Cherry Chocolate Kisses


Me: “Aren’t these cookies pretty?”

Morgan: “They’re pretty…………”

Me: “They’re PRETTY!!! EAT ONE!!!”

Morgan, in the voice of doom: “There are cherries in them.”

Me: “You eat cherries! On ice cream! And even out of the jar.”

Morgan: “These cherries are in cookies.”

Me: They’re cherries! They’re pretty cookies!!”

Morgan: “I said they’re pretty…….”

So, like, if you don’t have a 13-year-old in your house? These cookies are not only pretty, they’re wonderful! I love them! But, well, if you have children….. Or is that just me? How many of you would have to make these Soft Ginger-Raisin cookies without the raisins because of your children?

Ross came in. I said, “There are cookies in the cookie jar. There are cherries in them. Will you eat–”

But by then my strapping high school senior had four cookies in his mouth so it was a moot question. I need more teenage boys……

Wait. Never mind. Two is just perfect.

And so are these cookies. If the children don’t like them, that means more for us.

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How to make Cherry Chocolate Kisses:

1 cup butter, softened
1 cup powdered sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons maraschino cherry liquid
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup chopped maraschino cherries
1/4 cup sugar
milk chocolate kisses (approx. 32)*

*How many cookies this makes depends on the size of cookie dough balls you make. I made 32.

In a large mixing bowl, whip up the butter.

Add the powdered sugar and salt.

And beat it up some more.

Add the cherry liquid and almond extract.

And beat it up again. Oooh, it’s turning a little pink. Love that. It’s so pretty.

Start adding the flour, mixing with a spoon. Add a little at a time, as much of the two cups as you can. This makes a sturdy dough.

Add chopped maraschino cherries. This makes the dough even pinker. Shape dough into little balls, about 1-inch.

Roll in granulated sugar.

Place cookie balls on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Flatten the balls with the bottom of a glass.

Bake at 325-degrees for 15-20 minutes or until the bottoms of the cookies are a light golden brown. (Be careful and check after 15 minutes!)

This is a good time to unwrap your chocolate kisses. This is a really great recipe to make with kids even if they don’t want to eat the (horrifying! cherry!) cookies. All the shaping into balls and rolling in sugar and unwrapping chocolate. Kids love that stuff.

Be sure to eat some of the chocolate while you’re unwrapping.

As soon as you take the pan out of the oven, press a chocolate kiss in the middle of each one. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

Eat the horrifying! cherry! cookies all by yourself now if you have to. They’re fabulous! And so pretty!

(These are spectacular for Valentine’s Day, too.)

See this recipe at Farm Bell Recipes and save it to your recipe box.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 27, 2009  

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47 Responses | RSS feed for comments on this post

  1. 1-27

    You’re gonna roll your ayes at me, but I can’t stand cherries either. :help: Now fresh black cherries I LOVE, and black cherry choco chunk ice cream is amazing, but these maraschino things make me cringe and remind me of cough syrup. But they are pretty!!! :) I’d totally eat the kisses off of them though. :pinkpig:

    I did vote for you and got the email with the link and went to it and it said my vote counted Yay! I can’t wait to find out the winners!

  2. 1-27

    I would love to eat them with the cherries in them. They look yummy. Will Clover get some of these?

  3. 1-27

    Those? Look divine! I *love* me some cherry anything! Thank you.

  4. 1-27

    Those are perfect for the Valentines!!! I’m sure the boys will eat what Princess doesn’t, no worry there!! Know what would be perfect on these? The cordial kisses…..they’re sorta like a choc covered cherry.

    I’ll have to mix me up some of these!

  5. 1-27

    P.S. The site’s running so much faster than it has in a while!! Thank you (not sure what switching servers does, but I like it!)

  6. 1-27

    I was thinking the same thing, CindyP… this is what I will be making for Valentines Day! Fortunatly, my girls love choc with cherries, so I won’t be the only one eating them!!!

  7. 1-27

    Those are going on my to do list! Thanks. :happyfeet:

  8. 1-27

    Yum, Yum. Too bad I made it to the store yesterday and today have my 7-1/2-month-old granddaughters at home and it’s freezing. Cleaning out cabinets, don’t have kisses or cherries :(

    Tomorrow! Thanks for sharing. They look wonderful!

