Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Kit


I used to have no imagination when it came to turkey. Leftover turkey meant sandwiches. And more sandwiches. Then everyone would get tired of turkey and never want to see turkey again. Which explains why I only used to make turkey once a year, at Thanksgiving. It would take a whole year to get over being tired of it. But just try looking in most cookbooks under turkey. Not a lot of turkey recipes out there.

Then it finally dawned on me that I didn’t need turkey recipes. I needed chicken recipes. Turkey is an easy replacement for chicken in most recipes. And the world is full of chicken recipes.

Now I cook turkey throughout the year. I love turkey. I love all the different things I make with it and we don’t get tired.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use leftover turkey.

Go Mexican! The “wild” flavor punch of Mexican food feels like a polar opposite to the traditional Thanksgiving meal. You don’t even know you’re eating holiday leftovers. Try Sour Cream Enchiladas–with turkey.

You can also make turkey–instead of chicken–fajitas. (Try my homemade tortillas.)

Or, a little more traditional and yet still different…. Chicken and Biscuits becomes Turkey and Biscuits.
It’s also a great way to get in some of those leftover Thanksgiving Day vegetables. You can use whatever vegetables you have onhand for this recipe.

Or, go Italian! Again, such a different flavor direction that it really makes you forget you’re talking leftovers. Make Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch French Bread Pizza, only with turkey. (When I do this, my kids don’t know the difference. Same with the enchilada recipe above. They think they’re eating chicken.)
And don’t forget Turkey Noodle Soup!

Not that leftover turkey sandwiches aren’t great. Especially on Grandmother Bread. I love ’em. But you can only eat so many of them. (Favorite post-Thanksgiving sandwich–turkey and dressing sandwich!!!)

You can also find all these recipes at Farm Bell Recipes and save them to your recipe box.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on November 27, 2009  

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  1. 11-27

    Some great ideas, Suzanne! I just don’t get tired to turkey sandwiches, they are so good!!
    I’d love to be entered to win that book! I’d check it out from the library several times; I’d love to own it!! :)

  2. 11-27

    Thanks for the great ideas! Our Kroger had turkey for CHEAP – so I bought 2 – now I’m inspired to use them! (I didn’t have to bring turkey for our dinner today so these are in the freezer apparently waiting for the inspiration from your post!). I hope you and your family had a loosen-the-belt kinda day! Tammy

  3. 11-27

    All your food pictures with recipes look delicious!

    I would love to win a copy of the Ball Blue book of canning! Please accept my entry. Thank you!

  4. 11-27

    Mmmm turkey, we Canadians have already had our thanksgiving but after reading your post I can’t wait for the Christmas turkey! I’d love a copy of the blue book! Pick me! Pick me! (pretty please?)

  5. 11-27

    We do turkey day in mid-October up here. My absolute most favourite leftover food is a STUFFING sandwich … hold the turkey … with lots of butter, black pepper and cranberry sauce. Mm mmm, I’ve even been known to cook a turkey in the middle of summer just so I can have a stuffing sandwich. I think it’s a sickness.

  6. 11-27

    Its 3:04 am and your pictures have made me hungry. My favorite leftover turkey is homemade turkey tetrazzini with homemade noodles~like my grandma and mom taught me how to make when I was a little girl.( We would beg her to make them) YUMMY!! We have chicken and noodles a lot around here but usually only make the turkey once a year. But I think I will start expanding my turkey side of the brain and make it more often. Its faster to cook a turkey than it is to cook a roast.
    Hope you have a great day. Good Luck to all those black Friday shoppers. I avoid the stores like the plague today!

  7. 11-27

    The bad thing about letting others cook is the lack of leftovers. Sigh. I want the book. Pick me! Hope your holiday was wonderful.

  8. 11-27

    Turkey soup is may favorite. But the Sour Cream Enchiladas look pretty good, I’ll have to try that out. Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. 11-27

    WOW I can’t believe I actually wish I had more leftover turkey. Maybe they have marked them down at the store and I will get another one.

    I would love to get the canning book. Thank you to the generous donor whoever you are.


  10. 11-27

    You forgot to list turkey veggie soup! It’s a great way to use up the leftover veggies and the turkey at the same time.

