Freezing Biscuits


I’m prepping ahead biscuits for the upcoming wool retreat, and also got an email recently asking about making ahead biscuits, so here’s how I do it. Yesterday, I made three dozen biscuits. I’ll be making more biscuits today, but this is about the size of batch I can get in a big bowl and deal with freezing on a cookie sheet.

Biscuit dough mountain:
To make ahead biscuits, I make the dough as usual, roll it, and cut out the biscuits.
I take a large cookie sheet, slightly greased just to make sure nothing sticks, and line up the biscuits–not touching.
I slide the sheet into the freezer and turn them into little biscuit rocks.
Once they’re frozen, they can be piled into a freezer bag. To use, I take them out the night before and place them back on a greased cookie sheet, leaving them to thaw overnight. By morning, they’re thawed and ready to bake! It’s best to freeze biscuits unbaked because then you still get that fresh-baked hot-from-the-oven biscuit. Use them all at once, or take out one or two at a time. And the biscuits don’t have to be plain to freeze, either. You can freeze almost any kind of biscuit.

This isn’t just for serving a crowd, by the way. I freeze ahead biscuits for myself sometimes, too. What if it’s just breakfast for me? What if I just want one biscuit?

One should never be without a biscuit if one wants one!

Life is better with biscuits!

You can find all about my biscuits here, by the way.

Now go make some biscuits!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 24, 2013  

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  1. 4-24

    I love baking biscuits! We have then at least twice a week, since it is just the two of us, I make small batches, but we have a friend whose family love biscuits, and she buys those awful things in a tube, she does like to bake on the week ends, so this will be emailed to her, what an excellent post–thank you so much.

  2. 4-24

    That’s just the ticket. I am recovering from surgery on my neck. I have minimum movement right now and am restricted from any lifting or kneading for 3 more wks. That’s a long time with no biscuit. My lovely Daughter is making some for me as we speak. Yummm.

  3. 4-24

    Thank you!!!!!!! What a great idea! I will be making some up this weekend. I so wanted to come for the wool workshops but maybe next time. Have fun :sheepjump:


  4. 4-24

    Suzanne, do you know how long they’ll keep in the freezer and still be good?

  5. 4-24

    They’ll keep in the freezer same amount of time as most stuff. If you’ve got them in a freezer bag, good for a couple months or so. They don’t usually last that long!

  6. 4-24

    Those biscuits look SO delish! I can literally smell and taste them through the screen. You just want to grab them and “rip them in half! Then comes the butter and/or violet jelly! I would love to have a recipe for gluten-free biscuits. Anyone out there know how to make ’em?

  7. 4-24

    Where these made using your quick mix recipe or are these Angel Biscuits (yeast biscuits)?

  8. 4-24

    I think these are Angel Biscuits, in the baked photo you see all those risen holes that must be from yeast!

    Suzanne, I wanted to know if you brush your biscuits with butter or cream before baking?

    The tops are so lovely evenly golden brown!

  9. 4-24

    I love biscuits and those look yummy. I am having company for breakfast in the morning, Maybe I should make some and freeze for tomorrow and later. Great post, thanks.

  10. 4-25

    I have a question about the Quick Mix. Can you use it to make waffles, like I would with Bisquick?

  11. 4-25

    I don’t see why you couldn’t use it for waffles. I’ve never tried it, but should work fine.

  12. 4-25

    Yes, StuckinMiami, you can use it for waffles. Just use the pancake recipe, thinning it a little with water or milk if necessary. They are very good!

  13. 5-1

    Made two batches of waffles last night. First batch I followed the directions for pancake batter, waffles came out thin but were tasty but only got three from 1 cup of mix. So I made the second batch with 2 cups of the mix and doubled everything except milk. I did that by eye to the thickness that I wanted. A partial scoop went into eggs for scrambled eggs and got 6 crispy, yummy waffles. Awesome job with this recipe Suzanne!

  14. 5-2

    I make my own frozen biscuits all the time. I never let them thaw before cooking. Just place on a grease cookie sheet and bake until golden.

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