Meet Pepsi


*Photo courtesy Bob Lewis.

Pepsi is a fainting goat. Fainting goats have a hereditary genetic disorder called myotonia congenita that causes them to abruptly fall over when they’re startled. (It’s painless. But hilarious.) The story goes that this trait was bred into them so that they could be placed with flocks of sheep as bait–predators would hone in on the frightened–and thus fallen–goats, giving the valuable sheep time to escape. Or so the story goes. Fainting goats are slightly smaller than the standard goat and are classified as meat goats, though they aren’t generally raised for meat because they’re also a threatened breed.

Mostly, they’re raised for entertainment.

See YouTube videos here and here.

Right now, Pepsi is in Tennessee.

But next month? Pepsi will be here.

Let the fainting begin!!!

Note to add: Pepsi is a boy! (Sorry, didn’t mean to leave that out!) He will not be wethered. We are looking for a girl…….

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 17, 2009  

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  1. 4-17

    OMG, I’m first!!! But only because I can’t sleep. It always happens before a major life change, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m moving to Iowa to be near my daughter and her husband. I’ve got weeks to go, but I lay awake thinking of what I’ll sell, donate, discard, and pack!

    So I come here and find delightful Pepsi – what a cute name, and what an adorable goat. Diane, my daughter (, has always wanted one. I can’t wait to tell her to check your blog! How did you decide on having one? OMG, Clover will be in clover with a goat to startle!!! And poor Coco – will she be worried whenever Pepsi falls over? It will surely entertain Annabelle and the kids.

    I think Miss Jacob looks wicked because of her fantastic double set of lovely curving horns – I know you’ll win her over eventually.

    Can’t wait to learn more about Pepsi. And are there any announcements yet on Clover’s, uh, hopeful condition? :sheepjump: :sheep: :chicken:

  2. 4-17

    I’m third!!!


    I’m up at 3 am with my foster daughter. She’s a baby, so it’s ok. In fact, she slept for 4 hours straight tonight! I’m in shock from so much sleep!

    Pepsi is adorable and I can’t wait to hear about the adventures that will ensue when she arrives!

  3. 4-17

    Lucky Pepsi and lucky us because we get to watch her become part of your wonderful menagerie! She sure is a cutie.

  4. 4-17

    Pepsi is a gender neutral name (at least to me). You give no indication as to whether it’s a he or she. So are you going to breed Myotonic goats or is this a wether (strictly entertainment) goat? Inquiring minds want to know. Can’t wait to see how Coco reacts when Pepsi falls over paralyzed.

  5. 4-17

    Total guess on my part, perhaps a new contest? I think it looks like a he. Sturdy neck, boyish looking head, not dainty enough to be a she. I don’t know the breed characteristics though, so I could easily be wrong!

    Pepsi looks like a fun addition to the gang! What a ride you’re taking us on Suzanne!!! :sun:

  6. 4-17

    Oh, and I think Miss Jacob isn’t cross looking because of her horns, I think it’s her sulky muzzle marking. It looks like her clown paint got mis-painted on. Maybe she needs more cookies!

  7. 4-17

    There used to a petting farm close to us and they had fainting goats.
    Wait til you get more & you have several “fainting”. The kids would die laughing at these goats. Boy..told my husband that we need a couple of goats but he is busy working on our fence so now would not be a good time to bring up more animals and possibly more fencing..Bless his heart…I told him that I would be more than glad to help when I retire in 3 years & counting down. Everyone have a great weekend….Saturday is shearing day for my alpacas & llama… :ladybug:

  8. 4-17

    I can see your future posts with Pepsi!! But will Coco develop a complex when it faints and she hasn’t “guarded” her well enough? LOL!! You are really expanding your farm……I’m still waiting for the miniature donkey!!!!!!!! It has to be there somewhere……… :snoopy:

  9. 4-17

    I LOVE fainting goats, and I want one…but my sweet hubs won’t have one…same with the LaMancha (earless goat) I think they are cute, he thinks they are not so cute…lol. Good luck with Pepsi.

  10. 4-17

    Suzanne, You can contact Syncope Farms in Hiwassee, VA for a girl. That’s about 3 1/2 hours away from you. I don’t know a phone number, but they are on the internet.

    BTW, my mom is in Spencer right now!

  11. 4-17

    I’ve been begging my family for years to get me a fainting goat for my birthday! They just laugh at me & say I would torture it by making it faint too much. I would not! I’d love & pet it, and call him George. *G*

    Good Luck with Pepsi! I can’t wait to hear about his adventures with your gang.

  12. 4-17

    He is a cutie!

  13. 4-17

    Great! Now I want chickens, rabbits and GOATS! My DH may ban me from this blog. My four year old “reads” right beside me. She loves the animal pictures.

  14. 4-17

    I love the fainting goats, they’re very cute. But I don’t think I’d be able to keep them. I’d feel so sorry for them when they fall over. I have a terrible time making it through doorways without hitting one side or the other, and put me on a stairway and I’m sure to hurt myself. I guess maybe I would “relate” a little too well with the goats. :lol:

  15. 4-17

    THEY ARE GREAT GOATS!! I had a pair of them a few years ago – fun to the bone! Wait till you see them faint for the first time!!! LOL I LOVE PEPSI!!!