    Since my mother died last year I am now the official canner in the family. I’m learning a lot and I really enjoy canning, but I need the Ball Blue Book of Preserving badly! Enter me to win. :shimmy:

  11. 11-27

    I must say, again, that I just love your blog. It’s literally one of the first things I check each morning, following my email and Facebook! I would love the Ball book, so please consider me for it. :-) Have a great day!
    Blessings, Teresa

  12. 11-27

    My new favorite leftover turkey use… is my son’s smoked turkey white bean chili….it’s to die for…yummm….so we smoked our turkey this year..since we were cravin’ leftover turkey white bean chili…LOL….It’s supposed to turn very cold here….just in time for chili..! Of course it always does turn cold when Tennessee plays Kentucky….great pregame use of leftovers…

  13. 11-27

    No turkey leftovers at my house. We ate at my moms and there was not much left over?? We all must of been hungry. lol. I do have a turkey in the freazer. So I am thinking of cooking it up this weekend for just my small family of 3. Turkey leftovers sounds good. :)

    I want to try canning. I can not believe I am saying that. My dh wanted me to learn how since we got married. 18 years ago. And I never wanted to. When I saw all those cans in my mil’s house. Most not used. And it looked like so much work. I had not time for it. And it was messy. lol. But lately I have taking another look at it. And I do not need to can oddles and oodles of cans for what we need. Its better for us to. I would rather have freash items to cook with plus Having nice Christmas gifts on hand would be so nice. So yes yes I would love to have the blue book on canning!!! Please!!!! That would be a great christmas gift to have. I have all the other stuff. Just need the bible. lol.

  14. 11-27

    Turkey and gravy over toast is yummy! You can add some cubed potatoes and have turkey hash – also yummy.

    I’d like to win the book!

  15. 11-27

    After my pouting the other day about not making turkey this year, my husband surprised me with a decent sized turkey he found on sale. Only three dollars for the thing. I’m so proud of him. We plan on making it this weekend.

    And my son’s girlfriend’s mom sent us a chunk of her leftover turkey. The best cold turkey sandwich ever. Moist.

    I would so love the canning book. I freeze things but my sister and I are planning a move to self-sufficiency, (Shhh, we haven’t let the husbands in on it yet!) and canning and preserving plays a big part in that.

  16. 11-27

    Many years ago, I worked in the office of a country club. The chef usually substituted turkey for chicken for the luncheons that people had there. He said it was more economical and easier to prepare because the quantity was greater. Possibly now when we order chicken “whatever” in a restaurant (especially a casserole dish) it is turkey and we don’t realize it. Just a thought.

  17. 11-27

    Wow, the most perfect canning book! What an awesome follower to offer this up for someone! Please include me too!

  18. 11-27

    I’m glad to see some turkey recipes because I cooked a whole turkey just for David and I! So….I have lots of turkey to do something with.

    Using turkey instead of chicken is a brillant idea!!! Why did I never think of doing that??


  19. 11-27

    My mother and father-in-law made the turkey this year so I have no leftover turkey. Maybe at Christmas we’ll have some to experiment with. I’m not big on turkey sandwiches.
    I would love to be in the drawing for the canning book!

  20. 11-27

    We have a lot of turkey left over from yesterday, good thing I love it! I would love to win the canning book.

  21. 11-27

    All the recipes look great. Thanks for the ideas. Let’s all get voting now!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  22. 11-27

    One 16 lb. turkey for 4 adults…gives me plenty to do today!
    Don’t forget to make broth from the carcass after removing the meat for other uses, include any crudites that didn’t get eaten,etc.
    I expect my use for turkey necks will be the STRANGEST posting of today…Don’t laugh!…I boil, clean, and then dry them in salt.
    With a coat of varnish these hollow relics become large beads. So-what do I do with tukey leftovers?? I MAKE JEWELRY out of them.

  23. 11-27

    Those look good! Too bad, we don’t eat all that much turkey around here. But there’s always chicken… :chicken:

    I’d love to be entered to win that book!

  24. 11-27

    Thank you so much for the turkey recipes! They all look delicious!

    I want/need that Ball Blue Book of preserving. Please enter me in the give away!

    On my way to vote!

  25. 11-27

    I like the idea above of STUFFING sandwiches … what a neat idea! All of your ideas are just super, but the turkey enchiladas make my mouth water for some… mmmmmmm!

    I would love to be entered in the drawing for the Blue Book of Canning as well! Thanks so much!!!

  26. 11-27

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful ideas on left-over turkey.
    I would love to have a copy of the Ball book on canning. I have just recently started canning…

  27. 11-27

    Yes I would like a chance to win that book! Great ideas for the leftover turkey. We put our carcass to simmer in a roaster pan all night to get all the meat off the bones. Sorry about losing all your precious ducks. We los two awhile back to our lab whho was fighting back and chasing them. SHe almost got the last two but we caught her before it was too late. Otherwise she is a very good dog. One day we would like to get a big dog like yous to protect our goats etc. sinc our lab is getting up in age and can’t be left outside. Blessings to you all!

  28. 11-27

    I love a good turkey sandwich. It’s also good to take the turkey and some string cheese, wrap it in bread dough and bake it. v

    Also, I’d love to be entered in the drawing for the ball blue book. Thank you to the donor and to you for running this contest. It’s so exciting!

