Little Shortcake


This little shortcake is a Paso Fino cross. She’s a seven-year-old mare who came into rescue bred. She later foaled safely and the colt is already in the adoption process. She’s probably crossed with Quarter or Morgan, but she’s short, like many Pasos, only 13.3 hands. I’ve volunteered to foster her at Sassafras Farm. She’s healthy and back to weight, no longer needing specialized rescue care. She is, in fact, a little on the chubby side at this point and can benefit from being exercised. Fostering her here means the horse rescue can open a stall to a new rescue who needs their care. (If you’re wondering what responsibilities foster care entails, basically it is boarding a horse for free and taking responsibility for their feed and normal farrier etc care, which is one way to help horse rescue.) Shorter horses are harder to place, though I’m not sure why because I love that she’s short. I went to meet her yesterday and climbed right on her back without a block, which was awesome. (Even if I wanted to get on Patriot’s back, I couldn’t do it without a block, even though he’s just over 14 hands. I absolutely have to have a block to get on Zip–she’s over 15 hands.) This little horse is an easy ride and seems to actually know something. Pasos are often used as trail riding horses, and I do intend to ride her while she’s here. I’m slightly less horse-stupid than I used to be, so I could actually test her out to see if she followed directions–turned when I told her to turn, slowed down when I told her to slow down, and stopped when I told her to stop. Just basic stuff, but kinda handy.

This is me riding her at the Hardestys’ farm in Kentucky yesterday. After testing her out in the round pen, I felt comfortable enough with her to take her out into the open field.

My commitment to the little shortcake is to keep her at Sassafras Farm until she’s adopted. The person who adopts her might even turn out to be me, but Shortcake and I will have to discuss that further under saddle.

She’s a pretty little thing, isn’t she?

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on August 3, 2012  

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  1. 8-3

    YAY!!! Kudos to you, Suzanne, for giving Shortcake a foster (and maybe forever) home. My Gabe (registered name Fairwind’s Gabriel) is a Paso and we love him. He’s a bit taller than Shortcake at 14.2 so I use a block, but he is closer to the ground than my Tate and that can be a good thing. My youngest claims Gabe as hers and she’s just 5’1″ so they are a very good match. She loves the flowing mane and tail typical to Pasos. Lost of braiding possibilities there ;) The gaited ride he provides is a very smooth one too and that’s another plus. Thank you for fostering. So many rescues are having to close their doors in this economy so having an empty stall is huge. Lots of horsey emergencies (like Phoenix’s Scarlett) out there…..

  2. 8-3

    That appears to be one lucky horse!!!! good for you! and ya know there’s a special place for people like you::::makes your heart feel so good don’t it!!!! congrats:: and I bet ya a $$ you all end up with her, hee hee. Sweet ride!!!


  3. 8-3

    Oh cool!! We need a video of her gaiting or racking or paso fina-ing with you, or whatever they call that gait!

  4. 8-3

    she is gorgeous!!! paso,s are wonderful. they are so graceful and beautiful. I have never ridden one but my neighbors had several
    question…why do you use a block? I.m 5’2 and have never used a block to mount.

  5. 8-3

    She looks like a perfect match for you- even her name!

  6. 8-3

    She is a beautiful horse! She may be short, but you look fine on her! I had a beautiful horse for a while that was short and I was much too tall for her. She was about 13 hands and I’m 5’11”. My stirrups were halfway to the ground!

  7. 8-3

    I’m smiling from ear to ear :D Lovely Shortcake is so lucky to be fostered by you Suzanne, and what a lovely way to repay the rescue centre and help another horse in need. Who knows what will happen to her next? ;)

  8. 8-3

    Straighten that back missy! lol She is absolutely adorable! I have to laugh when you talk about “bigger at 15 hands”… we have some that are between 18 and 19 plus hands! With that size though comes an amazingly gentle disposition :) Kudos to you for fostering her!

  9. 8-3

    So I see your farm has grown by four feet. Congrats on the new family member!

  10. 8-3

    That is great of you! She will make a good friend for Zip too. Patriot better get his stuff together before his stall is rezoned “Girls Only”. :)

  11. 8-3

    She’s beautiful! And you two seem to be a perfect fit. I think you should keep her. Horses seem to be a lot like cats: once you get one you get another and then another… Which is OK!

  12. 8-3

    She’s beautiful! You look right at home riding her! Hopefully, you and Little Shortcake will come to a mutual agreement that she should live with you forever. Patriot is a beautiful horse too, and so is Zip. I’m sooooooooooo jealous of all of your wonderful animals!

  13. 8-3

    Just a suggestion, but I was thinking about Patriot after his last post and it seems he’s not as well broke as you guys need and it looks like little Shortcake is. How about selling Patriot and keeping Shortcake? Just a thought. I worry about you two and Patriot cause it seems he’s a bit thickheaded besides not being broken in too well, and you may end up having to always fight to get him to mind. Not much fun. Just my humble opinion, for what it’s worth. :wave:

  14. 8-3

    I love her!!! She’s just perfect for you, Suzanne! She’s a Sassafras lady, and she fits right in! Btw, I vote to sell patriot too-nothing worse than a difficult male :/ IMHO :)

  15. 8-3

    Seems like the discussion is not necessarily between you and Shortcake but between you and Patriot. It’s great that he and Zip are such good friends, but he needs to be friends with you (two, too.)

  16. 8-3

    BTW, is selling Patriot even an option…My doggie rescue requires that my rescued dog be returned to them…not sold or given away. The same with horse rescue?

  17. 8-3

    bonita, yes, that is correct, I can’t sell Patriot. He is returnable to the rescue group only, by contract.

  18. 8-3

    Such a pretty girl. I love a short horse. They are much easier to get on, easier to get under things on the trail (let someone on a tall horse ride in the lead and they will catch all the cobwebs on the trail) and lets not forget that if you should go off, you are alot closer to the ground. She looks like a keeper Suzanne.

  19. 8-3

    I’m thrilled for you and Shortcake, what a little beauty, and it is so totally awesome that you can comfortably climb aboard and ride her – she sounds like a total peach! Tell us how she came to be at the rescue, she is very fortunate to be with you.

    As far as Patriot goes, I am sure that you will do what is best for him and you. Honestly, I don’t think he is a fit for you as a rideable mount, and I understand that you may be OK with that. And if he has superb ground manners and respects you on the ground, then it could be OK – just don’t want you or any member of your family to be kicked or bitten by a horse that doesn’t want to do what you need him or want him to do. We look forward to hear more about how his training is coming along. No matter what, the training you are getting him is a very positive thing, and I believe that your trainer can help you make the best decision for you both. And we, as your faithful readers, will support that decision. That being said, I can’t help hoping that you decide to adopt Short Cake. Please share some more photos with us soon of all three horses, and have fun riding in the fields!

  20. 8-3

    She is beautiful!! I think you are doing an amazing thing to foster her. Good for you!!! :happyflower:

  21. 8-4

    what a cool story. and, now you’ll have a horse for ME to ride when i come visit your awesome place!! :lol: i’m betting you end up keeping her — you’ve already said the words out loud and into the universe.

  22. 8-4

    I just have to drop in two cents to say how thrilled I am that you’re getting into horses like this! It looks like SO much fun, and you really seem to be taking to it quickly.

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