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It’s supposed to warm up today and tomorrow, so yesterday afternoon I decided to try to get out of here and go get some child-like people and bring them home. I didn’t get very far. This is why I hardly ever go anywhere in the winter.

I talked to Morgan on my cousin’s cell phone after he picked her up. I told her I missed her and I’d tried to come get her. She said she didn’t miss me.

Morgan: “They have faster internet at their house.”

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on December 9, 2010  

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  1. 12-9

    Yes, but YOU have cookies!

    Gotta love kids. Just know that all their friends wish YOU were THEIR mom. That’s how it goes. No mom is “cool” to her own kids. At least until they get to 20. IN the last year, I have become “cool” to my now 21 year old daughter.

  2. 12-9

    Oh, no! At least you know what to expect from past winters. Don’t worry, I’m sure Little Beast – oops, I mean Glory Bee – is glad to live at your house! All she cares about is milk! :moo:

  3. 12-9

    Spoken like a teen!

    Have you tried chains?

  4. 12-9

    WOW, that would have scared me to death! I dont even like driving in the rain or at dark, FORGET about the snow!!

  5. 12-9

    Stay home! Fix all of those favorite foods that the kids don’t like. Or better yet fix all of THEIR favorite foods and during phone conversations bragg about what you’ve been eating!

    Mother of 4 grown children

  6. 12-9

    Argh! I’ve been there and done that – repeatedly! You have my sympathies. :hug:

    I moved farther from my job, but the road is flatflatFLAT!! No more terror trying to get out of our parking lot.

  7. 12-9


  8. 12-9

    Ok, after traveling those roads and hills in the SUMMER, I have nothing but sympathy for you in the winter! And to think, that part was the easy part…….

  9. 12-9

    Ahhhh…….gotta love em!! :turtle: not much can compete with faster internet-even cookies & a mothers love!! I’ve got that tee shirt! :sheep:

  10. 12-9

    My daughter did that, but not until she was a teen. They have the wisdom that they know everything. All of a sudden when they are adults, you can be one again. She really loves you, she is just being a teen.
    GO make pie, feed the four leggers cookies. They will love you always. :woof: :sheep: :sheepjump: :cowsleep: :snoopy: :heart:

  11. 12-9

    You need Wilblue internet service. I didn’t think we could get high speed out here and I nearly cried when we found Wildblue 3 years ago! It’s been great!

  12. 12-9

    I am not sure I would have even TRIED to go get the kids – I give you a LOT of credit….Thank Goodness for your cousins!!!!

  13. 12-9

    Ha ha ha ha!!!! Sorry, but that’s funny!!!!!! =)

  14. 12-9

    Ahh. Do we even remember life before the internet anymore?! “Roughing it” translates to poor DSL service. :)

  15. 12-9

    So…were you trying to back down or drive up? :bugeyed:
    I don’t like driving in that stuff either, but when you throw steep hills and narrow roads in to the equation, that leaves me AT HOME!
    Stay safe Suzanne. :hug:

  16. 12-9

    Hey…..looks like my driveway…!!

  17. 12-9

    Once again you guys keep that white stuff to your self! haha, I am happy that you are ok and no one got hurt. I know what it is like to not have your kids with you, I go nuts after about 24 hours! Well I go nuts 24 hours after I get her too!

  18. 12-9

    ungrateful kids…go out to the goats and you will get a round of applause!

  19. 12-9

    Lovely. I hate driving on snow. Our road out is about as steep as yours..only paved and plowed occasionally. Good luck getting out before spring!! :lol:

  20. 12-9

    I agree with CindyP! After actually driving up that driveway on a dry warm day I reallllly understand what a big deal this attempt was :yes:
    Maybe park down at the bottom and sled down? Oh never mind, there’s the coming back up part ……

  21. 12-9

    Is there no sand in West Virginia? :moo:

  22. 12-9

    Get some chains on those tires woman – and carry some sand with you in a bag – just a suggestion.

  23. 12-9

    The sand would not work for Suzannes driveway it is a dirt rock driveway that is very steep the sand would just grind into the dirt.Suzanne you are a brave woman, no way I would attempt your driveway with out studded tires. Teenagers Argh! Enjoy the peace!

  24. 12-9

    Amanda’s right. Sand wouldn’t solve the problem here, unfortunately!

  25. 12-9

    Ahhh, Morgan sounds like a typical teenager. You make homemade soup and they want Campbell’s, you make homemade bread and they want white storebought bread! But, I assure you they do grow out of it! Now my kids LOVE and insist I make soup and bread for them. Somewhere along the line they grew up. They no longer had to be “like everybody else” and decided that they LIKED homemade food better than the stuff that comes in plastic AND they’ve actually become really good cooks. They’ve come to appreciate MaMa’s good stuff. Maybe I’ll take up making my own yogurt again.

    I agree with the poster that suggested that now if the time to make what YOU love to eat. Biscuits and cream gravy for breakfast. Your favorite pie for dessert. Homemade tomato soup from your own tomatoes and toasted cheese sandwiches with your own bread and cheese. Maybe just a big pot of beans with cornbread…YUMM. How about lentil soup? Or something delicate like Julia Child’s recipe for authentic french onion soup. Please yourself, not your kids and relax, give yourself a facial and a hot foot bath.