  29. 11-27

    I sure would appreciate that Preserving book. My mom cans, but unfortunately I live too far away (she’s in AL, I’m in MD).


  30. 11-27

    I’d love a copy of the canning book! A canner is on my Christmas list this year – I’m hoping to have oodles of beautiful home-canned food in my pantry after the first of the year!

  31. 11-27

    I already have the Ball Blue book, so don’t enter me, but I have to concur – it’s a necessity if you want to can and preserve your food. I LOVE mine!

  32. 11-27

    I even saved the turkey carcass to make turkey stock with. :) It’s going to smell yummy brewing up today.

    I’d love to be in on the book giveaway, Suzanne.

  33. 11-27

    Oh my, so many errors in my last comment, sorry, too much turkey yesterday befuddled my brain……..

  34. 11-27

    My Sweetheart wanted Cornish Hens – no yummy leftovers :hissyfit: this makes me sad – I will get a really big bird for Christmas!!!
    Suzanne – we are voting everyday on every computer we can lay our hands on – 8 yr. old son and hubby included. Thanks for the Blue Ball Canning Book opportunity – I’ve had that on my wishlist forever!!
    btw – made your dressing recipe yesterday to rave reviews – I am a Canadian Girl that has been transplanted in the deep south – I need help with this cornbread thing!! It was such a hit that I was asked to make a pan for an upcoming potluck at my hubby’s office!!
    Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us like you do……you are a blessing!!

  35. 11-27

    I would love the canning book.

    I have my Mom’s canner, that was HER mother’s canner!!!

    So…I have lots to learn about how to can.


  36. 11-27

    I would love it! I don’t know how to do canning and I have a garden that I could preserve this way.

  37. 11-27

    Karen and I did a great broth with the turkey carcass after feeding 23 folks yesterday. Just take the bone with meat left on and put it in a large broth pot. Add a half gallon of water with a large onion and a few stalks of celery cut up. Let that rascal boil away and the whole house smells great again. Wow what a great thick broth to make a turkey noodle soup or turkey rice soup or my favorite turkey-vegetable with barley soup.

  38. 11-27

    Wow, the recipes make me almost wish we’d had turkey! We had homemade chicken & dumplings because son & wife were going for the full turkey dinner at her dad’s in the evening. When my dad was still with us he always asked for meatloaf so we got out of the turkey habit.

    My Ball canning book must be around 40 years old and it is still my “go to” book when I can. That will make a very nice prize for one of the newer canners!! :yes:

    I hope that content counts for more than votes in the contest because you’re the only contender with any real content!! GO SUZANNE!!

    Cindy in Indiana

  39. 11-27

    I read your blog with great anticipation every day, but I have never commented because you get so many! But for a chance at the Ball Blue Book, I’ll give it a go! I know I had a copy years ago, but I can’t find it now, so winning would be great. I keep voting for you and we are catching up to chick #2 from CA. I think you would be great for the position. Now I am going to check out the leftover turkey recipes. Thanks for all the work you put into each post. It is truly appreciated, even if not all of us comment.

  40. 11-27

    I love your blog! I am just learning to can and only have 2 outdated (severely) copies of the ball blue book, and would make great use of the newest edition! Happy Holidays to you and yours! :sun:

  41. 11-27

    turkey leftovers idea…. make a “shepards pie”….

    cut up turkey place in bottom of casserole, top with gravy,
    add whatever leftover veggies you have/want, top that with mashed potatoes, then top that with stuffing – bake til heated thru….

    Suzanne, please include me in the contest for the Ball canning book! that is my next “dare debbie” that i want to try – thank you to you and the donor!

    Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving!

  42. 11-27

    We had our turkey in October for our Canadian Thanksgiving but I plan to make another for Christmas – I absolutely love left-overs. Your left-over recipes look delicious!!! One of my favourite left-over recipes is to mix the diced cooked turkey with a can of mushroom soup, a cup of mayo, diced celery and onion, chopped parsley and some left-over gravy and veggies – put this “turkey salad” into a casserole and top it with McCain’s Tasty Taters. Bake for about 1 hr. at 350 and enjoy a yummy casserole. We also always make one batch of “Turkey A-La-King” with the left-overs. Oh – my mouth is watering right now!

    Your blog is the first thing I look at each morning – it always gives me a smile. Thanks for all the work you put into this! I’d love to win your book – I am a huge believer in canning and you have inspired me to do more.

