kinds of junk food and a half gallon of milk–had to downsize the milk to buy more junk food, I guess…. When he got home, his younger brother said–but I wanted ice cream, so 16 was only too happy to run back out to the store for ice cream. This time I gave him a ten and he came back with three bucks. (Some improvement from the previous store run, but still!) I said, that was some mighty expensive ice cream, and he said that he treated himself to the ice cream bar at the deli in the back while he was there….

Next time, I’m sending him with about a buck fifty!! :shocked:


  1. Susan says:

    Congratulations to 16! :snoopy:

  2. RobynL says:

    He does look grown up, Mom, holding the driver’s license. How fortunate that you needed goodies so that he could drive to the store.

  3. RobynL says:

    Sorry, forgot the ‘congratulations’! throws confetti.

  4. Nicole Reising says:

    :flying: Your posts are always making me laugh! I’m going to sound like a broken record player here soon! :mrgreen:

    Congrats to your son! And I would definitely trim the amounts down! :yes:


  5. Toni Anderson says:

    Yeay!!!!! Very cool. I bet he thinks gas is free too 😆

    Congrats to son number 1! It is a big day when you get wheels.

  6. ericka Scott says:

    Congrats to 16! :thumbsup: I still have 3 more years before I have to worry about it (thank goodness!)

    Yep. Trim the amounts or send send him with exact change!

  7. Lis says:

    Congratulations! Well he had to celebrate in some way didn’t he lol

  8. catslady says:

    So that is good news and bad news lol. Running the errands is good, having to worry about it now is not.

  9. Dru says:

    Congrats to “16”.

  10. Ellen says:

    Congrats to your boy! He looks pretty excited. :rockon:

    Oh, and I pre-ordered Secrets Rising – looking forward to reading it in July. :bananadance:

  11. Cheryl S. says:

    Aw, congratulations to your son! But definitely pare down the amount you send with him. Or start writing faster to cover the gas and “incidentals” he needs when he runs errands for you. :rotfl:

  12. Alice Audrey says:

    Oh no! He’s turned into a Drive-By-Wallet-Sucker. They are a very common form of human male easily identified by the hand held palm up. Just think, in a couple of years he’ll be off to college and will do his wallet contents removal from a distance.


  13. Heather Harper says:

    I’m impressed. :rockon: Yay for him!

    I still can’t parallel park. 😮

  14. mary beth says:

    Congrats to 16 and YAY to mom.