I’ve got a weird experiment going on in my kitchen! What am I doing? I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, when I grabbed these books off my shelf, I grabbed some of my favorite authors. Janet Evanovich, Victoria Holt (old longtime favorite), Phyllis Whitney (another oldie but a goodie), and Nora Roberts. You? Who are your favorites?

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on September 20, 2010  

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  1. 9-20

    Conn Iggulden. His Genghis Khan and Emperor series rocked my world for a while there and I recommend him to anyone. Barbara Kingsolver is another favorite. I’m always on the lookout for someone good, and I used to love Nora Roberts. I may try Virginia Holt as I’ve never read her.

    Are you pressing something?

  2. 9-20

    I love all the ones you mentioned, plus about 100 more. Martha Grimes, Patricia Cornwell, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jefferson Bass (2 writers’ names in one), Kathy Reich, Stephenie Meyer, and on, and on. Currently reading Sara Paretsky.

  3. 9-20

    Janet Evanovich. I’m reading her latest book right now. Also love Nora Roberts and Stieg Larsson.

  4. 9-20

    Isabel Allende is my favorite. I read a great book this summer, The Forgotten Garden, by Ruth (or Kate, I forget) Morton. Loved it.

    Reading Never Let me Go by the guy who wrote Remains of the Day. Very interesting.

    I bought a Nook, and I am fully loaded and ready to be snowed in this winter.

  5. 9-20

    Looks like a makeshift cheese press. :-)

  6. 9-20

    Jodi Picoult, Sandra Brown, Mary Higgins Clark… I LOVE reading! I just got a new Amazon Kindle and it has changed my life to have immediate access to unlimited books!

  7. 9-20

    John L. Moore, Vince Flynn, Lee Child, Micheal Connelly,and Louis L’amour.

  8. 9-20

    I like reading West Virginia authors: Homer Hickam, Jayne Anne Payne, Pearl S. Buck, Suzanne McMinn……

  9. 9-20

    Pat Conroy, Greg Iles, Nora Roberts when she writes as J.D. Robb (love the future stuff), Jodi Picoult, Arthur C. Clarke… Right now I am reading Clan of the Cake Bear. I can’t believe I’ve never read it before!

  10. 9-20

    Evanovich, Margaret O’Brien Dilloway, M. Connelly, Coben, Crais, Lehane, R. Parker, Iles, J. L. Burke, Steinbeck, to mention a few. I usually read a book a week. Love recurring characters.

  11. 9-20

    I am listening to audiobooks mostly this summer. The weekend Michael Flynn’s “Eifelheim” was playing while I canned potatoes, previous was Kate Jacobs’ “Friday Night Knitting Club”, and before that was Sharon Owens’ “The Teahouse on Mulberry Street” but to sit down and read it is usually Stephen King or John Grisham.

    Suzanne – the Jean Auel series is great! I don’t remember there being much “Cake” though. :happyflower:

  12. 9-20

    I read the Jean Auel series a long time ago. Loved them!

  13. 9-20

    Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell, Tess Gerritzen, Dean Koontz, Preston/Child books, Michael Crighton, Tony Hillerman, Jack London, Alan Dean Foster, Victoria Holt, Margaret Weis, James Herriot. There are also many up and coming authors on Kindle that I am beginnig to follow. I love reading and I enjoy so many different topics and authors too numerous to mention.

  14. 9-20

    Nora Robert, Catherine Coulter, Dean Koontz, Debbie Macomber, J.A. Jantz, Louis Lamour, Diane Mott Davidson, Robert B. Parker.

  15. 9-20

    I am a lifetime reader amd I so happy to say that I finally got my 25 yr old co-worker to start reading in earnest! anyway…We are currently reading Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series.
    I read almost anything except the books with alot of sex and moosh!
    I have to skip too many pages! lol
    I LOVE Jane Austen, Anita Diamant, Sue Miller, Andrew Taylor, Sandra Brown..I could go on and on.