  43. 11-27

    Since it is only DH and I, and we both only like white meat, we roast a small turkey breast. Then we have hot open faced sammies with gravy. Anything left is turkey salad sammies. My mom used to make what she called Turkey Croquettes. She would finely mince turkey, make a thick white sauce, form into patties and fry them.
    I mentioned on an earlier post how after seeing so much canning going on here, at the age of 54 I finally decided to try canning. We had a bumper crop of grapes, so I made 24 half pints of jelly. My stepson had a huge bounty of Harelson apples, so I made 6 half pints of jelly and 5 pints of sauce. THEN I canned 4 pints of cranberry-orange sauce. I felt so proud of what I’ve canned, it’s so comforting to feel a bit self-sufficient when it comes to making food for my family. Not at all like everyday cooking. So please sign me up for the Ball Blue Book of Preserving. And thanks to the kind person who is donating it.

  44. 11-27

    AND I also want to publicly thank you for the calendar. And the very generous person who was the impetus for the contest. I wish her a very happy holiday.

  45. 11-27

    We will do the normal, turkey salad sandwiches, turkey stew with dumplings, and yes restaurants do use turkey in their pot pies and soups (a friend used to own one). I would rather win lessons hands on with you to learn how to can. :bugeyed: :yes: but thank you for the offer anyways. (Meant to be written in humor and not sarcasm)

  46. 11-27

    I haven’t had problems with turkey leftovers since I stopped making whole turkeys. :)

    But one of my favorite things to make with turkey leftovers used to be turkey (aka chicken) pot pie.

    Voted today: 16967 votes.

    Please enter me to win “Ball’s Blue Book.” Thank you.

  47. 11-27

    I still have so much Turkey left of my 50 lb (yes serious) Turkey.
    Next year we butcher a bit sooner.
    I’m going to try these recipes for sure.

    I would love to win a copy of the BBB, I haven’t talked myself into serious canning yet, except for pickles. …this might be the help I need.

  48. 11-27

    I would love to win a copy of the canning book! My three grown daughters are really getting excited about gardening and putting up our own food. Love ALL of your posts and look forward to them every day!

  49. 11-27

    I think I have cooked a Turkey once in my life. I usually celebrate at someone else’s home and am asked to bring the salad. But just looking at your post and the wonderful food is making me hungry for supper and it’s hours away!

    I would love to be entered in the Ball Blue Book of Preserving contest. I would like to thank the Donor who contributed the book. Thank you Donor, your awesome.

  50. 11-27

    Good Morning. I already have the Blue Book so don’t enter me in the contest. Interesting use of turkey neck bones in jewelry. That’s creative recycling!

    I see the other SAM-e contestants have become aware of the comment site. I think if the judges compare the contestants websites, you would win hands down! Will keep voting. I’ve already commented but is there a limit of one comment per supporter? Have a great day!

  51. 11-27

    Turkey recipes look very good. I will try them, thank you. Enter me in the Ball Blue Book give away please.

  52. 11-27

    My favorite leftover recipe is Turkey Chop Suey from the Stocking Up Cookbook. It makes three quarts and can easily be frozen.

    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book of Preserving so I can give it to a co-worker who wants to learn how to can.

  53. 11-27

    I would love to win the BBB. I will try have to try some of your turkey leftover recipes.

  54. 11-27

    I’ve been canning for a few years but have never purchased this book. I think I could greatly expand my canning journey with this book. Thanks for the chance!

  55. 11-27

    wow, my Ball Blue Book is from the 50’s. It has pages torn out and I hold it together with a big blue rubber-band but it is still my bible when it comes to canning! I even use some of the old recipes. Your turkey photos make me hungry and I ate so much yesterday that my yoga pants are too tight. :bugeyed:

  56. 11-27

    Anytime I’ve not cooked Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve cooked on Friday or Saturday just for leftovers. Then we have turkey a few more times throughout the year.
    I would love to win the canning book, even though I have one and would miss the phone calls from my daughter who does not and all home canners need to own one.

  57. 11-27

    No Ball Blue Book entry here please1…..I’ve collected the things since the beginning of time….well, at least for a long time…lol
    Just like those little advertising recipe booklets they are addictive and such insight into our growth in the food industry and preserving…..later..

  58. 11-27

    My Ball Blue Book of Preserving is circa 1980s and has just about totally self-destructed from so much use. So, yeah, I could really use a new copy!

    Thanks for all the encouragement and yummy-looking ideas for using leftover turkey. I’ve, personally, never found it a problem at all ’cause I just freeze portions of the meat stripped off the carcass and pull out of freezer whenever I get around to making a turkey dish. But, as you say, getting new recipes for using the turkey is always welcomed.

    Thanks for another great post.

  59. 11-27

    Mexican food with turkey is a great idea. Thanks.

    Please enter me in the contest for the Blue Ball Book.

    You have a great site.

