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I want to thank you all again–and again and again–for your support. I appreciate how you have stuck with me through this and haven’t complained a bit about the daily voting. Some of you have even told me that you enjoy it. (You guys are the best!) Some of you have also told me that you feel dismayed, and I don’t want you to worry. Be not discouraged for I am not. My votes have been steady and consistent and from my readers. I don’t have any powerful connections. I have readers. I’m proud that my votes have come from you, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Remember also that the final decision will not be made on the votes alone. This blog is my resume and my readers are my references–and I have the best community of readers anywhere. If I am meant to have this job, I will win it. If I’m not, I won’t. (Crossing fingers I’m meant to have it!) Either way, I have been incredibly blessed by your support in this process, and for that, I have already won.

If you want to do more than vote, SAM-e allows comments here in support of contestants.

A while back, I asked you for your links. The community here is so strong and I wanted to find a way to share your links the way you have so selflessly shared mine. I was quickly overwhelmed by the process of gathering the links and putting them all together.

I tried to rally my staff.
They gave me nothing but fluff.
Others tried to eat my hair. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, POKY.
Some hid.
And others not only ate my clothes….
….but my hair, too.
Then there were the ones who just caused trouble.
With that kind of help, I started sharing one of your links a day on the Chickens in the Road Facebook fan page.

Then I came up with an idea! A way to gather up all your links in a quick, easy format! And here it is–this is a little link doohickey below. All you have to do is click to add your link and the name of your blog–and it will automatically go into the list on this post. All my readers, in one place, in a handy clickable list!

I’m also excited about finding this link-maker because it will give me more and more opportunities to share your links. I can use it to create lists for your blog posts on specific topics. For example, sometime next week when I post a Christmas cookie recipe, I’ll put the link-maker in here and ask for your Christmas cookie posts. (So go post some Christmas cookies on your blogs soon so you can participate.) Other times, it might be a link list for your blog posts on garden or craft projects. This is going to be fun! In this case only, I’m going to ask you not to link a specific post but to link to your main blog page.

Okay, go. Let’s see your stuff! (And thank you again for all your support. I love you guys!)

Visit each other–you will find some great blogs!

Please vote here today to help me get this job!

And keep an eye on the vote watch here.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on December 4, 2009  

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  1. 12-4

    I could hardly get past the first picture I was laughing so hard :sun:

    A big thank you for the link to your other readers, this is much easier than going thru the comments and finding them as not everyone has blogs.

    It’s after midnight so now I can go vote again THEN I can go to bed, lol.

  2. 12-4

    Good idea…and it was good to vote for you…I want to know why that cute little mute gets branded as “trouble”..he looks so sweet! LOL Come say hi :D

  3. 12-4

    I never used to like chickens very much until I read about them on your blog. Now, I think they are so cute! I love their fluffy chicken behinds!


  4. 12-4

    Well, I don’t have a blog but I enjoy reading yours and I’ll be checking out others, too.

  5. 12-4

    We’re all hanging in there with you and we’ll all keep voting until it’s over!

    I have one suggestion/request. Would you give us 36 hrs from the time you post the contest to put in a request for the BBB? I had a very busy day yesterday and didn’t get to your blog until it was too late to be in the running for the contest. Normally I read it at about 1am, but I actually WENT TO BED for a change! Wouldn’t you know it, that was the day you posted the contest. lol I didn’t find the post until about midnight – too late. oh well, there’s always next time.

  6. 12-4

    The judges will know who’s churning votes and who will bring real readers to their site. Hopefully. They better, or your staff will do more than eat hair!

    Voted: 27682 votes. That’s a lot of votes!

  7. 12-4

    I dont blog I bead but do have a web site.. and I voted !

  8. 12-4

    At least Suzanne doesnt have to give people gift cards for votes!!!!( I coulnt beleave that other contestants were giving $100 gift cards for votes, If they can do that then they dont need the job they already have money!!!)Were all with you til the end Suzanne!!!Good Luck!!!

  9. 12-4

    so cute

  10. 12-4

    All I can say is that you should win. You have the best ethics. And I think anyone who pay attention to the links list will know what I mean. :o) We love you Suzanne!

  11. 12-4

    Your staff may not be very cooperative but they sure are cute!! Love, love, love the fluffy chicken rumps!

  12. 12-4

    Thanks, Heidi. I can see I’m going to have to pay attention to the links list myself today!

  13. 12-4

    I’ll keep reading your blog and keep voting till the last day. I can tell SAM-E one thing for certain….As a red-neck country boy I will not read a Californian vegetarian’s web site!

  14. 12-4

    There will be a LOT of next times, I promise!!!

