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About six weeks ago, I was stupid and not holding the handrail on my twisty stairs in the house and I fell down. I hit really hard on my left knee, got a deep bruise that lasted for weeks, and it hurt pretty bad. However, I had lots of things to do, as usual, and kept going. Workshops, milking, farm chores, shopping for workshops, and so on. I thought it was fine until a few weeks ago my knee started swelling. Just when I thought it was all better! However, I ignored that, too. Figured it would go away with some ice and heat. Except that didn’t happen. It got worse. I got through this past Saturday’s workshop, and don’t have the next one for two weeks, so I decided I’d better seize the opportunity where I have some time off workshops to do something about my problem. Yesterday morning, the man in my life took me to the emergency room where I had it x-rayed and then had fluid taken off my knee. That sucked and it hurt. But my knee looks normal again! I’m laid up in the house with an ice pack and feet up until it gets better. My man is taking care of all the chores for me and Morgan is fixing supper tonight!

And I’m trying to behave.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on June 29, 2015  

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  1. 6-29

    :heart: Take care and get well soon.BTW, I love the way you say “fixing supper” instead of “making dinner”

  2. 6-29

    Let ’em wait on you hand and foot, Lady! It might be your only chance.

  3. 6-29

    So sorry to hear that you are laid up but nice to hear you have some help. Remember, ice is better than heat for inflammation. Curl up with the cats and invite one of those adorable little goats inside to entertain you!

  4. 6-29

    You had better be taking care of that ankle!!! WOW!
    It’s a good thing your man has skills to help you around the farm.
    Hope you heal quickly!!!!

  5. 6-29

    It is nice that you have a gentleman in your life to help you through life’s pitfalls, no pun inteneded, and the fact that he can cook is a nice bonus, take care of that knee, as one that has knee problems I will tell you it is important that you listen to your doctor. You might ask about wearing some sort of lightweight knee support while doing your chores for a while.

  6. 6-29

    It’s Morgan who is cooking dinner. Though he can probably cook. I don’t know, I haven’t let him yet!

  7. 6-29

    Enjoy your downtime!!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. 6-29

    Hope you will be up and around soon and feeling better.

  9. 6-30

    I’m sssooooo sorry to hear about your injury and very happy you have help. Help is a very nice thing to have. Please do be careful and take care of yourself.

  10. 6-30

    That’s called a Baker’s cyst. A steroid injection will have it back to normal in 2-3 days.

  11. 6-30

    Awe, God love ya…..that sucks…my knees are giving me fit’s as I type lol….sucks to get old..:) best of luck to ya…
    :whip: Crack the whip on em CV 2014 07 1835 :whip:

  12. 6-30

    So as you can see…I’m at work…that there number in the post above…just ignore that lol…..oops…. :devil2: gotta love technology….stupid computer…. :hissyfit:

  13. 6-30

    I echo Joell. Take care of that knee. If you push your recovery too much you could really do some harm. Minor knee injury=walking “funny”=cartilage wear/tear=more walking problems=knee replacement. (Believe me I KNOW THAT STORY!)

    Also, trudyh, a baker’s cyst is usually an actually lump. Suzanne’s sounds like her whole knee joint was inflamed and swollen and she had effusion of knee joint (the old-fashioned “water on the knee”). Ice and rest were probably what her doctor told her. ESPECIALLY staying off that knee! Read some books, write something, watch Judge Judy and enjoy your rest. God Bless!

  14. 7-1

    Yes, that’s what the doctor called it, knee effusion. It was not a cyst. It was fluid on the knee from the trauma when I fell on it.

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