  60. 11-27

    I’ve never cooked a turkey before – that’s always been up to someone else in the family. I think I may just have to get a turkey now and try out some of your ideas! Someday, it may be my job to cook the turkey, and I should know how to cook one, right?

    I would love to win that book!

  61. 11-27

    We have lots of turkey left over, made a 20 lb bird. Love turkey but hate the sandwiches, well maybe I only hate those when I get hungry late at night and shouldnt really be eating them. lol. But they always taste good. Would love to win that canning book. Everyone have great day.

  62. 11-27

    I have to say, I’m usually not a big fan of turkey… but I made a metric ton of Grandmother Bread this year and I have to say turkey sandwiches are ridiculous. I mean seriously ridiculous. My husband even ate one for breakfast. My turkey will be gone before I even get a chance to try another recipe for it. :hungry: Go figure.

    Oh and I’d love to have the book! :) I plan on throwing myself into canning this year like no one’s business.

  63. 11-27

    Add me to the list of desperately hoping for the Blue Ball Book! I have just started canning again after 20 years of working… Would love to be able to can more than just my (justly) famed B&B pickles and tomatoes!
    BTW, love the site!

  64. 11-27

    We usually fix turkey breasts thru out the year but have a big turkey for Thanksgiving. We might eat turkey for a couple of days and whatever if any is left, I put in the freezer. I use it for turkey & dumplings, turkey al a king over noodles or rice. Please include me in the drawing. I have been looking at getting this before next year canning season. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. :pawprint: :pawprint:

  65. 11-27

    I’ll bet there is a recipe for canning turkey in your Ball Blue Book. Tomorrow we celebrate a belated Thanksgiving with family and our 24# turkey. The party potatoes and the sweet potato casserole (made from a recipe from your site) are resting in the fridge. The days to follow will bring Hot Turkey Salad, Turkey Divan, and anything I can invent. My son expects his favorite pie which is simply melted 8 ounces of Hersey Chocolate Almond bar mixed with 8 to 10 ounces of Cool Whip placed in a baked graham cracker shell and frozen until just before serving.

  66. 11-27

    I make a turkey on Sundays through the winter months and it feeds our family for 6 days – this is nothing new [to us anyway]

    Turkey and fixings on Sunday
    Turkey, gravy and veggies over waffles on Monday
    Turkey pot pie on Tuesday
    Turkey and rice soup on Wednesday
    Turkey sandwiches and soup on Thursday
    Turkey casserole on Friday

    Yep! We use all of that sucker – usually a 14-16 lb – and no one gets tired of it.

    It seems so silly to post the obvious, but I do it all the time, because it makes sense and yes! For a $9.00 piece of meat and I can feed my family of 4 till’ the end of the week? DUH.

  67. 11-27

    Happy “Black Friday”. We will not be going anywhere since I think today might be “Puppy Day”; X-ray shows 5 or 6. :snoopy: Yesterday, we only cooked a turkey breast. So we will get sandwiches, but I did buy a couple of chickens (we call them “swans” around here so as not to offend any of our feathered friends and so the dogs don’t get the wrong idea). I will save this entry and comments to have chicken masquerading as turkey masquerading as chicken.
    Please enter me for a chance to win the Ball Preserving Book. And let’s keep on voting.

  68. 11-27

    You’re moving up to second place. Keep voting, everyone, keep voting.

  69. 11-27

    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book of Canning, Suzanne. Pick me!! :woof: :shimmy:

  70. 11-27

    My mom always makes Turkey pot-pies the day after Thanksgiving. I think they’re even better than just plain turkey. I would love the book about canning. I tried to can tomatoes one year, and it was ok, but now that I have my own house and can have my own garden, canning would be awesome!

  71. 11-27

    I’m going to make turkey enchiladas tonight! Thanks for the suggestions. The Ball book would be a fantastic addition to my household! My nephew and I have just started canning this year with pickles, but want to can more and this book would help!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Suzanne!


  72. 11-27

    Your blog is always fun to read. You have inspired me to learn to can! I would LOVE to win that book :)

  73. 11-27

    When I posted earlier that I make JEWELRY out of leftover turkey,(no kidding),…I forgot to request a Ball book entry.
    Thank you!

  74. 11-27

    Oh my! You are just 70 votes from tying 2nd place!!!! w00t!!! :dancingmonster: :snoopy:

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, FANS!!!! :shimmy: :shimmy:

  75. 11-27

    I would’ve gotten distracted, too, Berta…lol :lol:

  76. 11-27

    I would love to learn to can! My only canning experiment to date resulted in what my husband now refers to as the “space vegetables” — thinking I was being oh-so-clever, I included beets in with the carrots, cauliflower, beans and brussels sprouts we were given by a generous neighbor.

