Chicken Trails


The chickens have trails, too. They forge paths around the back of the house, across the driveway, to the porch steps and to the feed area under the porch. As you can see from all the footsteps, people don’t make trails. We walk all over the place! Wonder what we’re missing?

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on March 4, 2010  

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  1. 3-4

    Very interesting. I never thought much about forging paths by chickens in the snow. Interesting concept. Nice pic! :bugeyed:

  2. 3-4

    hehe…cute! Our chickens won’t come out of the coop for long. They have a lil area in the run where they have some room that they have stomped down the snow….but they won’t go much further! ;)

  3. 3-4

    It’s really something how the animals make paths and then keep to them. My chickens wouldn’t forge a path if they had too. They hate the snow and refuse to step in it let alone make a path. I’ll have to order some “pathmakers” in the next batch of peeps.

  4. 3-4

    My chickens don’t like snow either! They refused to go out in it for weeks then I guess this winter’s constant snow finally got to them and they had cabin fever!

  5. 3-4

    A chicken yellow Brick Road. Cute! :sun:

  6. 3-4

    Your chickens have path making helpers that are bigger and braver than them, right? Or are these their very own paths?
    I have a path through deep snow to the bird feeding tray the moment….but the snow is melting with these warmer temps. Slowly! :hole:

  7. 3-4

    kerri, no, these are the chickens’ own paths, no goat helpers on the driveway and around the back of the house!

  8. 3-4

    I think it’s a sacred secret and they’ll NEVER tell us humans…but I think Clover knows. :yes:

  9. 3-4

    Chickens like conformity, humans don’t. Chicken gods preach “Keep to the straight and narrow!!”….humans have the go-ahead to be more adventurous and creative!
    Wish I had some chickens.
    And some Snow.
    And some hills and trees of my own.
    Someday. Can I come live with you, Suzanne?

  10. 3-4

    I think humans are just more scatter-brained!! : ))
    I picture Clover like the animal in the barn that gets everyone together at night and plans what they’ll do the next day! (Sort of like Babe in the movie!)

  11. 3-4

    I think it may be simpler than all that… chickens don’t wear boots… so they go where the goin’ is the easiest! Pretty clever creatures, chickens, when it comes to that sort of thing. Now, keeping their heads on straight, their tails out of trouble and their feathers dry not always so much!

  12. 3-4

    My brother says I’m like an “old dog” every time he looks in our backyard! I have a permanant path worn to the barn from walking the same way every day. I can now walk (barefoot) with my eyes closed and not stray from the path…yes I actually tried! So maybe that’s why animals do it…it’s the comfort of familiararity and the ability to not get lost in their hunting and pecking?!

  13. 3-4

    I love your blog – these animal paths in the snow are intriguing. Is there a one-way “rule” or do the chickens go both ways? Who gives way? Lesser pecking order has to move aside for the top level hens?

  14. 3-4

    Years ago when I was in college, there was one particular building that had a large X through the lawn in front of it. We students had worn the grass down to dirt following the same paths from corner to corner. My friends and I joked about our bovine behavior! (We had a strong agricultural program at my alma mater.)

  15. 3-4

    Oh oh :lol: I have paths :shocked: mostly because I am against shovelling to the bird feeders or from the basement door to the shovelled path. Love those knee high green gumrubbers for making the stomping path!

    Pam :happyfeet:

  16. 3-4

    I can tell you what you’re missing by not walking in the chicken trails…….chicken poo. Lots and lots of chicken poo.

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