  16. 9-20

    The first romance author I ever read was Jude Deveraux. She will forever be my favorite because she helped me unlock my love of reading. My other favorites are Anne Rice, Linda Lael Miller, and Dianna Dabaldon. But you are the only one I must read everyday without fail.

  17. 9-20

    Lee Child! Robert B. Parker! (I like books with a “man of mystery”, can you tell?)

  18. 9-20

    Biggest favorite is Jean M. Auel – The Clan of the Cave Bear was awesome (for fans, she IS coming out with the next book in the series – it gets released March 29th according to amazon.com).

    Other “must-haves” include Nora Roberts, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, C. L. Wilson, Neil Gaiman, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Goodkind, Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear, Patricia Briggs, and Kim Harrison.

    Not to mention all the great non-fiction books out there. I found a cookbook at my local library with a bunch of recipes from the Panera Breads company – looking forward to teaching myself how to make artisian bread. And “The Backyard Homestead” was a wonderful read!

  19. 9-20

    I am an eclectic reader but my favourites are Agatha Christie, Amy Tan, Richard Adams, James Herriot, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Garrison Keillor, Annie Dilliard and my favourite poets are Emily Dickenson and Robert Frost. The book that made the most impact on me was “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn. I can read a book in a day (if I can find a day free to read a book!)

  20. 9-20

    Naming just a few favorites is so hard! (But of course I’ll try). Topping my list are Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Crusie, Mary Balogh and Jayne Ann Krentz (or Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick, her other pseudonyms)and Anne Stuart for romance or romantic suspense. I loved Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain (told from a dog’s perspective) and right now I’m on a Suzanne Collins kick and just finished The Hunger Games trilogy. It’s Young Adult, but totally riveting (one of those series that just grabs you and won’t let you go. I read all three books in 5 days, and it doesn’t surprise me that a movie is already in the works even though the last book was only released a few weeks ago). And yes, I enjoyed Jean Auel’s The Clan of the Cave Bear series, too. If anyone is like me and occasionally reads children’s or young adult fare that is still fun for adults (Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia), I highly recommend Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series. Not new but still sellng well years after it first hit the shelves. I love talking books! :snoopy:

  21. 9-20

    Oh, and Terry Pratchett. He’s a must buy for me. His Discworld series rocks!

  22. 9-20

    Linda Lael Miller, Luanne Rice, Danielle Steele, too many to name. A lot of authors I saw here and some I didn’t. I love to read. Recently bought myself a Kindle and I’m loving it. I also have a Kindle app for my iPhone, so I’m never without a book!

  23. 9-20

    Ann Rule! :smilerabbit:

  24. 9-20

    Back in the 70’s I read R.F. Delderfield….all of them. That was the first author I started reading everything they wrote. I love southern chick lit so Anne Rivers Siddons is my fave in that genre. I consumed all of Patricia Cornwell until I got to Blow Fly and it was just so gross I couldn’t continue so I have dropped her. I just read and read. I love my Kindle because I travel a lot. I have been downloading the free books…both classics and new writers and have found some good ones. I love Haven Kimmel’s work. I could fill up a book on books I like!!! This harldy scratches the surface….but I’ll stop for now….after all this is YOUR blog….I don’t need to make an entry!!! :)

  25. 9-20

    I enjoyed all the works of local northwoods Wisconsin author Victoria Houston . . . but my all-time favorite author is LaVyrle Spencer. Wish she wouldn’t have retired from writing! I have read and re-read all of her books.

  26. 9-20

    Barbara Pym and Sarah Addison Allen…among a zillion others!! I even belong to the Barbara Pym Society.

  27. 9-20

    JRR Tolkien, Laurie King, Anne Mccaffrey, Debbie Macomber, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Jan Karon, oh there are so many, and these aren’t neessarily in order. Except the first!

