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It’s spring break time!!! My kids go four days this week then they’re off for ten days! Ack! Why does spring break always come as a scary surprise? And it’s Easter next Sunday and I haven’t done any Easter Bunny shopping! I hate Easter grass almost as much as I hate balloons and Play-Doh.

In other news, if you’re interested and missed my previous note about this–I’m doing an online workshop for the Heart of Carolina chapter starting April 1st!

And please, if you do nothing else today, go to Google, put in the name of your state and the words “sex offender” to get the link to search your state’s database for sexual predators. (My daughter is nine, so the Jessica Lunsford case is especially upsetting to me.) If you live in North Carolina, go here. Whew. No sexual predators in our zip code. Now you go check!

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