  16. 4-17

    I sure hope Miss Jacob doesn’t scare Pepsi. He might spend all his time on his side, rather than upright.

  17. 4-17

    I forsee some hysterically funny blog posts in our future! A fainting goat! LOL :lol:

  18. 4-17

    Pepsi is so cute!!! We had a friend that raised “fainting” goats at one time. You are soooo living my dream. :happyflower:


  19. 4-17

    OMG! too funny!! Pepsi is adorable. Can’t wait to see more pic and read all about him.

  20. 4-17

    WOW he is a cutie, poor Clover, will she give up the spotlight??
    Interesting days ahead, thanks for sharing your wonderful life with us.

  21. 4-17

    Pepsi is so cute! He reminds me of my St. Bernard (my own “giant puppy” who is brown but white in the middle with big brown dots like Pepsi. Although I have to be honest, the first thing I saw when I saw the pic was his turtle head poking out (see directly under the tail). Wonder if the photographer knew he caught Pepsi in mid-dump? ;)

  22. 4-17

    He is a nice looking buck! My son raises registered fainting goats here in Missouri. His web site is He has been having his spring kids and has others that are of age to go as well. They are so fun and lovable. You are getting quite a variety of animals! We have alot of the same, except you need to get a couple of Texas Long Horns!

  23. 4-17

    Pepsi is a handsome buck! cant wait to follow his antics!

  24. 4-17

    U-tube video is the funniest thing I have seen in forever…..wonder if my back yard will support a couple of “fainting goats” Do they qualify in the “milk goats” category?

  25. 4-17

    How funny!! How precious! Love his name too. LOL

  26. 4-17

    Pepsi is adorable but that is so funny that they faint when startled! LOL…poor things! :)

  27. 4-17

    I learn something new every time I visit you!

  28. 4-17

    Pepsi is awesome. Can the girl goat be named Nehi? Or Fanta?

    Also, I think your chickens need some knitting shawls, shown here…
    I’m not affiliated with this blog, but got the link from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I immediately thought of you.


  29. 4-17

    My first thought was of Coco when Pepsi faints lol. How adorable and I hope you get to do a video for us lol.

  30. 4-17

    Can’t wait to hear about the animal stories featuring Pepsi!

  31. 4-17

    I think pepsi is adorable…..


  32. 4-17

    :snoopy: How FUN is that? I so enjoy your little farm and how you are expanding it! I don’t know that I will ever have animals again other than dogs and cats, so it’s fun to see you go through the process. I like that I can recall farm life, but I don’t have to do the work anymore. :happyfeet:

    Suzanne @

  33. 4-17

    That goat is so adorable that I would want to hug him if I met him live and in person. Then when he fainted I would feel bad for scaring him. Guess it is just as well that I will only be looking at pictures of Pepsi.

  34. 4-17

    Whenever I”m feeling a little bit down, I go and watch fainting goat videos and I’m sure to start laughing. They really are the best. I’d like to have a couple of them just for my own entertainment…although that seems mean.

  35. 4-17

    I’ve seen the fainting goats before and they are hysterical to watch! Pepsi has such beautiful coloring. I can’t believe you actually get to own one of these beautiful and funny goats. I’m terribly jealous!!!

  36. 4-17

    He’s precious! Are you going to keep him separate from the nigerians? I’m thinking I want an angora.

  37. 4-17

    My oldest daughter just asked me if you had fainting goats. I said no…I guess I will have to tell her what you got now! I think maybe she might even want to move out there now, if she thought we could get one or two of those!
    Pepsi is cute, love his markings!

  38. 4-17

    What an adorable little guy! Fainting or not, he will be a wonderful addition to your fur-family. And Molly, those chicken shawls are too funny! LOL! :chicken:

  39. 4-17

    Wow… next time I’m going for an elephant! (private joke) ;)

  40. 4-17

    I came across your site a few weeks ago. I was born in WV then lived in Florida and SC now i live in Italy on my farm/winery. I have seen these types of goats on TV. It’s so funny when they faint!!lol.. I wonder how and where i could buy a few for my farm. I would love to have or two. Thanks. LOVE YOUR SITE. Stellina

  41. 4-18

    Love Pepsi….but, he should be Doc…for Dr. Pepper! :heart:

    All of our girlie goats have flower names…the buck is Romeo, whatelse! :snuggle:

    I am sure Pepsi is going to be a delight, regardless of his name. Wonder if he likes cookies?

  42. 4-18

    Wow! We have considered fainting goats as a possibility! Can’t wait to read stories about this little guy. I know he’s not a replacement, but I hope he helps fill the hole left from Honey’s death.

  43. 4-20

    What cool markings on him! Looks like a saddle!

    The Retirement Chronicles

  44. 4-21

    Aw, I love fainting goats. There are some kept as pets at a local winery here and they’re just adorable. :yes:

  45. 4-23

    I’ve heard of fainting sheep! They’re too cute.
    I saw a video of them fainting. At first I couldn’t stop laughing. But then I felt a little guilty for laughing because obv. the sheep are scared. And, being scared is no fun!

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