In the Hood


Sugar knows how to get around…..

Sugar is my little calico kitten. I’ve wanted a calico cat….forever! MamaCallie had two litters before she had one for me. We’ve had Callie and the older kittens fixed, by the way, so no more kittens. Sob. But we are full up on cats around here, LOL. The little kittens will be fixed soon. I’ll miss having babies in the cellar porch.

I make daily writing affirmations with my little writers’ group. I think the cats should take up this habit. I’ll make some affirmations for them to help them get started!!

I always poop outside!
I love dry cat food, especially the cheap stuff!
I move about daintily, never upsetting piles of papers or books!
I go outside whenever I am asked and never push my way back in uninvited!
I love dogs and make friends with them!
(And for Buttercup….) I am always cheerful and I never hiss or spit at other cats even if I am jealous and wish they were dead!

Your pets need to make any affirmations?


  1. Melissa says:

    I read this cat resolution and loved it. It said something like “I will not scratch you as to make it look like a botched suicide attempt” :rotfl:

  2. Jill says:

    Wait. Did you say no more kittens? How are you going to survive?

  3. Heather Harper says:

    Dog: I will stop eating poop. (Beagles are notoriuss for eating poop.)

    Cat: I will let my slave (Heather) hold me at least once a day.


  4. kacey says:

    Yes, my “special” dog needs to make some affirmations. Well ONE affirmation…

    I will not pee on the kitchen floor… :wall:

  5. Cryna says:

    Not having a pet, I am reading all the affirmations and having a chuckle here……..thank you. 🙂

  6. catslady says:

    I will not turn my nose up at the most expensive cat food.
    I will not eat a particular food one day and then refuse after there is a case of it in the house.
    I will not yak on everything in the house.
    I will not slip into the garage and hide.
    I will not ambush the other cats.
    I will not leave hair on everything.
    I will not upset the water dish every night.

    I have 5 cats and one on loan so this could go on forever :blahblah: