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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on November 19, 2012  

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  1. 11-19

    My big strong Labrador is scared to death of the gunfire. Gonna be a long week with him trying to crawl under my legs, lol :bugeyed:

  2. 11-19

    Opening Day in Wisconsin was this past Saturday. Some years it sounds like I’m in the middle of a shooting gallery. Not so much this year though. I saw lots of hunters and trucks parked along roads. Good luck Ross! I hope he gets one (or more if he can).

  3. 11-19

    He looks ready! lookout deer. Hope he gets his share and dresses it out for you.

  4. 11-19

    Let me guess…Is he going golfing? Watch out for the sand traps. They’re a doozy.

  5. 11-19

    Good gods. Morgan’s BF better lie low for a few weeks….. and the deer. And the farm animals!

  6. 11-19

    Fill the freezer Ross! Get the pressure canner ready too Suzanne! I hear canned venison is extra tasty too!

  7. 11-19

    Go get ’em, Ross!
    I was out there Saturday and this morning and only saw a fox and some squirrels. My boyfriend got one a week ago with the crossbow and I pressure canned quite a bit of it. Delicious! I canned some with onions, some with red wine, some with taco seasoning (for burritos or enchiladas) and all were delicious and SO tender. Also canned some with soy sauce and another with worchestershire but haven’t opened those yet. We made 15 lbs of bulk sausage, netted 3 quarts of neck meat that I cooked in the crockpot, and I even baked the ribs and they turned out great, too!
    Oh, I did one other thing I was very pleased with. When we remove all the silver skin and tendons, we normally end up throwing all that away. I don’t even give it to the dogs because it’s so tough I worry they will choke on it. There was quite a bit of it so I threw it in a couple of jars and labeled it DOG on the lids. Pressure canned it with all the rest and when it came out you would have never known it was all the tendons and ‘junk’ because it was all tender. Fed it to the dogs and they LOVED it!
    The next one we get, we also plan to try out the heart and liver.

  8. 11-19

    Yum yum venison!

  9. 11-19

    We had loin roast last night for dinner, I hope Ross brings you a few of your own to cook :)

  10. 11-19

    If I were Mom, I would be printing that photo out, taping it to the front door. Morgan’s BF is smart enough and old enough to get the message without any discussions with big brothers or Mother. :devil2:
    Best wishes for a great deer season.Yum,yum.

  11. 11-19

    Suzanne, do you know your “weather widget” is no longer working. Used to be we could see the weather at your end. (Which wasn’t too far off from weather at MY end. lol) Well, its not been working for at least a month now.

    Thought you might want to know.

  12. 11-19

    Moosebubbles ”stole’ my idea–a pix = 10^3 words!

  13. 11-19

    someone’s going to do some serious hunting! Glad he’s wearing the orange!!!!!!

  14. 11-19

    I wish him lots of luck. Hope you get a freezer full!

  15. 11-19

    Sorry Suzanne but, that’s just sad. I married a Marine that had a whole arsonel when we met, target shooting only. Never killed a thing. That, to me, is a man. Sorry.

  16. 11-20

    judyann, I’m not suggesting Ross is more of a man one way or another because he hunts, but that is just what is going on around here this week so I’m posting about it, and not just Ross, of course. (This is West Virginia, a big hunting state, so that means pretty much everyone.) Unless we’re all going to be vegetarians, the meat comes from somewhere. I’m not a hunter myself, but to each their own, and I certainly don’t see it as the measure of a man whether they hunt deer, or not. The measure of a man is in how they treat women and children, their work ethic, and many other aspects, at least to me, and not whether or not they are hunters! (A lot of fine men would be counted out if that were the case since many fine men are hunters.)

  17. 11-20

    Yes, it’s like this here in GA, too. Never eat anything ’til you know where it came from.

  18. 11-20

    Hunting is certainly NOT a measure of a MAN…especially when you consider all the women hunters out there. Some people fish, some people hunt, some people garden. To me, it is ALL simply a part of a SMART way of working to be self-sufficient and putting food on the table with what the Lord has provided.
    To each his own.


  19. 11-23

    I love this picture! It reminds me of my own son who is serving in the AirForce but couldn’t come home this holiday. Congrats Ross! and thank you for your service!

  20. 12-14

    :moo: He means business!

  21. 12-14

    We hunt to help control the deer population and provide meat for our family/Native American community. Anyone who doesn’t agree must have never seen what a deer looks like when they are sick, starving and dying due to a lack of food sources because of over population. We love and are respectful of all creatures that we are blessed by God to have for our pleasure and food source.

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