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The typical morning scene in front of the old farmhouse where the high school bus stops to pick up my cousin’s son, Madison, and my son, Weston. This familiar scene will soon be no more! Madison graduates high school is just about a month, and Weston, in 11th grade, just has one more year. Next year, Morgan will be in 9th grade so it will be she and Weston taking the high school bus together. How time flies! Make it stop!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 29, 2010  

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  1. 4-29

    Can’t make time stop, but the day will come when you have grandkids running around the farm, chasing lambs and kids and dogs!!

  2. 4-29

    Because we live overseas and have for eight years, my younger kids are unfamiliar with yellow school buses. They LOVED seeing this picture. My oldest son was so excited the first time he saw one when we went to the US (he was two) back in the 90’s. He had a toy one, but had never seen a real one. He was yelling BUS, BUS! from the back of the car. We love yellow school buses, and I know you’ll cherish the remaining years of it coming to pick up your kiddos for school. Unfortunately, they will grow up! Bittersweet isn’t it!?

  3. 4-29

    I still can’t figure out where the little kids that I used to have running around the house went. They’ve been replaced by some wonderful young adults!

  4. 4-29

    I know how you feel. We have just 2 more years. I can get over how fast the highschool years went.

  5. 4-29

    Morgan is only in 8th grade now?!?! With all the sporting things she’s in, I thought she was in high school already :o

    Just like Nancy said, you’ll have grandbabies running around before you know it…they’ll love coming to Nana Suzanne’s because she has all of the fun animals to run around with :yes:

  6. 4-29

    I wish we could make it stop! My youngest son graduates in two weeks. It is a bittersweet time around our house. We are all very excited for him, but at the same time sad because our nest will be empty when he leaves in August for college. I will miss all the time spent at the baseball field, but now we can concentrate on our homesteading skills.

  7. 4-29

    I know!!! I know!!! My only son is now 38 and I can still remember vividly him getting on the school but to go to kindergarten! Time doesn’t stop for anything but we are blessed with minds and hearts that are the keepers of our memories.
    Have a blessed day, everyone!

  8. 4-29

    Oh I do know what you mean! I can’t believe my oldest is 29 this year!

  9. 4-29

    My youngest graduates May 29th. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was putting him on the bus for the first day of Kindergarten. This month is such a bittersweet month for me – he just left this morning for his senior trip, and his Prom is this Saturday. The years seem to fly by faster and faster.

  10. 4-29

    I love your photograph of those fine, big boy cousins going to school together. It must seem like just yesterday that they were still in diapers and playing in mud puddles. I know you must be so, so proud of all your almost grown kids.

  11. 4-29

    My son and daughter are the same age as yours and I can’t believe it either! Thanks for the reminder… NOT!

  12. 4-29

    Does your son have to walk down to the old farmhouse to catch the bus? How far is that? I know you’ve probably said but my memory is non-existent!

  13. 4-29

    I know.. kids are sure handy to have around the farm :))

  14. 4-29

    Shirley, it’s about 2 1/2 miles. I drive them!

  15. 4-29

    I want son to be happy and go out in the big wide world BUT I want to keep him, too! Suzanne – you better loan me your shoulder to cry on ( will do the same for you.)

  16. 4-29

    Man! I hear ya!
    It just gets worse as time goes by…

  17. 5-4

    Our kids must be the same age, my son will be a senior and my daughter a freshman next year, as well. I still have most of their baby toys. Don’t know why I keep thinking they will be using them again.

  18. 5-4

    My oldest is graduating from high school in 1.5 wks. I’m super-excited for him, but still terribly sad. I look at the young man and still my baby, my two year-old, my kindergartner, etc. I never thought we’d arrive at a time where he’d be 18!

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