Kari Laywell


Taking Larissa’s cue, I checked out the search phrases people used in the past month that brought them to my site.

I didn’t come up with any of the exciting naughty search phrases that brought people to Larissa’s site. I can’t decide whether this is good or bad. Shockingly, the most frequently used search phrase to find my site was Suzanne McMinn. After that, PAX League, PAX books, some of the titles of my books, and then these are some of the others that showed up:

–Kari Laywell (my cousin the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader–clearly I should talk about her more often even though I don’t really know her)
–The North Beach Diet book
–ghosts, Mr. Gordy
–tell children when the tooth fairy forgets (look, my site could turn into a mecca for bad mothers!)
–circumcision rings (and for people who save their child’s circumcision rings for years!)
–American Idol and farm girl
–cobwebs and spiders and how to get rid of them (I have NO IDEA since I never clean, so if you came to my site for cleaning tips, you are out of luck!)
–worst rotten teeth in the world (what?? I brush! AND FLOSS!! I AM A FLOSSER!)

Kari Laywell, Kari Laywell, Kari Laywell.

That just burst out of me.