  15. 12-4

    Sorry, the first McLinky did not take for Harbor Hon so I had to do it again. My first time doing this. I’m such a dunderhead. Can you remove the first one? Thanks for the McLinky love to your followers. xxoo

  16. 12-4

    Yes, I can take it out. That’s okay!

  17. 12-4

    Hi,good morning Suzanne! It will be fun to ck out some blogs from here!

  18. 12-4

    What fun. I can check out other peoples blogs. I was thinking of getting my going again after not paying it any attention for a long long time. Just have to start over again. I will link up once I do. :)

    Your staff is the best even though they turn their feathers back on you. lol.

    Off to vote!!

  19. 12-4

    Great idea! I added my blog link. I am looking forward to reading the other ones!

  20. 12-4

    I have two sites. One is my country DIY blog and the other is my art site. Can I put in a link for each one?

  21. 12-4

    Now that’s what I call organized! Thank you for doing this and gathering us together.

  22. 12-4

    Sheryl, sure, go ahead!

  23. 12-4

    I’ve been reading and voting (laptop, desktop, and both browsers)but not always posting in comments. I keep busy with SPARKPEOPLE which is where my blog is now. I will say it again…most of the competitor’s blogs are inane while you have CONTENT. Even the fun one with the cute videos got boring fast and I am NEVER bored when I come here (every morning!). You and your “staff” pack a lot into a day!! :sun:

    :hug: Cindy in Indiana

  24. 12-4

    What a great way to add everyone!!!! I have some reading to do today!

    We’re with you till the end and beyond!!! Because I fully intend to follow you to Sam-e :shimmy:

  25. 12-4

    I have had a great time voting everyday, also my friends say they have enjoyed it as well. I have learned so many things, tried new recipes and have loved reading posts everyday.
    Suzanne, you truly have the gift of words. Your staff are loyal and just the cutest things.

    Thank you for allowing me to be part of it all!


  26. 12-4

    Thank you, again. How many times have I written that, and how many more times should I have? Without getting all mushygushy, my morning read here is my sanity fix right now. I love those chicken pics! It is 20* here right now, yet my heart is filled with warmth. Left a message on the comments, and I hope it helps.

  27. 12-4

    Checking out the blogs…fun!!

  28. 12-4

    :woof: Hello- to all of Suzannes many friends, after you place your vote, please take a moment to make a post on the SAM-e comment page showing our support for one of our best friends, it only takes a moment. The link is on today’s post.
    Our votes are important, but so is our show of unity and support. So little to give to someone we all love, and who gives so much to ue every day with out fail.
    Thank you.

  29. 12-4

    The link thingee is a great idea, Suzanne! It really makes a community of your readers handy..or a handy community.. or something.

    I don’t have a blog, but do have a website for my little schoolhouse..does that count? If not, that is fine…just checking.

    Off to finish the harvest today we hope! 10 acres of soybeans are left in the field at the moment.

  30. 12-4

    :shimmy: Oh dear, I wonder if I’ll get anything done today!! Thanks for sharing all of these links……makes me think these are my kind of people!!! Off to make new friends!!!

  31. 12-4

    This morning, I was # 28093 or 28094. I had a fellow voter with me! YAY! Then when I went to watch the vote, there was 28107, WOW! In just a few seconds time! I feel I am in a great community here, so warm and fuzzy!

  32. 12-4

    Love the link thing and I love visiting the blogs!

    Headed over to vote! Whatever happens Suzanne, you’re our good mood blogger each and every day and we love you!

  33. 12-4

    Baby you go! I wrote my little note on the link you provided. I meant what I said!

  34. 12-4

    Oh my goodness…too bad I have to go to work today! What a terrific idea to create a true community, Suzanne. :snuggle:

    Voted!! :shimmy: :smilerabbit:

  35. 12-4

    What’s up, Chicken Butt! Sorry, couldn’t resist. It was something goofy my kids and their cousins used to say all the time. When I saw that photo of…well, you know, it brought that phrase and all the giggles that followed to mind.

    Great idea, the link thing. Makes me want to start a blog. I see some of my favorites on the list (Tammy, I wondered if that was you when you commented here). And I know I’ll have a bunch of new favorites. Now all I need is more hours in the day.

    Off to comment on SAM-e, just a little nudge to point out to them that an established author with a loyal blog following is nothing to sneeze at.

  36. 12-4

    I left my note on SAMe but I think because I put google in there it was kick off. I’ll tell you here…do a google of some of those top two and you might get a surprise.

  37. 12-4

    I sure hope you win…you are such a great writer. You capture the joy and beauty of everyday things and make them come alive with your words. Your website is a testimony to your talent and deep appreciation of the simple pleasures in life. It has been a pleasure and honor to be able to help you with the Sam-E job voting and comments. With the love and support of all your followers, you are a winner regardless of the outcome.