    Does anybody know what happens when you add beets into a mixture? Everything turns PURPLE!

    I stopped canning and started freezing right then and there, but I’d love to learn to can the right way ~

  77. 11-27

    I really want to win a canning book.I’m 63 years old, was married 44 years, raised 3 kids and 2 grandchildren, and never learned to can or any of the other things grandmas do. I want to learn.

  78. 11-27

    I have a tortilla press that I’ve never used. Now I have a recipe! Cool! Thanks!!

  79. 11-27

    Hey Suzanne!

    I would love to win the Bible to home canning! :hungry:

    When I buy a turkey I try to get one that is about the size that we will eat most of it so there won’t really be any left overs! lol I had enough leftovers for us to have a little more turkey today with different side dishes and then that is the end of the turkey. :chicken:

    Don’t forget to vote! :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy:

    Angela :wave:

  80. 11-27

    Really, Jo. I’m not a smart-a–. Only the neck bones–dried and varnished. They are hollow and can be strung like beads. With jade and feathers, etc…. guess you could call it “primitive”.

  81. 11-27

    Back from Black Friday shopping. We didn’t have anything that important that we needed, so it was low-key and kind of fun (there’s something about the whole weirdness of actually choosing to wait in a line in the cold and dark in order to shop that tends to form a bond between people, and we always end up chatting and laughing with our line neighbors). Anyway, got a few bargains and came back to this great post that makes me wish I had more turkey. I’m not even that fond of turkey, but those enchiladas look delicious.

    And how wonderful that someone brought a dulcimer to your Thanksgiving dinner. It sounds like such fun!

  82. 11-27

    I’d love to win the book. I looked for it online the other day, and finding a new copy is a lot harder than I expected. Amazon… no. Barnes & Nobel… no. Borders… no. I was taking comfort in the fact that I won’t need it until next summer.

    BTW, I made Grandmother Bread (w/ egg & oil) rolls yesterday. Perfection! Actually, I made the dough Wednesday night and baked them Thursday, which was even MORE perfect. ;)

  83. 11-27

    I love leftover turkey… after seeing those yummy pictures, I want more turkey! I would love to win the 100th anniversary edition of the Ball Blue Book of Preserving! I made freezer jam this year, it is the first time i have attempted preserving food. I’m hooked and want to do more this coming year. Thanks to whoever donated the book!

  84. 11-27

    Thanks for all of the left over turkey ideas! We have sandwiches the day after (today) and then I just freeze the rest.

    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book of Canning for my sister. She started canning because of your blog.

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog.

  85. 11-27

    :wave: Oh ! Please, please pick me :woof: I need a Blue Ball Book @ :snoopy:

  86. 11-27

    You are tied for 2nd place! Woo-Hoo! VOTE! VOTE!

  87. 11-27

    I would love to be entered in the drawing for the Blue Ball Canning book.

    Keep voting girls!

  88. 11-27

    :sun: :sun: I would love to be entered in your contest for the canning Bible. You are the reason I have started canning. My kids are very surprised and happy about it! I found your site in August when I goggled “how to make suet” :wave: I have been voting for you everyday! Thank you for the wonderful website! :yes:

  89. 11-27

    I ate soo much turkey yesterday that I slept till 9:30 am :?

    I don’t can (yet) so give the book to someone who has the time right now. When I get my own farm I’ll come borrow yours.
    (if you let me :smilerabbit: )

  90. 11-27

    I don’t have a name for my left over dish. Grab a frying pan, add some butter, onions, green peppers, potatoes (red or white), peas and meat of choice. Some days I toss in cheese too. Top with fried eggs and lots of chopped parsley for a morning treat, or lunch or dinner. I love one pan meals.

    And I’d love to win the Ball canning book.

  91. 11-27

    We didn’t have turkey, so no leftover turkey for us :-)
    We fondue, our thanksgiving treat :-)

    And yes, I’d like to win the Bell book :-)

  92. 11-27

    Those dishes look delicious. I would love to have the canning book. :)

  93. 11-27

    YUM! We love turkey especially turkey sandwiches with mayo and cheese! YUM! I want to find a good chicken/turkey pot pie recipe (heading over to the community forum to find one). No leftovers from my in-laws yesterday, but will have some on Saturday for my side of the family.

    I NEVER thought I would say this, but . . . please enter me for the Blue Ball Canning book! I was “forced” to can as a child and have steadfastly refused to ever do that again. Now, with the help of your website and your encouragement, I “think” I want to try it. ;)

  94. 11-27

    Love your blog and the gorgeous food pictures. Would also love to win the new Ball Blue Book of canning as I am an avid canner.
    Keep up all the wonderful inof and pictures.


  95. 11-27

    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book of Canning if for no other reason than the name makes me smile.
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of things to be thankful for!

