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NO SOONER did I send Ross the questionnaire letter than I got TWO letters! One was just a form letter with a bit at the end by him with his address etc. The other was a real letter, albeit short, the highlight of which was his comment that “boot camp is not that fun.” But he’s alive! I got letters! I was so excited.

Back to the photo above of me with baby Ross. What was I thinking? That hair! Those bangs! The earrings! The makeup! And look how skinny I was right after having a baby!!!!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on June 29, 2010  

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  1. 6-29

    So glad you got BOTH letters! See, Mom, he hasn’t forgotten you!

    And I love the photo, you brave woman. :sun:

  2. 6-29

    I agree he hasn’t forgot u, he is being STRETCHED right now. He is probably exhausted at the end of the day. On another note, you look great with dark hair, is that color your natural color. just wondering, I love the pic it is so precious!!!

  3. 6-29

    :snoopy: SO happy you got a letter..I would have been going crazy too. Yipppeee for you. LOVE the photo.

  4. 6-29

    I am so glad you got your letters! Boot camp is not fun…..as my ex-marine husband tells me! I doubt he has much spare time at all.

    I love the picture. What sweet memories.

  5. 6-29

    That’s an adorable photo. I enjoyed the links in the letter article as we have a Grandson that is going to enlist in the Navy. It’s been a real wishy washy thing with him but he broke up with the girlfriend that was holding him back so I suspect it will be soon. I am sure your son and our Grandson will be better men for their enlisting.

  6. 6-29

    So glad you got letters! I love that photo!

  7. 6-29

    my son jason also went to great lakes for his navy bootcamp. i worried also. it was in dec. four years ago, one of the coldest years on record. i had to wait for that first letter too.they take everyones wisdom teeth out, gave him eight hours to recoup and then back to marching. three days later he developed dry sockets, they gave him two days rest (bed rest)with tylanol. i was so angry. here was the baby i had protected from everything i could, and this i had no control over.he came home a man and honestly, it was the best thing for him.i grew up alittle too. i learned to let him fly. :heart:

  8. 6-29

    there is so much joy in that photo. love it.

  9. 6-29

    WHOOP!!!! I’m so happy for you. I know that feeling when you see his handwriting on the envelope, and the new stalking relationship you will have with your mailperson.

    You will soon meet the man your son is becoming. Your heart will explode with pride and joy.

  10. 6-29

    Boot camp is not that fun…ah. He’ll be so happy when he’s finished. Love the photo.

  11. 6-29

    Congratulations! Glad to hear he’s alive. ;)

  12. 6-29

    Wow you do look thin for just having a baby. I am glad your son is OK. :fairy: :fairy: :fairy:

  13. 7-2

    My Mom had the same hair, if that makes you fell better.

    But I wanted to say, my sister went into Navy Boot camp a year ago! We didn’t get any letters for a while, and my parents (air force vets) said it was because they hold them. Part of testing them mentally :?
    Just wanted to let you know :).

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