Chicken on a Cold Tin Roof


Yesterday afternoon it was beautiful–but cold–just before more snow hit. This hen got up on the top of the chicken house and stayed there for HOURS, even after it started snowing. She was the one hen who had come out of the chicken house for the day. I knew she wanted to go back in but it was like she couldn’t figure out how so she just got up on top of it. As it started snowing and she still wouldn’t come down, I tried to coax her down with some cracked corn. I finally swept her down with a broom! I just couldn’t leave her up there on a cold, snowy night. She scurried happily into the chicken house as soon as I got her down.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 8, 2010  

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    :snowman: :woof: :snowman:
    Oh my! It is a good thing you got her down, her little feet might have froze to the top of the roof. Poor baby.
    I know what it is like to be afraid of heights, another case of where I am chicken!


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    It’s amazing how they’ll walk around on icy ground and wet, cold terrain but won’t come out in the snow. Maybe the “staff” is hinting they need a lounge? My “staff” lets me know in no uncertain terms they will strike if I don’t remove that white stuff from their yard. Soon as I sweep some away and they can see a little bit of ground, out they go!

  3. 1-8

    Great play on words in the title. You always make my smile :)
    Poor confused chicken. Getting up was easy, but it must’ve looked like a long way down. I’m glad she ended up safe inside with her housemates (with a little help from her friend).

  4. 1-8

    Mean Rooster (incarnate) made her do it…..He..also got you out in the cold tooo….knowing you worry over your little flock…

    PS..You are their little Mother Hen (caretaker) you know…
    watching and gathering them under you wings.. uhh (arms) when something goes amiss…LOL

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    It was purely pride. She had told all the other hens that she was going to sit on the chicken house roof, in the middle of the fluffy white stuff, and the other hens had dared her to do it. She did. Then she didn’t realize dares have no time limits and she could have just come on down but she thought she would have lost the dare if she had come down early….so she stayed. Until you came and helped her save face. The others hens all sang admiringly when she scooted in the chicken house.
    BTW….hens sing. I love to hear them, don’t you?
    I love happy endings.

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    :chicken: Save the Chicken! Thank you Suzanne. My chickens go out in the snow and get stuck. So, I go out and shovel them a path so they know where home base is located. Silly birds! :lol:

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    Chickens on roofs! Singing chickens! Chickens with their own shoveled paths! The things I never even imagined before I found the blog world!!!

  8. 1-8

    Life on a farm and the animals bring such fun adventures! :yes:

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    What a good Chicky Mommy you are! Someone should give you a cookie!!

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