  96. 11-27

    Thinking of a treat for the cats – put it through food processor for a coarse chop and add sauce! They’ll like it!

  97. 11-27

    I want the Ball Blue Book on canning. Good ideas for left over turkey.

  98. 11-27

    Ahhh…..turkey, cheesy, crunchy goodness. YUM!

  99. 11-27

    What’s not to love if the recipe includes jalapenos, cheese, bacon or biscuits?!
    Thanks for all the great recipe ideas.
    My in-laws served smoked turkey yesterday and were wondering what to do with the leftover carcass. I suggested that it tasted quite a bit like ham, and so could be used in a big pot of beans.

  100. 11-27

    Just finished making apricot jam and raspberry jam. Had it with Thanksgiving dinner. Family thought it was best ever. Now have to do the pluots. Love to have the book. It’s not in my collection.

  101. 11-27


    Hello every one, I hope your Thansksgiving was a “full” one.
    I am happy to see these recipes, some new uses for our leftover turkey, and they all will be delicious.
    I am with Angie–I have this book, and like her, I love it.
    I have done my voting—has anyone else checked some of the other contestants blogs? Is it me, or are the nicest folks voting here on CITR ? Of course we all want our gal to win, but no mean stuff spoken here.
    Says a lot about the readers of this blog, all happy and nice!–right?

  102. 11-27

    Suzanne, I ♥♥♥ your blog! The Blue Ball Book of Preserving is a must for anyone that is planning to do any canning! I wouldn’t be without it……..please DO NOT enter my name in the drawing, I already have the “bible of canning”!

  103. 11-27

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’d love to win the BBB!

  104. 11-27

    I love your left over turkey ideas. I never thought of taking the Mexican route with turkey.

    And I would love that Ball Blue Book too!!


  105. 11-27

    I enjoyed reading your great ideas on using leftover turkey. I didn’t host Thanksgiving this year so no leftovers, but reading your blog, I may just have to go out and get one and do an non-holiday turkey!

    And, yes, I’d love to win a copy of the Ball Blue Book.

  106. 11-27

    This comment was posted over on the forum, and needs to be over here for her to enter for the BBB giveaway!

    khitz said:
    “I would love to win a new Ball Blue Book. I pretty much wore mine out this year!”

  107. 11-27

    Thanks for all the great bird recipes, I just lovee your site :) Now please pick me for the Ball Blue Book giveaway….i need all the canning help I can get!

  108. 11-27

    I love making chicken recipes with turkey also… but we ran out of turkey on day 2 this time.. good thing I bought an extra one with the sales. LOL

    I would love the ball canning book.. I have checked the library copy out a dozen times already. What a resource!

  109. 11-27

    :chicken: C’mon readers, let’s click on the vote button. 20,000 shouldn’t be a hard goal! Get out of the kitchen for awhile and just do it!

  110. 11-27

    I want the book I want the book:) :eating:

  111. 11-27

    You are a genius!I have a friend who makes jewelry and she is going to love your idea!

  112. 11-27

    :chicken: Find a chow mein recipe(with lots of onion and celery in it) and use turkey instead of chicken. Serve on crispy chow mein noodles or cooked rice. Good with cranberry sauce.This is a Thanksgiving classic for us. :wave:

  113. 11-27

    I wouldn’t know what to do with a canning book lol. I always give my two daughters leftovers (one likes white and one dark which is nice) so I really don’t end up with too much left over meat – a few sandwiches and another dinner maybe. I tried making turkey stew one year and my husband who never had chicken stew didn’t think you should use anything but red meat so he influenced my daughters too. I should try soup though since I have all those bones.

  114. 11-27

    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book! Yes!

    I am making a turkey next week. We didn’t have leftovers-went out to eat this year with family. I am feeling “leftover-deprived” I usually make Turkey noodle soup-love it- and hot turkey sandwiches. My MIL used to make turkey croquettes, which I have no idea how to make but just toss it out as another idea. Also, turkey sandwiches with cranberry relish on sourdough bread are fantastic!

    Regarding the Sam-E job….apparently if you have more than one browser installed, you can vote twice. I just have IE, but I was reading that on another site :o) Just passing it on…..

  115. 11-27

    I love your recipes! We also have turkey many times throughout the year, with turkey and dumplings being a favorite at our house.

    And I would love to win the Ball Blue Book. :snoopy:

  116. 11-27

    Back from Black Friday shopping & subsequent nap – time to make turkey stock with leftover carcass. My newest tradition for the day after, is to mix turkey, stuffing & gravy & put them on rolled out croissant dough rectangles, cover them with more dough, and bake. It’s like making my own Thanksgiving hot pockets! Also like to make spicy hash with leftover turkey, potatoes, veggies, or fry up turkey & make fajitas. Soup is always popular, but we had an 80 degree Thanksgiving, so maybe not this year – too hot!

