Guarding the Perimeter


Since Mr. Hyde’s recovery after the other roosters got after him and the Crooked Little Hen loved him back to health, he’s been a different rooster. A kinder rooster. A gentler rooster. He keeps to himself quite a bit, and spends most of his time in the goat yard these days. Sometimes he sits down in the yard and takes a nap, but most of the time he guards the perimeter. (Or something. What else is he doing standing at the fenceline like that?) He stares out into the woods like a livestock guardian dog. For hours. Above, there he was first thing this morning.

Here he was an hour later. He’s just moved over a few feet.

Then he got tired and sat down.

Poky came over and tried to visit.

Mr. Hyde: “Excuse me! Working here!”

On duty. Do not interrupt.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on August 26, 2010  

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  1. 8-26

    Now that’s a working farm! :dancingmonster: :dancingmonster:

  2. 8-26

    Poor Mr Hyde! I hope he’s happy. Maybe he is just guarding.

  3. 8-26

    Have you checked his eyesight since the fight? We had a rooster that acted like that and we later realized that he had lost the sight in one of his eyes while fighting. Poor guy just sort of hung around by himself. He lived to be an old rooster but that sight on one side really kept him from being “roosterish”. Then again I have had them act that way for a month or two after getting beat up only to be plotting their revenge and come back as the meanest rooster alive and kick everyone’s butt!

  4. 8-26

    I wonder if he just wants out? :o)

  5. 8-26

    My, I must say, Crooked Little Hen has done a marvelous job nursing him back to health!! His feathers and comb look beautiful. He’s quite a beautiful specimen. No wonder she had eyes for him! He seems to be the strong, stoic type. Your barnyard is just full of characters! They really are so enjoyable.

  6. 8-26

    It looks like he wants out to me too. Kind of sad.

  7. 8-26

    He can get out! He walks in and out of the goat yard every day! He knows how to get out under the gate.

  8. 8-26

    Suzanne, why don’t you check if he can see out of both eyes. At least then you’d know if he is blind in one eye. I assume he would react if you moved a hand by one eye if there’s vision in that eye?

  9. 8-26

    Ha! My dog does the same thing. We call it Puppy Patrol!

  10. 8-26

    He’s not blind in either eye. He shows plenty of evidence of being able to see fine, not sure how we got off on that, LOL.

  11. 8-26

    Looks like he’s the first line of defense against fox, coyotes, stray dogs, etc.

  12. 8-26

    I have to keep reminding myself that you have begun posting more and checking the previous posts! I love it and THANK YOU for it!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 10-17

    Funny thing about chickens — after they have a traumatic experience, they are never quite the same. It’s like they’ve lost their will to live or something…

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