Kitchen Rebellion


I love this potato salad. It’s the best potato salad in the history of potato salad. Except for this other potato salad, which I make when I have new red potatoes and then it’s the best potato salad in the history of potato salad.

My kids hate, loathe, despise, and abhor potato salad, so I usually only make potato salad when they’re not here or when we have company. My kids don’t like anything infecting their potatoes–like onions, celery, eggs, anything! Potato salad is a potato abomination to them. Which might be a good thing, because if they liked potato salad? I’d probably make it all the time and I’d be sitting around with big bowls of it eating it like it was ice cream. One of the first things I put on my list to make when they’re gone is potato salad.

Then I sit around eating big bowls of it like it’s ice cream.

I’ve also been cooking (grilling) a lot of red meat. Weston is trying out vegetarianism again. He’s taking baby steps this time (after his first failed attempt) by still eating white meat. We ate a lot of chicken the last couple months, so I’m a little tired of chicken right now. I kept trying to convince him that pork was the other white meat, but had no luck. There’s a whole advertising campaign built around that concept! He doesn’t buy it.

I bought some pickles and olives. Because they hate pickles and olives. And I just sit around eating pickles and olives! Throw in a few crackers, that’s lunch!

And onions. Onions on everything! Morgan hates onions!

Raisins–they hate raisins! I’m putting raisins in everything. Pie, cake, cobbler, cookies. They like molasses cookies, but no raisins, please! That’s right, I’ve got molasses cookies with raisins this week.

The goats approve.

Goats love raisins.

Then there’s pizza. I love pizza, and it’s a great quick-night meal. Oh but wait…..

The kids love pizza, too…….

That’s when I call Morgan up and say, “I’m making homemade pizza tonight. What do you want on yours?”


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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on June 21, 2011  

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  1. 6-21

    Wow! I’m in luck I have red potatoes, fresh dill and sour cream on hand! Once an a blue moon I have everything I need without planning. hooray. Enjoy those raisins while you can!

  2. 6-21

    Your photo of the goats…a PRIZE WINNER, quick find a competition!

  3. 6-21

    Oooo, I’m such a softie when it comes to potato salad, well, any kind or form of potato. In cafeterias I have been known to put three kinds of potatoes on my plate… more than once!

  4. 6-21

    Great pic of the goats!

  5. 6-21

    Love the pictures of the goats. But the pizza picture has me wanting some for breakfast topped with a raisin cookie..yummo
    Granny Trace

  6. 6-21

    DH went vegetarian several years ago and after about 6 months his hair started falling out more than usual. Doc said not enough protein even though we ate plenty of beansHe started eating fish and that helped.

  7. 6-21

    Oooh, my family makes a potato salad with green onions and pickles in it. Triple rebellion! yum. Enjoy your cookies in peace. :)

  8. 6-21

    I have really bad news for you. My daughter hated spud salad as much as your family. I relished (oops, bad pun) that I could enjoy a bowl all to myself. Then when I remarried, hubby brought his version of tater salad – different, yet delightfully delish. Daughter continued to snub the side dish. Then one day when she turned up her nose again, she got a whiff of the salad in front of her. She sampled a small bite and turned into a root luvin’ maniac. That girl wants potato salad all the time.

    I love the goat-o photo. It’s great!

    And tell Weston my husband is a vegetarian, second generation. He eats animals who eat grass and hay.

    Have a blessed day.

  9. 6-21

    Ha…I know exactly how you feel…Between fretting and tears over my child shipping out to Basic Training yesterday and gettting excitied over the things I can cook now with out having to please a child I must appear like a psyco….

    I can fix fish now when ever I want..But I’ll miss him..

  10. 6-21

    sounds like maybe you’re on a little vacation of quiet time to your self and enjoying what ever YOU like to eat! Good for you. I think I will make potato salad today, thanks for the inspiration.

  11. 6-21

    I can’t get the link to “the other potato salad” to work. Would you mind checking it? Thanks!

