August 2010 Chickens in the Road Newsletter

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August 2010 Chickens in the Road Newsletter


*Feature: Farmer Models Apron

*Kitchen Extra: Fried Red Tomatoes

*Embarrassing Photo of the Month: Back Porch Chickens

*My Favorite Thing Right Now: These Dishes

*Recent Highlights: Goat Babies, Sweet-Milk Doughnuts, Navy Boot Camp Graduation, and More

*Sneak Peek: The Pringles Project

*Blast from the Past: Passing Out Sweet Potatoes

*Feature: Farmer Models Apron

This past week, I made an apron (see the post here) from a vintage pattern. It was fun and it got me back into sewing, which is something I’ve been wanting to do again. Ever since, people have been asking me to post a photo of myself wearing the apron. What?! I like to take pictures, not be in them. However, here they are, just for you. (If you could care less about seeing me model the apron, please feel free to skip this section. Really. FEEL FREE. Lots of good stuff on down in the newsletter!)

Anyway. For those of you who asked…. Okay. FINE.

I love this pattern. It’s a nice, old-fashioned full apron, with a back strap so the shoulder straps don’t fall down.

I also have a couple of other aprons, made by the fabulous JeannieB (a member of our community). This one is a halter-strap top, which is nice because the straps don’t fall off on this one either. Can you tell straps falling down is an issue to me?

I’m stylin’ in those chore boots, aren’t I?

Now here’s a perfectly good example of why I don’t like to be in pictures. Look at that hair. Sheesh. Actually, don’t look at the hair. Look at Kitten and Little. They’re so cute.

But the most awesome thing about this apron is actually the beautiful, personal embroidery detailing done by JeannieB.

How sweet is that? Thank you, JeannieB!!! (Truly one of my favorite people in the world!)

There are little flowers on the pockets, too.

And then there’s this one. And I’m telling ya, I can’t take it anymore. Enough of me! Let’s just look at the apron. (Also made by JeannieB.)

This is a flirty half-apron that makes me feel like a French maid in chore boots.

We’ve been talking about aprons on the CITR forum. I’d love to hear about your aprons and see your pictures–you can come join us to chat and post pictures here.

*Kitchen Extra: Fried Red Tomatoes

I love fried green tomatoes, but did you know you can also fry red ones? Just make sure they’re still firm, not over-ripe. I had taken a green tomato in to fry one day last week then got busy and didn’t fry it. By the time I remembered it, it was turning red. Since it was still firm, I fried it up anyway!

For one tomato, which makes about six slices, you just need about 3/4 cup flour. Toss in whatever you like-salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, herbs–and place in one bowl. Combine half a cup of milk with one beaten egg in another bowl. Dip in milk, then flour mixture, and fry in hot oil. Drain on paper towels. I like ’em with Ranch dressing!

Deliciously simple and fast!

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*Embarrassing Photo of the Month: Back Porch Chickens

Another seriously tragic revelation.

I can’t take it anymore. Casper has been running the chickens off the front porch, almost completely eliminating our chicken poop problem there. But the back porch is where I feed the cats. I keep the gate shut to keep the dogs out, leaving the cats a safe, peaceful place to dine and lounge. Except the chickens, who can squeeze through the slats in the gate, have taken over and it’s gone from bad to worse. Hardware cloth is going up on the gate this weekend to keep them out. And then the back porch needs a good power-washing!

*My Favorite Thing Right Now: These Dishes

I’ve been washing and washing dishes.

This china belonged to my grandmother (on my mother’s side). I’ve had this set of dishes for years but have never used it, for various reasons–mostly because I had no room to unbox it. I’ve been cleaning up, cleaning out, and making room. I can’t wait to start using them now! Making room for them helped me purge some things I didn’t use or even want to use. Need to declutter and purge? Find something you love but don’t have room for–it’s a great motivator!

*Recent Highlights: Goat Babies, Sweet-Milk Doughnuts, Navy Boot Camp Graduation, and More

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*Sneak Peak: The Pringles Project

I’m preparing for a new craft project that requires me to first eat some Pringles. It’s a real hardship. Stay tuned to the CITR Crafts page to see what it is!

*Blast from the Past: Passing Out Sweet Potatoes

An oldie but a goodie from two years ago (plus a recipe).

What happens when too many sweet potatoes, a little old lady, and a funeral visitation converge: Just another day in the country–see it here.


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