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This pie was just as delicious as I thought it would be. I snagged a picture of it sliced before it all disappeared. I also snagged a piece of it that I hid in the back of the old farmhouse fridge till I got a chance to eat it. (The recipe is here: Raisin Cream Pie.)

Yesterday was my cousin’s annual “country supper” that they hold at the old farmhouse (where I used to live), this year celebrating the 100th anniversary of their farm.

Their cleaning lady ditched and their kitchen lady ditched due to last minute crises. They had their party stars aligned all wrong this year. Georgia was having the vapors (for REAL, she fainted during the party! don’t worry, she’s okay, I think she just got too hot or something). I pitched in to clean and run the kitchen. Came home and went to bed for 11 hours straight. I should be back to posting as usual this week! Whew. Kids are gone for 8 weeks. I’ve done gone up the holler, people, and you’re not getting me out till August.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on June 5, 2011  

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  1. 6-5

    Oh no! If you aren’t careful, they’ll want to hire you as both the cleaning and kitchen lady for next year. ;)
    Glad to hear that Georgia is okay. Have a relaxing day, and enjoy the next 8 weeks.

  2. 6-5

    I hope you will find some time this summer to sit a spell and breath deeply. this pie looks so yummy, and when I’ve taken off the pounds I want to lose, I plan to make one, give most of it away, and reward myself with a sliver. have a beautiful day Suzanne. :hug:

  3. 6-5

    “I’ve done gone up the holler”

    Welcome, you are one of us now.

  4. 6-5

    Sit on your porch, relax and take in the view! Its a perfect time a year to slow down and watch your garden grow. Enjoy your break!!!

  5. 6-5

    8 whole weeks of no kids…whatever will you do with yourself?! ANYTHING YOU WANT. To include: Less laundry, less cooking, less cleaning and less chauffeuring. Enjoy your break, Mama!

  6. 6-5

    Enjoy the Summer as much as the animals will allow..you still have to bake cookies or you’ll have an animal house war on your hands..but still take a break..and enjoy your lovely view!

  7. 6-6

    Suzanne, please come outta the holler to visit the WV State Folk Festival!!! http://www.wvstatefolkfestival.org/index.html

  8. 6-6

    Congratulations to Georgia and your cousins on the 100 year mark for the farm. Pretty impressive. I hope Georgia is A-ok. I’ve been passing out in the heat since I was a little girl and I only do it when traveling (stress with the heat, I think).

    Your pie looks heavenly. Have a wonderful summer Suzanne. I hope you won’t be too lonely without the young ones underfoot. Just think, no sport practices, no buses to catch, no homework to help with, no girlfriends for dinner, sheesh! What WILL you do? (Ha-ha, I was just being a smartie pants. I know how busy you are with 52 and the animals.) You’ll have to cut down on the amount of food you make, or invite a couple of teenagers to live with you!

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