Why do they keep playing football games with scores that look like this in the third quarter? I mean, hey, in volleyball? Best three out of five matches makes the game. Once a team wins three matches, there’s no point continuing with the other two and the game is called. (Aside–the best volleyball game is a game that goes three matches. Whoever wins the first match, that’s who you root for. Even if it’s the other team. I’M JUST KIDDING. Maybe.)

I can’t believe how long some people will stand in line for a hot dog.

Of course, I’ve retired permanently from high school football concession duty now. I miss concession duty. It gives you something to do. Now I have to spend three hours wondering what’s going on.

Oh, wait, that’s just like concession duty.

Still, I’m feeling a little sentimental as these last few home games wind down, halfway through the season now. Weston is a senior. I will never ever never (did I say never?) sit through a high school football game again. I’m only there for this boy:

I don’t like football. I don’t understand football.

Referee: “Okay, boys, who’s giving me candy after the game? I gotta make this call!”

Homecoming queen:

Weston’s cute girlfriend in the band:

Sweet moment as opposing players hug on the field:

Or something. It all looks like this to me:

I don’t know the final score. When I finally convinced Morgan to go home with me, it was halfway through the fourth quarter and it was 48-0. They were getting ready to field the cheerleaders and the water boys to give the other team a chance. (THAT IS SO MEAN. I’M SORRY. I’M TRYING TO HAVE SOME SCHOOL SPIRIT HERE.)

Weston stayed after for the homecoming dance and spent the night in town at a friend’s house.

I now retire from homecoming high school football game reporting as I shall never attend another one. So many “lasts” this season! Last high school football concession stand duty! Last homecoming football game report! Where is my gold watch????

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on October 9, 2010  

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  1. 10-9

    I feel your pain Suzanne! When my son played football in High School, I had NO idea what was going on, my husband had to explain everything to me! Kept losing site of his number, froze to death, BUT they know you are at the game for them and that means more then anything! Your a Great Mama! :woof:

  2. 10-9

    I’m in complete agreement with you on this one, Girl. I saw a score this morning from one of our local games…69-10…can’t remember the low score but it was no more than 10….why???? It’s high school and it’s a GAME….why humiliate the other team. I am glad you are there to support Weston…I’m sure this last season is bitter sweet!!! You know you’re going to miss concession duty!!! ;-)

  3. 10-9

    That was a hilarious recap and I could SO relate! I don’t know what’s happening on the field either. Glad you’re always there to support your kids, though. They’ll look back someday and really appreciate it!

  4. 10-9

    Never say never, there’s a possibility Morgan may one day be a homecoming queen canidate. That will be a game you’ll have to attend. Just saying.

  5. 10-9

    Hilarious, Suzanne.

    In the first high school football game I ever attended, our school won, 76-0. Although I truly have no idea how they knew who was scoring, since the field was nothing but mud, and every single player looked like Mud Man. (This was the 60’s, when AstroTurf had not yet been invented.)

    I never understood football, either, although started to get a glimmer of understanding during the two years we had a band girl. High school football is way more fun than the NFL, that’s for sure.

  6. 10-9

    Loved the picture of Westons girlfriend playing her flute! I also played the flute in marching band! Looking back at all the football games I attended, I still dont get the game. But, it was fun! Thanks for the memory!

  7. 10-9

    Just think of Andy Griffith’s description of Football….I do like to watch the college and pro games but the only position I even know is Qtrback because he is the guy that throws the ball to someone. Think there is a tight end position somewhere on the field but they all kind of look like they have tight ends :D ….not a bad view when the camera zooms in!! :bugeyed:

  8. 10-9

    just wondering,why is the cute girlfriend not wearing a band uniform??

  9. 10-9

    Or, is the one in the uniform the girlfriend?? Hard for me to tell.

  10. 10-9

    At games I saw the same and similar things you saw. Had no idea what was happening with the players and those guys wearing black and white stripes. It was a chance to get with the crowd of friends, do a lot of yelling, and look to see what everyone was wearing. Oh, and to see whose boyfriend had given them a mum corsage for homecoming. The big roundish (stinky) yellow mums fit right in with the school colors of black and gold.

