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…must come to an end.

It’s so much fun to have the horses around the house. I had them up around the house for three days. Most of that time, they were wonderful. They’re “people” animals and are social with their humans. They like to follow you around, be petted and brushed, fed snacks, and generally be part of the family. They enjoy looking in your windows to see what you’re doing when you’re not paying attention to them. Outside, they mowed and mowed and mowed. They left the flowers alone. They didn’t eat the paint off anything. They didn’t even start pooping on the porch until the third day. But what really got to me was that they wouldn’t get OFF the porch. A horse is a really large animal. They don’t know they’re big, so they just amble around like they’re the size of a cat. Only they’re not. So when they started breaking stuff, they had to go. In the picture, you can see Morgan’s attempt to “fence off” the porch with chairs. I should have taken some pictures of her shoveling horse poop with a snow shovel.

They’re in the upper pasture now and forever. Or until I miss them too much and the mowing needs done again!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on May 13, 2012  

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  1. 5-13

    Happy Mother’s Day, Suzanne. :heart:

  2. 5-13

    Better horse apples than cow patties…just sayin…

  3. 5-13

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! :happyflower:

  4. 5-13

    Oh lordy yes, much better than cowpies.
    Happy Mother’s Day to one and all.
    I have a hot date today with a blonde brown-eyed gentleman and my children don’t even know about him yet. :snoopy:
    Looking at a rescue adult male cocker spaniel. I need more exercise and since I walk at 0400-0500 it is not a good time to be without a companion of some sort. That is the time of morning that the ‘night people’ are crawling home. I do ‘carry’ and yes I have a permit, but….
    My big labrador died of grief when my husband died, and I have been dogless since. This will be, if I take him, be the smallest dog I have ever had. Our labs were AKC, but the big American ones. The English version are the ones you see working as guide dogs, etc. Much smaller. Ours pushed 110+ lbs. I miss the companionship, but not the mess. But, they are well worth it.

  5. 5-13

    Cute post and picture worth a thousand words. Gladys Taber wrote that the only reason they didn’t have a horse was because she couldn’t figure out how to get it into the (farm) house. One of her friends had one that would stand and look in the window. Gladys thought that was pitiful.

  6. 5-13

    I want a horse on my porch! Then again, I have a pretty small porch. Maybe no such a good idea after all ;).

  7. 5-13

    Reminds me when I was growing up. I had a young appaloosa who wandered onto our covered terrace which was being used as a staging area for a kitchen remodel. He managed to knock over a large slab of marble and broke it into a million pieces. Mother was not happy.

  8. 5-13

    Happy Mother’s Day Suzanne. I like the part about them ambling about like cats. Horse puckies and/or cow patties, don’t think I could go for that either.

  9. 5-13

    :snoopy: Happy Mothers day! :butterfly:
    :happyflower: :purpleflower:

  10. 5-13

    DO NOT leave the door open when horses are around–they will come in. I know from whence I speak.

  11. 5-13

    poop is poop,whether it be,cat,chicken,sheep or goat. must say I would rather clean up after sheep or goats tho..
    yup,horses on the front porch.not such a great idea.but they did look pretty!

  12. 5-13

    UH OH! I hope they didn’t break anything expensive or difficult to replace. It is kinda cool to have horses hanging out on your porch. Maybe you could potty train them??? NOT! LOL.

  13. 5-14

    I invested in a solar fence charger and some step-in posts so I could have my horses mow pretty much anywhere on our two acres. Their paddock is pretty bare but there’s quite a bit of grass elsewhere. Today they will graze just outside the barn and their paddock but I think my favorite temporary fencing arrangement is when they are right outside the kitchen so I can look out and almost touch them while cooking. :hug: Not much of a porch back there though…..

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