the merman lives!


After much starting, stalling, re-starting, re-stalling, I have finally gotten this book off the ground! Whew. I have a weird process which I described here . I’m not a planner. And that, people, is an understatement of Grand Canyon proportions. I sold this book on a one-page outline, and I forgot that for a minute. My usual process after I sell a book is to then actually start planning it. But usually I have three chapters behind me at that point. I had nothing in this case, and attempting to plan at that juncture really put my creative knickers in a twist.

As a friend advised me, I apologized to my brain for planning, I promised it I would never attempt to plan before writing chapters again, and I begged it to forgive me.

My brain pouted for several days, and has now apparently forgiven me.

In celebration of the virtuous glory of having gotten this book off the ground, I’m going out to lunch with Cynthia and Emilie. I deserve a martini. 😀

Note: I will have absolutely nothing at lunch that comes with tartar sauce . In fact, I’m not sure I can ever eat tartar sauce again…..

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