I’m Suspicious…..


Desdemona, trying to look innocent….

Top 10 Signs Your Cat Is Plotting World Domination

10. Sits on your newspaper in the morning and carefully
reads the coded message that Garfield sends out every day.

9. Notably absent from home during surprise feline invasion of

8. Behind the couch you find a forged passport, plane tickets,
and nine suicide bombs.

7. Well, “somebody” subscribed to alt.cats.world.domination.

6. Autopsy of the last mouse left on your doormat reveals “tattoo”
to be blueprint of the UN Building.

5. Kitty Chow spilled on the floor spells out “Drop the car keys
and leave the door open or the dog gets it in the head.”

4. Then — dead mice in the kitchen. Now — dead third world
dictators in the basement.

3. Judging from the kitchen, he seems to be working on some
kind of “land mine” technology.

3. Only sleeping 21 hours a day, down from 23.

2. What your cat lacks in charisma and good looks, he makes
up for with his ruthless handling of rival software companies.

And the Number 1 Sign Your Cat is Plotting World Domination…

1. Recently acting somewhat….aloof.


  1. Bonnie Ferguson says:

    That picture is adorable! :purr:

  2. Kim says:

    What a sweetie pie she is. 🙂

    My Nicki, who is now almost 10 months old and adept at getting into mischief, also tries to look innocent. The, “Who me?!?” routine. Uh huh.

    Because I live in the city, in an area with a lot of roaming cats and dogs, and many stupid drivers, I don’t let my two cats go free. I have a small enclosed space at the back of my townhouse unit, with my perennial garden and an obscene amount of netting strung all around the top of the 6 – 7ft wooden fence. Last night I stuck my head out the patio door to find Nicki at the top of the fence on my neighbour’s side (I have an end unit), ready to jump. He climbed up my beautiful, my glorious, my pride-and-joy ivy, got up over all the angled netting and was ready to go. I was not impressed! I hauled his furry butt down and into the house and sob! got the pruning shears and cut back the entire ivy. Sob, sob, sob!


  3. Alice Audrey says:

    Awwww, but she’s so cuuuuuuuuute. :purr:

    Here, kitty, kitty. Here…


    You little terrorist!


  4. Dru says:

    She is so adorable. You know she’s plotting..probably using telepathic conversations with other cats.

  5. Angie T says:

    See, I keep telling people that cats are plotting a massive coup.
    And dogs are merely their subservient minions who have fooled us into believing they are mindlessly devoted to us owners….but no one believes me.
    Thanks for the validation Suzanne.
    I have no doubt that my Trudie is whiskers deep into
    covert ops. She is always looking at me funny and she is stockpiling catfood and kitty treats….. :catmeow:

  6. Ellen says:

    Move over Iago. :rotfl:

  7. Susan says:

    She is so innocent looking! 😆

    I used your cobbler recipe on blueberries last night and it turned out delicious! Thank you for it. :thumbsup:

  8. leanne says:

    You’d never know it just by looking at her. You can’t turn your back on them for a minute, or else you might get it (clawed) in the back somewhere, (back, butt, legs, feet). :yes: :purr:

    Hope everyone has a great day and enjoy the sunshine.

    LeAnne :shimmy: :rotfl:

  9. Brandy says:

    Love these. Desdemonda is adorable. Want to know what a cat is thinking? World Domination!

    Have a fun-tastic day!

  10. catslady says:

    And I have 7 of these buggers plotting in my household 😮

  11. Tammy G. says:

    :purr: Seeing your black kitten is making me miss the one I had years ago. Of corse mine is no longer alive, he lived to be very old and fat. :purr:

  12. trish says:

    Suzanne, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your newest book!! Looking forward to more! :purr:


  13. kacey says:

    yes, you can never truly trust a cat.. 😮 but I love ’em anyway!

  14. Kelly Parra says:

    Wait a minute…I see a lot of aloof cats. This can’t be good.

  15. Nicole Reising says:

    That kitty looks so cute!