Cinnamon Crispies


Could anything made with three different kinds of sugar not be magnificent? I’d give you one but we ate them. But–I’m gonna tell you how to make them, too. You gotta start with the mother of all bread recipes, Grandmother Bread.

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How to make Cinnamon Crispies:

Start with the one-loaf standard Grandmother Bread recipe for 12 rolls

1 1/2 cups warm water
1 teaspoon yeast
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons sugar
3 1/2 cups flour

In a large bowl, combine water, yeast, sugar, and salt. Let sit five minutes. Stir in flour with a heavy spoon until dough becomes too stiff to continue stirring easily. Add a little more flour and begin kneading. The amount of flour is approximate–your mileage may vary! Continue adding flour and kneading until the dough is smooth and elastic. Let dough rise in a greased, covered bowl until doubled. (Usually, 30-60 minutes.) Uncover bowl; sprinkle in a little more flour and knead again.

Roll out dough on a floured surface into an approximately 9 x 12-inch rectangle. Brush on a couple of tablespoons of melted butter. Combine 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup brown sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon. Spread over buttered dough.

Roll up, seal seams, and cut into 12 pieces. Place on greased baking sheets a few inches apart. (Because they are going to be flattened out, these make large rolls and you may need two baking sheets, six rolls per pan.) Use the bottom of a glass to flatten rolls. Let rise for 30 minutes. You have time to watch Judge Judy, or fantasize about eating a sweet, hot crispie.

After 30 minutes, cover the rolls with waxed paper and use a rolling pin to flatten the rolls again.

Brush rolls with more melted butter. Sprinkle with more cinnamon and sugar. No being stingy with the butter and sugar. We’re going all out here.

Doesn’t this look unbelievable? You’re almost there! You just have to bake it.

Bake at 400-degrees for 8-10 minutes. Serve sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Consume in copious quantities. You’re welcome.

See this recipe at Farm Bell Recipes and save it to your recipe box.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 31, 2008  

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  1. 1-31

    OMG, put the kettle on, I’ll be right over for a cup of tea and some cinnamon crispies. You did make more, right? Right?

    Nice to have printable recipes; I checked the format — perfect!


  2. 1-31

    Oh, your daily photo — LOVE the colour of the cabinets! What are you going with for the counter top?

    Oooh, this is *SO* exciting!

    -Kim :catmeow:

  3. 1-31

    Thanks, Kim! I love the cabinets! The countertops are going to be a really pretty beveled laminate in a green faux granite style called uba tuba. It was really fun to see some of the cabinets set! They have to finish drywalling and texturing, so they had to take them back down after the countertop guy finished measuring. They’ll all go in for real in another couple weeks.

  4. 1-31

    My mouth is watering. It is a cold day here in Candada, what a great activity to do today!!

  5. 1-31

    Stop it! Stop it!!!! I’m trying to lose weight, here!!! You can’t post stuff like that because you know I’ll have to make some!


    They do look yummy. Butter + sugar + cinnamon = pure happiness.

  6. 1-31

    wow, they look wonderful! And printable! So handy.

  7. 1-31

    Oh my. These look delicious. You do the best recipes. I am so impressed with all you do in that old farmhouse kitchen, Suzanne!

  8. 1-31

    Oh, my! Those look wonderful!

    :clap: Happy about the printables.

  9. 1-31

    Oh. Dear Lord. I just gained 5 pounds.

  10. 1-31

    I miss one day and look what happens. :hissyfit: Yesterday’s post made my heart go pitty-pat. I am so enjoying this budding romance. Now about today’s post, Those cinnamonny things look soooo good. I may have to try :mrgreen: to make them. I am not a baker so I’m sure they won’t even be close to yours. :lol: Everyone have a great day and :hug: to all.

  11. 1-31

    They look look mouth watering delicious! :thumbsup:

  12. 1-31

    Thanks for making your reciped printable!! :elephant:

  13. 1-31

    Oh those are one of my favorite things to eat – unfortunately I don’t have 3 growing kids to help eat them – pretty much just me and my hubby and I’d eat every one of them myself but they look sooooooo yummmy. :hungry:

  14. 1-31

    Ohhhhh goodness! No really, gooooooodness! *g* Thanks for the printable recipe!

  15. 1-31

    I’m new here and have had so much fun wandering around your blog! I love it! I’m so glad to find your french bread recipe. I promised to make french bread rolls and gumbo for 50 folks at church on Mardi Gras. That recipe will be PERFECT!

    And this one looks DIVINE! I’m excited to try it, too!

    Thanks again for this lovely visual vacation. I’ll be back!

  16. 2-1

    I am drooling on my keyboard. I’m afraid your blog may be too dangerous for me to read. It wasn’t that long ago that I had to run to the kitchen to make your chocolate pudding cake. Naturally, I had to eat vanilla ice-cream with it. I need to be losing weight, not gaining it!

    Of course I will have to make these. ;-)

  17. 2-1

    :snoopy: looks sooooooooo good, ruined my diet

  18. 3-9

    Have wanted to try the cinnamon crispies for weeks. We finally did it today, and they were an instant success with my husband and myself. We made half of the recipe into the crispies and half into grandma’s bread. Absolutely delicious. They will continue to be a hit in this Roane County home.

  19. 1-20

    I used your recipe and baked a double batch of Cinnamon Crispies for my daughter’s basketball team. (It was my turn to bring treats for after the game) Everyone loved them and I’m going to make them for my co-workers on my next day off! They are delicious and your recipe is easy to follow…….and to think I have a fear of using yeast! Thank you very much!!!

  20. 6-24

    I must make these! How are they the day after? I want to make these for a party, but I won’t have time the day of the party. Any night before options? Thanks! :)

  21. 6-24

    Hi, Tracey! Set them out (as the rolled crispies) on pans the night before then refrigerate them. They’ll rise in your fridge overnight and you can bake them the next day!

  22. 5-18

    Just made these today and they are YUMMY! I added some cinnamon chips to the dough that were hanging out in my cabinet. So far, three neighbors have come to steal them! Guess I’ll be making more soon.

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