  28. 9-20

    Suzanne….If you can, read some Jean Plaidy, Phillippa Gregory….(I believe they’re one and the same. Terrific Historical novels!

    I’m enjoying your site soooooo much!

  29. 9-20

    I enjoye Nora Roberts and I also enjoy Debbie Macumber.

  30. 9-20

    Yes, I’ve read her Plaidy and Gregory books too. All of them!

  31. 9-20

    Janet Evanovich, Debbie Macomber and Lavryle Spencer…Oh and Robert Morgan..Love to read!!

  32. 9-20

    Only one name comes to mind this early in the morning – Barbara Kingsolver. LOVE LOVE her! :happyflower:

  33. 9-20

    I typed in my list – It was long as a piece of string – then like usual. . Bloop it was gone. Just my luck and I don’t know how to retrive it. Oh well I guess it doesn’t matter to much. I will say that Nora Roberts and Nicholas Sparks are front runners.

  34. 9-20

    Too many to name, but quite a few already listed by others. One author that I fell in love with years ago is the late Georgette Heyer. She wrote mostly “Regency romances” in a style very reminiscent of Jane Austen, but (to me) a bit more readable, and surprisingly humorous.

  35. 9-20

    Love most of the authors already listed, so will just add a couple not mentioned. Love the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Rita Mae Brown writes some really interesting sutff and I love her mysteries written with her cat, Sneaky Pie, set in Virginia.

  36. 9-20

    My reads include Cathy Lamb, Phillippa Gregory, Karen Robards, Karen White, Michelle Moran, Marian Keyes, Kathryn Megendie, Debbie Macomber, Dorthea Bendon Frank, Nevada Barr, Nora Roberts, Jodi Piccoult…., in no particular order, but they don’t write fast enough! I’m always seeking new ones!

  37. 9-20

    Suzanne, when in the world do you have time! to read?

  38. 9-20

    Right now I am reading Kristin Hannah. I am enjoying her books. I am also reading the House of night series by P> C> Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast. A lot of fun!

  39. 9-20

    Nora Roberts

  40. 9-20

    John Irving, Maeve Binchy, Joy Fielding, Penny Vincenzi, Nora Roberts, Kathy Reichs to name a few. Have probably read just about everything Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Saul…but I seem to be over that horror thing now!

    Possum mentioned The Forgotten Garden…I LOVED IT! Also read the Jean Auel books at the time, I think I liked Clan of the Cave Bear best!

    I buy all my books second hand for 25 cents each but have yet to run across a Suzanne McMinn…but I keep looking. I’m sure one will surface in Nova Scotia one day!

    I can’t go a day without having some time to read, and often wake up at 3 am with my glasses still on, book on my chest, cat on either side and the light still burning!

  41. 9-20

    P.S. Did Victoria Holt write the Seventh Virgin? Seems I’ve read her before, but thats the only one that comes to mind.

  42. 9-20

    oh now here’s an interesting question. I loved gothic romance when I was a teen. My faves? Well, now that you ask…
    Dorothy Eden, Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt, Phylis Whitney, Nora Lofts (Hester Roon), and Theresa Charles (Dark Legacy). The best. I still have all of my dog-eared paperbacks, and wouldn’t part with them no matter how big the purge of the month is. One bookshelf is devoted to the old gothics, and that’s where they’ll stay.

  43. 9-20

    Oh, I loved the Janet Evanovich series! Nancy Martin has a Blackbird Sisters series that is pretty funny. Also Lisa Lutz, Carolyn Haines and the lady that wrote “Agnes and the Hitman”. That was a fun book. Rita Mae Brown’s fox hunting series. Lee Child, Preston & Child, Bob Mayer, Robert Parker for the macho men. I’d rather be reading that watching TV.

  44. 9-20

    Neil Gaiman (the graphic novels… the regular novels… the short stories-all of it!). Alan Moore. I liked Yasmine Galenorn’s non-fiction better than her current series, but I still enjoy that. JK Rowling. Couldn’t live without my Harry Potter! Husband is trying to get me into William Gibson, and I’ll admit I was really impressed with the one I’ve read so far.

