High Water


I think I’ve got a clogged pipe where the creek runs under the driveway.

(That’s supposed to be a very tiny creek that runs between the driveway and the field in front of the barn–not a pond.)

We had a flooding rain today, and school was dismissed four hours early due to high water concerns. Back at Stringtown Rising, I would have been in a panic wondering how I was going to get across the river to pick up Morgan from the bus or if she’d think to take the other bus and go to my cousin’s house. Today, she just came home and the bus dropped her off in front of the house. It’s so nice.

And now? It’s snowing a little bit!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on December 7, 2011  

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  1. 12-7

    It was raining here in NY and now turn to snow too, And also kids got out early today but for teachers day. Always the first Wednesday of every month. I hope you get your pipe on plugged or it might look like Stringtown Rising Farm. :sun: Bring out the sun its been to gloomy here!!!!!!!!!

  2. 12-7

    Isn’t it so nice when life uncomplicates itself sometimes? Glad to see you have a nice day despite the rain. :)

  3. 12-7

    Sometimes if you have enough water pressure you can blow out clogs….or a very long stick…

    I love her getting off right in front of the house. What pressure that takes off of you and her.

  4. 12-7

    Looks familiar to me, my front yard and driveway are full of big puddles of water. The ground is just so saturated around these parts! I’d love to see a dry winter, but I hear it’s going to be a wet one, and I’m not liking it one bit! :hissyfit:

  5. 12-7

    If the “pond” should freeze. it would be a good place to ice skate. I was listening to the weather channel today and it sound as though snow may be headed your way, it is nice to know you and the animals will be warm and proteced from the elements—and you dont have to contend with those horrible icey roads.

  6. 12-7

    On a farm it’s just one dam thing after another, isn’t it? (Get it? Clogged pipe, dam?) It looks like you’ll either need to get after the clog with a stout stick, or get some ducks. But at least you don’t have to ford a river.

    Enjoy your first snow at Sassyfras Farm. I hope it sticks just long enough to be pretty, but not long enough to be a bother. Are you milking BP indoors now?

  7. 12-7

    It’s always something, isn’t it?

  8. 12-7

    Just beautiful Suzanne. And the best part of all is that you have a barn where the animals can stay dry. Okay I’m not a farmer — but I always worry about the animals being cold and dry — so now I’m happy that they have such a beautiful barn. This is lovely scenery – I am so enjoying your new digs.

  9. 12-7

    I hope you don’t end up with an ice skating rink. Will the county come and fix the drain or is it your problem?

  10. 12-8

    Peace of mind is always a good thing when it comes to your kids. Glad Morgan was able to come right home. :)

    It rained here and then it snowed. School is still in session. :) It has to be bad weather here in order for them to close.

  11. 12-8

    Lots of rain here and then yesterday morning….Snow mixed with the rain. We had flooding of streets and the sewers in the street were spouting up water geysers. I dont doubt you have standing water! :happyflower:

  12. 12-8

    You need to get yourself a Forensic Plumber!

  13. 12-8

    How nice that Morgan can get home more easily now. This winter is going to be SO MUCH EASIER, being able to get in and out! :snoopy:

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