  12. 6-21

    I fixed the link! Sorry about that. Thanks for telling me.

  13. 6-21

    You are a wicked woman!!! :snoopy: :happyflower: snicker…

  14. 6-21

    You’re on vacation too now that the kids are gone.Eat and drink all the things you rarely make because they don’t like it. Now you can have a Me Day everyday.Enjoy.

  15. 6-21

    Hee hee! You’re pretty ornery; I love it! That pizza looks wonderful with the peppers on it, I’ll have to do that next time I make it.

  16. 6-21

    Yumm! I’m lucky my kids would eat most anything though they did try vegetarian for a while only to discover that they didn’t particularly like vegetables. Kid does not live on pizza and macaroni& Cheese forever.

    An empty nest! Wow! I can make meatloaf for breakfast is I want. Have waffles for lunch. Even treat myself to a couple of broiled lamp chops. Do you know how many lamb chops two teenagers can eat? And, at the cost of lamb chops they might as well be eating gold. So a dinner of a beautiful salad with cold poached asparagus, two beautiful lamb chops, a glass of wine and fresh strawberries with creme anglaise for dessert. Perfect one or two person luxury dinner. Get the candles, DH, the kids have left the house!

  17. 6-21

    LOVE the goat photo! I agree – find a photo competition and enter it! :shimmy:

  18. 6-21

    I tried giving raisins to my goats. They accused me of trying to get them to eat llama poop. I pointed out the different appearance, aroma and texture. They would have none of it.

  19. 6-21

    I’ve never really liked creamy potato salads. I’ll eat them, but they’re not exciting to me. My favorite potato salad is Bobby Flay’s grilled new potato salad. It is by far the tastiest salad (of any kind) and I will eat it warm/cold any time of day.

  20. 6-21

    I also love potato salad. My sister makes it with miracle whip and eggs, onion and celery. I like it with mayo., miracle whip is to sweet. I have a great recipe for potato salad that has blanched green beans, whole seed mustard and vinegar in it, and other stuff I can’t remember right now. I will dig out the recipe and post it if I can find it. Greek olives, fresh bread and butter, wine cheeze and peperchinies,can make a meal out of that!! YUMMY!!! Those goats are soooo cute!!! Will Weston eat fish? shrimp? crab? Is that on a vegetarians diet??

  21. 6-21

    Those goats are the cutest things ever. I just love that photo of their faces devouring the cookie. Makes me smile.

  22. 6-21

    I vote that the goats with the raisin cookie and that sweet little lamb go on the next calendar. The goals have got to go to a contest.

  23. 6-21

    I’m a potato salad lover too. I try not to make it very often because it calls out to me from the fridge at all hours of the day and night and I cannot ignore it’s siren call! One of my favorite recipes is almost a meal in itself – potatoes, chicken, fresh basil….mmmmmmmm to die for. I’ll have to find the recipe and post it.

    When my kids are away I cook stuff they don’t like too. I always leave out the raisin though because they are yucky. Craisins are a great stand-in though!

  24. 6-21

    Kitchen Rebellion had me laughing so hard, I think it’s because I relate :snoopy:

  25. 6-21

    I’m glad you are getting a chance to enjoy all of the foods your kids hate, but, have you even had a chance yet to sit in the creek or river with a glass of cold wine? I still remember that post from last year and wonder if you ever actually get the chance to relax like that. Today would have been a very good day for it, it’s hot, hot, hot! :snoopy: :sun:

  26. 6-21

    LOVE the goats sharing the cookie! Nobody could look at that one with out smiling :)

  27. 7-10

    I do believe I love how you think, I have reached the point of not asking what people want for dinner, everybody wants something different and its never something I actually enjoy eating or cooking. And normally they want something that is going to take me 4 hours to make, when I have a 2000 word paper due that night. Maybe I can start cooking with onions and peppers and lots of veggies, that should make everyone realize there is a mutiny in the house. hmm never thought of having a mutiny but it is beginning to sound more and more like fun.

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