If you buy a book from an author whose blog you’ve read, do you expect their book to be like their blog? If you have a blog and you’re an author, do you think your blog reflects your books? I ask this because someone mentioned to me recently that they didn’t think my blog reflects the type of books I write.

Not that I think people necessarily buy books from an author just because they read their blog. Of course, I’d LIKE it if people who read my blog then wanted to read my books. (What? Do you think I’m CRAZY? NO, don’t answer that question!)

I’m not sure how I’d write a blog to reflect all of the different types of books I write, and actually, all of my books, even the darker ones, include humor. But no, there will be no tartar sauce jokes in the merman story! (Yes, my helpful friends have been pondering the tartar sauce jokes for the merman.) I’m not sure how I would even write a blog that reflected my PAX series. (Would I entice terrorists to my blog then capture them with my super powers?)

So, like all people today, I searched for answers online. I found this article on writing a great weblog. Head-spinning, I searched for simpler fare. Something that wouldn’t take so much time to digest. I know! A quiz! All the wisdom of the universe is contained in internet quizzes.

Are you as interesting as your blog?

Good news. I’m as interesting as my blog. Not sure that tells me what my blog reflects, though. Okay, trying this: Which website are you? This should tell me what my blog reflects about me.

“You are You’re involved in the community. You like to share with your friends. You’re into omphaloskepsis. You like pancakes and the color blue.”

What? I’m metafilter??? I don’t even KNOW what OMPHALOSKEPSIS is!!!! I do like pancakes, though….

I give up. I wonder what fruit my boobs resemble?

Your boobs are Luscious Mangoes!

Just the right size and no sign of sagging.

With a bra you’ll have a lotta cleavage and without it, you can still run around without experiencing too much or irritating bouncing.

Men are attracted to your boobs because they look nice, taste good and feel just right in their hands.

Be proud of what you got — it’s the only pair you’re ever gonna have!

I can’t even remember what this post was about now.

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