  45. 9-20

    I didn’t really enjoy reading until I got married.My husband got me so hooked on Louis L’Amour ! Before we go on a vacation or business trip, we go to the bookstore and get his audiobooks… I love his Sackett series too ! His stories make you feel as if you are right there.. Awesome…!

  46. 9-20

    These posts bring back some great memories. My teen years in the ’60s were filled with Georgette Heyer and Barbara Michaels. These days I like the Eve Dallas series by J.D.Robb (Nora Roberts) and the Anna Pigeon series by Nevada Barr. I’ve also dipped into children’s lit lately, when I buy books for my grandkids: The Unfortunate Series of Events books by Lemony Snickett and the Cat Clan books by Erin Hunter are marketed to pre-teens, but I usually read through them first!

  47. 9-20

    Yay Books!! Fannie Flagg! Charles Frazier, Barbara Kingsolver, Alice Hoffman, Mitch Albom, Phillipa Gregory….I could go on and on and on! LOVE to read!!!

  48. 9-20

    Favorite authors—David Ravenhill, Beth Moore, Kay Arthur,hmmm -so many who would I choose? David Barton, Ken Ham…

  49. 9-21

    Jim Butcher, Laurell K. Hamilton, Orson Scott Card, Robert A. Heinlein, Wen Spencer, Brian Greene (The Fabric of the Cosmos), Jean M. Auel, Jodi Picoult, John Twelve Hawks, Robin McKinley, Carrie Vaughn, Diana Rowland, Alice Borchardt, Tom Clancy, Janet Kagan (Mirabile), Michael Crichton, Tsugume Ohba, and so many more…

  50. 9-22

    Lilian Jackson Braun (Cat Who… series), Earl Stanley Gardner(Perry Mason), JRR Tolkien, Mary and Carol Higgins Clark (together and separately), JK Rowling, Agatha Christie and Terry Brooks.

    I used to like to read Victoria Holt, et al, but in my old age…not so much any more.

  51. 10-2

    Robin Cook writes medical mysteries. They are very interesting and great for a day when you can read all day. You won’t want to put his books down. Karen Kingsbury and Terry Blackstock are also awesome writers.

  52. 10-22

    You should read the “In Death”Series, it’s written by JD Robb which is a secret pen name of Nora Roberts. It’s an amazing series I came across by accident and she just has amazing characters in them. It’s a police detective novel mixed with romance, throw in a sexy irish billionaire and you have a winner!S

  53. 10-26

    Try reading Dorthea Benton Frank, I just love her. She writes like she is a friend sitting in your kitchen talking to you. Her books are all based in the Low Country of the Carolina’s. Her first book is SULLIVAN’S ISLAND and I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants!!. Otherwise way to many to mention. I love a good mystery, romance and just plain anything (well almost). Reading is the pathway to a good nights sleep or a good nights sleep lost!?!? LOL

  54. 11-9

    Great to see everyones choices. So many of my favorites listed here! I have to add Lois McMaster Bujold–a new favorite of mine.

    Love your site!

  55. 1-22

    :snuggle: Diana Gabaldon…her Outlander series will rock your world!!!!!! I’m an English Major and complete book snob so she is AWESOME. Also, being a Lowcountry girl at heart, Pat Conroy as my second favorite. Thanks!

  56. 8-11

    Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, nonfiction my current fave is Steve Solomon (He started Territorial Seed Co. once upon a time), Ruth Wind, Anita Meyer, Betty Neels, Jennifer Crusie and Larry Heinemann. I’ve bought your books Suzanne, but haven’t managed to get an entire series yet, so I haven’t read them!


  57. 8-11

    SarahK, Glad to see Wen on your list! I was privledged when I had the bookstore to host her first ever book signing. She’s a very nice lady.


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