Haystack Cat


Diego, on top of a stack of hay. Complaining. We usually call him Diggy for short. He’s one of our three orange cats. (Diego, Buttercup, and Kitten.) We found Diggy skulking around the old farmhouse one day a few years ago. He just appeared out of nowhere. He was crying and crying. He still cries. For no apparent reason. He’s just always a bit moody. (He looks a lot like Buttercup, by the way, but Buttercup is much meaner. Which is really saying something because Diggy is no slice of sunshine.)

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on December 12, 2009  

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  1. 12-12

    LOL! I love that phrase!

    “No slice of sunshine.”

    Covers it perfectly.

  2. 12-12

    He looks like you just woke him up. And you’re right “no Sunshine there” EEE-HA

  3. 12-12

    My daughter says my oldest cat Kiki is evil! She does give her dirty looks,I’ve seen her do it.LOL! She’s a one person cat,meaning only takes to one person,me!She loves only me! 8)

  4. 12-12

    The devil is in that kitty.

  5. 12-12

    Diggy is looking to stay warm maybe. Pretty coat. :shocked: :shocked:

  6. 12-12

    This would make a good Halloween photo! Just “shop” some horns on him and put on a scary background!
    LOL! :lol:

  7. 12-12

    When I was growing up we had a bunch of cats, including one orange one. He was mean–and scary. He never got a name–just the Orange Cat. My brother slept in the top bunk, and one time that orange cat wouldn’t let him go to bed. My parents had to come remove the cat, and I think they used a broom or something to chase him away. I wonder if orange cats are predisposed to have that kind of personality? Tigh, the orange cat’s litter mate, was one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever known.

  8. 12-12

    I had an orange cat when I was a kid and he used to attack my feet when I walked by him. Something weird though he used to hug a table lamp, he would drape his front legs over the top of the base of the lamp and his head in the lampshade with his nose about 1 inch from the lightbulb, and sleep. I think he liked the heat the bulb gave off. He was weird.

  9. 12-12

    oh, Diggy just needs some lovin’ like muffins from the oven :heart:

  10. 12-12

    Ya, he looks like he’s complaining :lol: We had a cat like that once, we found him all by himself as a tiny kitten, almost starved to death. We took care of him as he grew but he would cry and cry and cry….we figured out he was deaf. He was never “normal” :lol:

  11. 12-12

    I had an orange kitty named Orange Kitty..he was a sweetheart,so not all of them are evil. :devil:

  12. 12-12

    I have an orange tabby named Scamp. Sweet to me, but has the most snarky attitude towards all the other critters who call my cottage home. I’m thinking he and Diggy are long lost cousins!

    Peace and Puppies,

    Susan at Charm of the Carolines

  13. 12-12

    I know who the most EVIL cat in the world is! Sara Boo, but we like to call her Scara Boo or just plain Boo. Black cats are the most evil and Boo is no exception. :devil2:

  14. 12-12

    My boy OJ was a sweet, friendly, and gentle orange tabby. We lost him @ seven years ago to heart failure.

    Cats are funny creatures. I don’t think their color has much to do with personalily. But I do know that when you take in a recued animal you are missing a piece of their history, so behaviors that seem odd to us may be perfectly understandable if more of they’re story was known.

    Thank you Suzanne and all the others who read this post who have openned their homes and recued homeless animals. Suzanne, you have recued so many you could probably qualifly as a non profit animal sactuary!

  15. 12-12

    I’m guessing he’s a feral and they are a different creature lol. I’ve taken in and also have at least 3 permanent outside feral cats. 3 females that I’ve had fixed and live on my back porch let me pat them when I am on my knees at the door but heaven help me if I walk outside – this has been 14 years that I have fed and cared for them lol.

  16. 12-12

    Poor ole’ Diggy. I hope that is a crying face and not a hissing face. Maybe something hurts. Or, just that some cats “talk” more than others. Our neighbor Buster is a talker. We hear him before he comes into view. Diggy is pretty, though. Wish we could understand their language. I was so glad when my babies learned to talk and could tell me what was wrong or what hurt.

  17. 12-12

    Hey Suzanne!

    That is one vicious looking cat! :devil2:

    Angela :wave:

  18. 12-12

    We have an Orange Tabby . They are not shy and retiring creatures . They will tell you what the problem is because you seem to be the person in charge . Belly empty ………FEED ME NOW , Threw up on your rug ………..CLEAN UP ON AILSE THREE , Litter dirty …………..Well , you get the idea .
    We love our Orange Tabbys “CAT”tankernous traits :) and all.

  19. 12-12

    Do you think that they took some lessons from mean rooster (RIP).lol

  20. 12-12

    uhem…what’s to like about paparazzi? :lol:

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