  26. 12-9

    I’ll bet 52 just shakes his head in wonderment :? each time he pulls into the drive….as I’ve seen my DH do many times. He’ll have to hike up to the house for the keys, unless you’re just sweet enough to leave them in it for him. :yes: I’ve done that!
    As for Morgan, it’s like teething: a phase we(parents)hope they pass through quickly.
    I agree with #3 glenda -CHAINS are your answer.They won’t hurt the drive or the rock road, just don’t try to go to WallyWorld with them on. (done that too!)

  27. 12-9

    Ok, Suzanne, so what you need to do is park your vehicle down wherever you feel safe about driving it out of your driveway and get a snowmobile and just use that to go back and forth to your truck.

    Yes? No? :hug:

  28. 12-9

    Yes, what I do in the winter is leave my car at the bottom of the driveway and hike back and forth. I didn’t realize we were going to get this much snow this week so I hadn’t taken it down there! (I don’t like to hike up and down so I’m always putting that off and sometimes I get caught with snow and can’t get the car down there.)

  29. 12-9

    Suzanne, speakng of internet speed—–since my 2-yr. Wildblue satellite internet service contract is due to expire later this month, I’ve been thinking about checking around to see if there is perhaps a “faster” service available in our area for a reasonable monthly fee (I’m on a farm just a few hills over from you). KentuckyFarmGirl mentioned having Wildblue and loving it but I get a little frustrated with speed sometimes; however, it may just be that I’m not very patient or that I’ve been spoiled by the service at the office and at a residence in Charleston (two different providers). I think I saw an internet satellite dish while attending the CITR party so am wondering who you have service with and what you think of the service.


  30. 12-9

    :sun: Sent some sun to melt the snow. Worth a try. What is a DH?

  31. 12-9

    My teenager is always at her grandparent’s house (they are within walking distance) because they have internet and Dish and I don’t. I joke that she lives with her grandparents and sleeps at my house.

  32. 12-9

    I am sure she missed you, as a teen just does not want to tell her Momma! Stay home and stay safe. What would this generation do without technology, we never had any and we survived just fine, had alot of homemade fun too! I do have to admit tho, I enjoy some technology now, if I didn’t have it now I would not be able to read about your animal adventures! Your stories give me the reprieve from studying that I need (after 5 years of working full time and going to school at night and weekends). Thankyou for sharing your adventures!

  33. 12-9

    Angela- this time the DH = Dear Husband. Though at other times it could be a little more harsh.

  34. 12-9

    I like that jan-n-tn, I have thought the same about my hubby on a few times!

  35. 12-9

    Lots of good posts full of wisdom from Moms that survived teenagers!! Amen!

  36. 12-9

    I would of never attempted to even get behind the wheel! You were braver then me! Hope you get sunshine and a little snow melt today! But watch out another storm is coming for next week! Stock up on that FOIL!

  37. 12-9

    Judy, we have HughesNet. I doubht WildBlue or HughesNet are any different on speed. I wouldn’t recommend satellite internet to anyone who could get anything else! If satellite internet is all you can get, HughesNet or WildBlue are probably about the same. I’ve never used WildBlue, of course, but no satellite internet is going to be any faster than another, I don’t think. I hope someday we can get DSL.

  38. 12-9

    Thanks, Suzanne. So do I (hope to someday be able to get DSL). Frontier says we’re too far away from their “switching station” (not sure if this is the correct terminology) to get high speed service although neighbors who live a couple miles down the road have it. Guess I’ll stick with Wildblue for now since it IS better than dial-up.

  39. 12-9

    Woooops!! :shocked: Okay, bet the kids (2-legged) have had a ball more than once just sledding on those up and down spots. Hope you get them home before school lets out. Or, maybe they have outgrown the sledding/hot chocolate fun.

  40. 12-9

    I hate snow and ice!

  41. 12-9

    I feel for ya Suzanne. Looks like you locked up the brakes and slid – been there, done that! :bugeyed:

  42. 12-10

    Here in Montana I go every where even in my little honda. In the past thought the biggest problem I have had is the snow is so deep that it freezes under the car then I stop. So I keep a shovel in the trunk now. For you road I definatly would want my hubby’s truck in 4×4. The sand in the trunk or back of the vehical gives more weight in the back so you slide less.

  43. 12-10

    @judyh According to Verizon and then Frontier, you have to be within 18,000 feet (3.41 miles) of their switching station to get DSL currently. They are working on putting little “boosters” along the line to help carry the service farther. My neighbor within site of me (1/4 mile) has DSL and I don’t.

    I have HughesNet and it has been OK so far. It has even survived my technogeek son and all his downloads.

    More snow this morning….Cousin Mark and I are adopting Morgan for the winter!

  44. 12-13

    Mimic her the next time she wants something!

  45. 1-22

    YOu need to build yourself a barn for your car?…https://chickensintheroad.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/snoopy.gif

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