  9. 1-27

    Yum! Chocolate and Cherries! They go together like chocolate and peanut butter! Thanks for the recipe. Now I know what I’m making hubby for Valentines Day! You’re the best!

  10. 1-27

    Oh, I just couldn’t. Well, maybe one or two. But The Captain? He would eat them all and ask for more!

  11. 1-27

    There is never — NEVER — a bad time for maraschino cherries. In fact, I wish I had some for breakfast, instead of Cheerios. I may go buy a jar today.

  12. 1-27

    Will try the cookies for Valentines.

    About the cat on the table…

    I was taught growing up (in a cat-free house) that the dining room table always had a proper tablecloth (usually one that required ironing) and some type of seasoonal centerpiece.

    Fast forward to modern times, my house. Three cats, always which at least one is on the table. As the centerpiece.

    However, no cats are allowed on the table during meals and the cats have agreed to this compromise.

  13. 1-27

    Yum! I bet these would be even better with DARK CHOCOLATE KISSES!

    Just as soon as the Girl Scout cookies are out of here (I am not only troop leader but also cookie mom this year :bugeyed: ) I am making these cookies!

  14. 1-27

    Ooh, Suzanne they look sooo yummy. Count me in with two teenage girls that won’t eat raisins, cranberries, nuts or anything chewy in their cookies. Drives me, well… nuts!

    Lisa T.

  15. 1-27

    So glad to get back to your site. Yours is the first one I read each day. I love all the antics with Clover and the goat family, the cats and dogs, and with the human kids.

    These cookies look really yummy. We are in the midst of an ice storm, and these cookies would be great to make with my grandson.

    I voted for your site yesterday. Here’s hoping you win.

  16. 1-27

    Even though I’m in my forties I’m pretty sure that I would die if a raisin ever touched my lips. Same when I was 10, same now that I am 40. And I CANNOT stand the sound of celery nor the texture of it so it goes in no recipe that doesn’t cook it into a soft, quiet, manageable substance. yeah, I’m weird like that.

  17. 1-27

    Yum Suzanne….love and blessings to all of you on the farm….2 and 4 legged!!! :happybutterfly:

  18. 1-27

    These look wonderful but I would have a hard time getting them to eat them around here. They are so picky. Maybe I can make them for my grand daughter she loves for me to bake things for her. I took her a batch of Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on Sunday.

  19. 1-27

    Oh…these look yummy! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!!!


  20. 1-27

    Another weird one checking in – I love fresh cherries – bings don’t last long with me – but those funky cherries in a jar? Nahhhh! Now maybe I could eat your cookies if the cherries came from a can of pie filling…but the chocolate looks great! I see gold foil wrappers and teeny chips in some of the kisses – yum.
    As for the cat – it looks natural there! Until Emma came to live with me a little over a year ago I had never allowed cats on my table. Counters? Yes – that seemed natural. But not MY table! Well, I’ve slipped. The table is hers – it’s against a window and she needs to sit there to look outside. And if anything is on the table in her way, she just uses her soccer paw and knocks it off.

  21. 1-27

    What I love about this recipe is that there are no eggs in it, making it perfect to bake with little ones. I know, people have eaten raw eggs for years, but I’m freaky about it.

    Thanks for posting this in time for me to get everything together in time to make them for Valentine’s Day!

    My kitty loves to sit on the dining room table also. My grandmother would flip out if she ever knew.

    Working hard at

  22. 1-27

    Ohhh, those look soooo pretty!!! They def. look like a winner for a Valentine’s cookie too!!! I LOVE chocolate and I LOVE cherries…but, now I HATE almond flavoring/almond extract…almond flavored wedding cake. LOL And yes, I would be the one to ask my mom to PLEASSSSSEEEEE don’t put nuts IN the divinity or IN the cake mix or IN the candy….and certainly NOT RAISENS – I HATE Raisens, unless they are PUFFY in things OR in candy. So, I would be the “Morgen”. LOL
    But, they sure do look good and I know they taste good! I know…substitute something like vanilla for the almond extract.