  11. 10-9

    The girlfriend is the one wearing the uniform and playing a flute. I don’t know why the other girl isn’t wearing a uniform. There are many mysteries in football.

  12. 10-9

    I come from a family of girls. I really dislike football and don’t understand it either..don’t even want to. Yes, you do deserve that gold watch!

  13. 10-9

    Oh Suzanne, you gave me such a laugh this morning! I love the players “hugging.” My kids are 20 & 22 and I still miss them playing sports, although I don’t miss all the driving back and forth to practice. Enjoy it while you can!

  14. 10-9

    Yes Suzanne be sad, but as some one said don’t say last. Morgan could be homecoming queen some day. Now tell the kids it is a long time in the future but there is Grandchildren. My In-Laws braved the chill last night in hopes that their grandson (a freshman) might get a few minuets of play time.

  15. 10-9

    I would love to watch my boys play ball again….

    When those fall Friday nights roll around and you can just feel it and smell it in the air…A whiff of a hot dog, nachos and cheese or a bag of oversalted popcorn and coke…A lap blanket on your knees, yelling for the team the color your boy is wearing, no matter what is happening on the field!
    …Oh boy, in twenty years on a cool Friday night you will yearn for these years of their youth…LOL…I do..

  16. 10-9

    And the story will continue with some grandsons who will play football :-)

  17. 10-9

    And the story will continue with some grandsons who will play football :-)
    Don’t tell me, you won’t watch your grandson play football?!? Surely not from the concession stand, but at least be there, root for his team and watch him with pride!

  18. 10-9

    I agree with Senta & Pat. Never say never, you may have grandchildren playing football, and you know you’ll do anything for your grandchildren, EVEN go to high school football games.

    Actually, I enjoyed high school football. When the nights start to get crisp, it always seems time for Friday night football. And gooey candy apples.

  19. 10-9

    I was in the band, my kids were in the band. I never missed a game and chaperoned many band trips. When I was in school the 7th graders marched with the high school band. Learned all about football way back then and I love the game. Cincinnati Bengals are my team, but I will watch any game that’s on tv.

  20. 10-9

    Yep, there’s always Grandchildren. I can do football, but soccer is totally a mystery to me and of course, the two granddaughters I see all the time, play soccer. You do amazing things for your grandkids. By the time you get them, you’ve crossed to a different plane and can really enjoy/be with them. It’s WONDERFUL!!!

  21. 10-10

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that, thus far, the brainwashing has worked. My 12 year old son does not like or play football. However, he does play almost every otehr sport known to man. I call it God’s sense of humor. I never played a team sport and I bad mouthed organized sports for most of my life, and now…. Now I am one of “those moms”. I am at sporting events all the time. Today it was Cross Country. We had toget up at 6am for it! He did very well. He got third. His last 3 meets have been firsts.

  22. 10-10

    My daughter is in the band and when I see the score up high like that I often wonder why they keep playing also. As soon as I get to the game I am quite ready to go home. Or at least after half time after the band plays. That is the best part of the game. lol.

  23. 10-10

    I LOVE this post!! Too funny!! I have no idea what’s going on in football, either, and hubby is taking me to a college game in a few weeks. Is it bad to bring a book or crocheting to a football game? Hmmmm. (I’m using your ref/candy line during the game! Haha!!)

  24. 10-10

    That is so funny! When I was little, okay even into high school…I would get soooo irritated when my uncle would change the channel from the Thanksgiving festivities to watch the football game. In related news, I spent 6+ years in band, was a cheerleader for one of those years and I have never once been able to keep my attention on an entire game. I have never understood the point. Not the intended goal of the game, but why on earth it seems to interest so many people!? I don’t get it. I think that if you are going to intentionally put yourself in a situation to get mangled, by all means take the pads away and let’s get some rugby going! Just sayin’. :)

  25. 10-11

    I hate football. Glad my husband doesn’t like it either.

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