  117. 11-27

    We love turkey. Always cook two. One in the oven and the other smoked. Smoked turkey and bean soup is yummy! Plus the broth from a smoked turkey carcass replaces using a hamhock in recipes and you don’t get the sodium! And, I’d love to have the Ball Blue Book.

  118. 11-27

    I just found your site and love it! I would love to win the BBB book.

  119. 11-27

    I’m a big fan of going mexican with turkey leftovers! Some great ideas here. I would love to win a coppy of the Ball Blue Book!

  120. 11-27

    I’m officially hungry for turkey now. I love leftover sandwiches, myself. I never seem to wind up with enough turkey to make it into any other dishes.
    I’d love to win that book. This is the first year I’ve done any real canning. Pretty measly to some of the seasoned canners that could go for months on their pantries, but a happy start for me!

  121. 11-27

    i would love to win the new bbb book.

  122. 11-27

    Hi Suzanne,
    I enjoy your recipes and use them often. I would love to win the book. Good luck in the competition!

  123. 11-27

    Would love to win the BBB. Lost mine along with my pressure canner during a flood. I borrow my sister’s, but that can be a big pain in the patoot! mommafox

  124. 11-27

    Pick me! I want the book!

  125. 11-27

    Thanks for the recipes. I’d love to win the Ball Blue Book!

  126. 11-27

    The pizza sounds like a great idea. They tend to love pizza around here. I would love to win the BBB book. Thank you for letting us enter

  127. 11-27

    I realy need to win the canning bible.My Mom use to have one and I wish I would of kept it.. I need lots of help…

  128. 11-27

    Would love to have the Ball Blue Book. We love Turkey Manhattans, open face sandwiches with turkey, mashed potatoes in the middle, smothered with homemade gravy.

    Kathleen H from Indiana

  129. 11-27

    There is a small farm in MO with an old canning pot and lotsa of jars that really needs this book!!!!! We had to work this holiday but thanks to your blog and all the chickens we felt like we were still celebrating.

    Cannot wait till they invent Smellivision!

  130. 11-27

    No turkey left here!!!! A 22# bird, gone! May have to hit the store for another one while they’re on sale, though, it tasted soooo good!

    I would love the BBB!! It would help lots in the chemistry of canning!

  131. 11-27

    Just got back from voting, I love watching the number click over to the next one up, it’s FUN!!!
    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book of Canning. I have a really, really old copy of it here somewhere…maybe a new one is just what I need to get me in the canning groove once again!

  132. 11-27

    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book of Canning!

  133. 11-27

    I NEED to win the Ball Blue Book of canning because I’m a newer canner with a growing garden. As far as turkey recipes, nothing new here, I’m enjoying yours!

  134. 11-27

    Would love to have the Ball Blue Book. One of our favourite after Thanksgiving dishes was Turkey a la King.

  135. 11-27

    No Blue Book entry just a big thank you to you and anonymous donor for the Clover Calendar! I am so looking forward to receiving it!

    We have turkey, lots of turkey, and now I can make something besides turkey and noodles :)

  136. 11-27

    I would love to win the BBB- I need to learn how to can :) LOL

  137. 11-27

    I’d love the Blue Ball book! I’ve frozen some stuff but I’m scared of canning…

  138. 11-27

    I have been wanting to try my hand at canning and would love to win the Blue Book!

  139. 11-27

    I, too, am looking forward to a “Very Clover” 2010, thanks to Suzanne’s generous donor. I know the BBB will go to a deserving reader. Happy leftovers, everyone!

  140. 11-28

    Boy there’s always something good cooking at your house Suzanne! I bet your neighbors over the hills are always wondering “What’s that lovely smell? What is that woman cooking over there?”. Thanks for the leftovers ideas, yum!!

  141. 11-28

    We aren’t a turkey family, but always looking for new recipes to use chicken with. Thanks! I’d love the book too : )

  142. 11-28

    No leftovers this year…we were out of town at the home of friends. But Christmas is coming! Oh! And I would love to have that book!

  143. 11-28

    The Ball Book of Canning would be great! I want one. : )

  144. 11-28

    We got lucky and got to eat at my in-laws’ this year. So the only left overs we had to clean up was the pumpkin pie! :eating:

  145. 11-28

    I forgot to mention, I’d love to have the Blue Ball book to give to my sister for Christmas. Apparently it’s REALLY hard to find a copy.

  146. 11-29

    I made the Turkey Enchiladas with just all my odds and ends and my hubby LOVED it. Thanks for the great recipes :eating:

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