  23. 1-27

    Those look so yummy and pretty. I will definitely be trying these. And yes I do have to make raisin cookies without raisins in my house. Aww kids, gotta love em.
    Oh and Annabel is adorable! :sheep:

  24. 1-27

    Those cookies aren’t pretty, they’re GORGEOUS. I’m pretty sure my kids won’t eat them. I think I’ll make a double batch. :lol:

  25. 1-27

    Those look so YUMMY! Can’t wait to bake a batch.

  26. 1-27

    I’m like Becki, I have to scrub down my table top whenever I want to use it because of cats!Those cookies look scrumptous! And, they are pretty!

  27. 1-27

    I actually would give up the chocolate before the cherries!!! Princess, you don’t know what you’re missing!!!

    With my first cat I used a spray bottle of water to try and keep her off my table – she won. I currently have 6 but only 4 like the table roflmao. One of my cats looks a lot like the one in your picture only with a larger mane.

  28. 1-27

    Those look yummy!

    LOL on the cat on the table. I caught ours on the cutting board the other day, licking out of the cast-iron pan that had been left on the stove to cool. Gross.

  29. 1-27

    Oh my, I luuuuurrrrve your blog! Anyway and stuff, You should make these with the cherry cordial kisses. You should be able to find them at WalMart. At any rate, I’d eat them no matter what. They look sooooo yummy. Oh. And I love Morgan. What a hoot she is. Reminds me so much of my 15 yo. 8)

  30. 1-27

    Those sound delicious. I’ve printed the recipe and can’t wait to try them out next week. (this week was this delicious brownie with candy bars.)

  31. 1-27

    I know one thing… they sure are pretty :yes:

  32. 1-27

    The cookies look sooooo good!

  33. 1-27

    Yum! I love cherries and these cookies look and sound wonderful. :hungry2:

  34. 1-27

    When I was a teenager (which sadly, wasn’t very long ago) I would never have turned down a cookie with both chocolate AND cherries in them!!! I loved cherries. :eating:

    And…I still love them. Heck with cooking them, I just can’t wait, I’ll share those cookies with you! :hungry: Those kids don’t know what they are missing!!!

  35. 1-27

    The only problem I have with this recipe is that every time I buy a jar of marachino cherries my Daughter eats them all! *G* They look very pretty.

  36. 1-27

    Wow! Those look delish.
    Congrats on being a finalist in the bloggies! :-)

  37. 1-28

    These look incredible. I make some cookies called Cheery Cherry Cookies. Nobody will eat them but me either. I think I’d call yours Cheery Cherry Chocolate Cookies. It’s nice to keep the Ch thing going.

  38. 1-28

    This cookie recipe looks great. I intend to give them a try soon.

  39. 1-28

    Growing up, my mom (and now me) made a very similar recipe, but to make it even prettier, we added red food coloring until they were just the shade of pink we liked. Give it a try next time. :)

  40. 1-28

    Yummmm! These look awesome! Thank you Bloggies for introducing me to new cookies…. and a new blog :)

  41. 1-28

    These look so good! I can’t wait to try them.

  42. 2-1

    :D These cookies are so pretty and look delicious. Thank you for the recipe.



  43. 2-23

    LOL! Now that convo between you & your child sounded like a convo between me and my hubby when trying to get him to try new food recipes!
    Great cookies too!

  44. 2-26

    Ha-ha! My youngest (9) is the one that’s a pain in the butt about trying things some time! The twins’ (12) are great about trying and eating whatever I make so long as it didn’t come out of a can or box!

    Those really are very pretty cookies. I’d like a few please! :-)

  45. 9-16

    Lovely cookies ! ! !
    I fell in love with them instantly and they are going to be my next cookie experiment.

  46. 12-13

    I like Cherry Flavored foods but for some reason I just can’t sit and eat a cherry or blueberry even though I love the taste. Maybe it is just the skins on the berry sticking in my teeth or the roof of my mouth that bothers me so much. But I will make these for the DH he will gobble them up.

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