  38. 12-4

    :chicken: LOL!!! I love your staff and everything else at this site. Going to vote now. Good Luck to you Suzanne

  39. 12-4

    I only have a gratitude blog, which is of no interest to anyone but me, but I sure love THIS blog! I’m gonna have a farm like yours when I grow up…..

  40. 12-4

    Sickens me that the voting has turned out the way it has. Considering you won the 1st round overwhelmingly, and stayed so close at the beginning of the 2nd. I just can’t imagine that the two front runners have pulled away by such high margins without some kind of “help”.

    Not sure if you watch WCHS news but if you do, you’ve noticed that a certain someone has been on vacation all week, so that avenue didn’t work out (although I certainly can’t say it would have had they been there).

  41. 12-4

    I left a comment at sam-e yesterday then another this morning in response.

    I’d just like to say I’m proud of Suzanne’s readers. We’re focusing on the good Suzanne does rather than downing the other contestants. I’m glad sam-e fixed Mary, NC’s votes. I still have to wonder about Brigitte. The traffic that shows on is just proof of what we already know.

    Now I’m curious (because of a previous post here) as to what googling Lori and Brigitte gets you.

    Not sure how you can be a “good mood blogger” when you’re so young and have so few life experiences.

    Praying sam-e looks at it the same way. Only a few more days!
    Vote vote vote vote vote!!

  42. 12-4

    :yes: You blow all those other people away! You definitely deserve to win! (And some of those women I think need to be on a different site – maybe one promoting make up and hair! Cuz they’re definitely not entertaining writers!!)

  43. 12-4

    I LOVE that closeup photo of Pokey’s eye and Boomer looks like such a rascal in that shot! I just had to have a good laugh over those wonderful photos Suzanne. Also, I have to tell you, I have tried to find an appreciation for some of the other contestant’s blogs and IT JUST ISN’T THERE FOR ME!!! I suspect that it could be due to an age difference ~ either I am a bit old or they are a bit young. Or, it just may be that the content isn’t fulfilling to me. In any case Suzanne, I love Chickens in The Road and it is the start of my day every morning. THANK YOU! Oh, I love the McLinky too. :sun: :heart: :happyflower:

  44. 12-4

    How fun! I linked and blinked and voted and well okay I just voted…what rhymes with voted? LOL Coated? Smoated? Well whatever it is I did it was fun. Have a great morning!

  45. 12-4

    Just finished placing my comments on why you should be the winner of the Sam-e mood blog. I was so happy to see most of the comments were for you. I have this gut feeling that you are gonna win, you have so many fans/readers that are counting on your winning. We are all sending good vibes to the Sam-e people hoping they realize your the only one that could ever write a good blog for them.

  46. 12-4


  47. 12-4

    Suzanne, I love the links idea (I only have an author site and I only update it every few weeks to a month, so I’m including it. Sometimes I include the link to it in my comments, but not always). Anyway, I’m sure I’ll enjoy visiting everyone else’s blogs. I am in awe of those of you who blog regularly.

    I put another comment on the Sam-e blog (not up yet, but hopefully soon) about what a diverse group Suzanne’s blog attracts. I think it’s awesome that a person can be young or old, city (me) or country, male or female, from California to Maine or anywhere in the world and still enjoy this blog.

    To me, Suzanne writes about a can-do attitude and that’s something that anyone, anywhere, no matter their situation can relate to.

    And, oh yes, I love reading everyone’s comments! I’ve been reading this blog since just before Suzanne built the farmhouse and I’ve always liked reading the comments, but since this contest began, I’ve felt a special kinship with everyone here. It’s just fantastic to me that even though we’re each unique, we all find a real sense of community here. Or, at least I do. Can’t wait to read your blogs! And more comments each day.

  48. 12-4

    I meant to say that I’m (not) including my website. Sheesh, my brain isn’t functioning this morning. Not sure if it’s too much caffeine or not enough.

    By the way, fantastic comments on the Good Mood blog today! As my college-age son would say, “Way to represent!”

  49. 12-4

    WOW, look at all those bloggers here! I need to blog!

    I just can’t make a commitment to one subject, lol.

    I voted and don’t worry. If SAM-E doesn’t choose you, its because you were meant for something better.


  50. 12-4

    IowaCowgirl, feel free to link it up!

  51. 12-4

    Thanks for the comment on my photoblog (=

  52. 12-4

    Ack, ack, ack – all these wonderful links. Methinks I’m going to be busy for a while lol.

  53. 12-4

    I have tried to vote every day through both rounds. It would tickle me if you won because who doesn’t like to see a local take the prize? Not to mention that you are one of my daily reads. Very few of the blogs I follow post daily (probably make that none of the others.) I love knowing I can come here for some fresh reading every day. Now I’m gonna go have some fun visiting some of the others who have linked up and post my link. Thanks!

  54. 12-4

    Suzanne, I love you and your other readers! We all know you’re the best choice for this “job” – which will actually be fun for you. With your talents, wisdom, humor and generosity of spirit, you’re a natural good mood creator. And I agree with other posters – you’ve got true followers, not just numbers enhanced by today’s technology. I keep saying I’d like to start a blog, but for now it’s just talk!! :purpleflower:

  55. 12-4

    Hey Suzanne!

    I can’t wait to take a look at all of the people’s blogs that follow your blog! :sun: It should be fun and interesting to see!

    Love your fluffy post today! :lol:

    Now I’m off to vote! :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy:

    Angela :wave:

  56. 12-4

    Suzanne, I’ve adored you since I found your blog, and your comment today about being ‘meant’ to get the job or not confirms why I started following you. You embrace the good and allow any negative to roll off, like water on little Miss Scarlett O’Ducks back. I always say to myself, “If Suzanne can do it, so can I.” Your life and your attitudes to it are nothing but inspirational. We’ve been having a big ole Suzanne lovefest since the Sam-e contest started, but it just shows how much we appreciate you and don’t normally say it.

    Alright, enough mushy stuff, thanks for the fluffy butts! We had to bust ice for ours this morning. I think winter is here!!!

  57. 12-4

    YAY!! I posted link # 100. This is a great idea but like everyone else, I am never going to get anything done. :sun:

  58. 12-4

    Suzanne, you are a winner no matter what happens…I know if Sam-e takes the time to read your blog you will win! I am a reader, not a blogger but this is great, I have new blogs to read!!!! Thanks to you and you staff. :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy:

    Kathleen H in Indiana

  59. 12-4

    I feel like Christmas came early today……..all these wonderful new blogs to read!!!

  60. 12-4

    I would love to give you my link, but my blog is private and for good reasons too. :cry: But I don’t mind. (By the way, love the chicken butt fluff :chicken: )

  61. 12-4

    Oh, and P.S. You are SOOOOO going to win! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

  62. 12-4

    Hi Suzanne, I just went to read your post again, I usally read it a couple times a day, to see what the other gals and guys have to say.
    It is nice of you to thank us, but we all thank you for the love and kindness you share with us every day.
    I am not a young person, and have seen a lot happen in our world, I have beat cancer and look at every day as a gift and a blessing. I dont read the paper, or listen much to the news, I dont have time for the bad things in life, I deal with them when they come, as I know some of your other readers do. Life is short, and I only read and do things that make me happy.
    Of course, your recipes dont help the waistline, but thats ok too.
    Thank you for posting the additional links for us to enjoy.
    Thank you,

  63. 12-4

    Wow, what an exciting day, trying to look in on all these blogs and vote at the same time! Great idea.

  64. 12-4

    Thanks so much for the links, thats wonderful. Your the best! voted! :woof:

  65. 12-4

    Oh, my gosh…almost forgot to vote today! But here I am –vote number 29139. Usually vote super early but so busy baking for my neighbor’s church social, etc.
    I don’t have any blog or web-site, can barely send and receive e-mail…But I can see much pleasure to come checking out the links you have provided. I found CITR on a lonely day when I searched for farm women’s memoirs…and here you all are…still ALIVE and kicking! I had no idea…THANK YOU, so much.
    Will there be a page with the links? Or will we have to come back to this particular date to find it? (Sorry, if you have already answered this question–it’s been one day that I didn’t have time to read every comment).

  66. 12-4

    Suzanne, I read Chickens in the Road every day. You are a refreshing writer. Trying Grandmother bread this weekend. Thanks for being YOU. Billy

  67. 12-4

    Another wonderfully funny and touching post from my favorite blogger. Such cute pictures of your adorable animals. My donkeys eat my hair, too…and it’s short OWWW!
    I looked up and joined, so I could see what a previous poster meant. Your web traffic has the others beat by a mile! How wonderful to confirm what I already knew.
    I added my website to the list, but I don’t blog. And the website hasn’t been updated in a while. Time to get out the camera! But thank you for the opportunity to share.

  68. 12-4

    I think I’ll “ration” myself to five new links a day. I’ll bet I’ll enjoy ’em more that way.

    Suzanne, thank you SO much for doing this! I’ve clicked on signature links sometimes & enjoyed other blogs. This will give us a handy list! pamb, who votes every day :yes:

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