This is the definition of a work of art.

It is almost impossible to believe, but Kelly Walker created this incredible mural between Sunday morning and this morning (Tuesday). Forty-eight hours. You could sit and look at this painting for an hour and still not see it all. It’s not just one work, it’s a combination of vignettes. Nearly every one of my most beloved animals are pictured here. You see Annabelle and Minnie Belle in the upper left. Coco is on guard duty at the fenceline near the top. Crazy and her baby are in the pasture. Bird feeders are in the middle. Toward the right, Nutmeg, with her babies running after her. Glory Bee with her head in the hay. Fanta to the right of the bale, with her head in the hay, too. Dr. Pepper is munching from on top (his favorite spot!) and Mr. Pibb and some chickens in front of the bale. My cat, Spice, in the tree. Lower, middle, Clover (wearing her tiara!) stands atop a spool table, with Sprite on a lower spool, and the Crooked Little Hen on the ground. Right, foreground, that’s my rooster, Mr. Hyde, and left, forground, Poky.

Here’s a close-up of Nutmeg and the babies:

But that’s not all! There’s Linda’s shelf with herbs over the stove, a painting of my cat, Sugar, in a mailbox (painted from a photo I took a few years ago), and Beulah Petunia at the door.

With her flower!

This is Tuesday of retreat week, and the work and preparations are ramping up by the minute. CindyP will be here in a few hours. Next week, I’ll have a full post on my House & Garden page with many more photos of the art to do it justice, close-ups of every vignette in the main mural along with photos of each of the other works around the room. Those of you coming to the Party on the Farm will have a chance to see it all in person next Sunday! Kelly and Linda are amazing, talented, and SO MUCH FUN. I can’t thank them enough.

Meanwhile, Kelly also has photos on her blog (and will have more after she gets home, I’m sure, so keep checking there!). You can see Kelly’s blog here.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on August 30, 2011  

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  1. 8-30

    Great, just Great…Love the eyelashes on BP. Px of Coco so cool, too. Can’t wait for closeups. Have a rippin’ good time at the retreat and at the farm party.

  2. 8-30

    Oh, how beautiful! I think my favorite in this painting is Mr. Hyde. (Sorry, Clover…) I think maybe it’s because they really did justice to him in all his rooster-ly glory. I can’t wait for closeups! Wish I could be at the Party on the Farm!

  3. 8-30

    I love it! I will have to take a picture of the babies, Peanut and Coal, when I come to the party. – Teresa

  4. 8-30

    This is so cool! I love how personal it is to your farm! I wish I could be at the retreat to take it all in first hand. Can’t wait for more photos!

  5. 8-30

    Awesome, Suzanne!

  6. 8-30

    Beautiful!!! :woof: :snoopy: We are just on the road now!!!! CITR Retreat!!!!!Rain :happyfeet: :snoopy:

  7. 8-30

    That is absolutely amazing!! How I wish I could be there to see it in person next weekend. I’ve been staring at the photo and only after several minutes did I realize that they actually painted around a pipe! Good heavens – how did they do that?! So very clever and talented.

  8. 8-31

    Looks great!

  9. 8-31

    Oh how beautiful!!! i am so happy for you, and thank you for sharing this with us. :snoopy:

  10. 8-31

    I just visited Kelly’s website and saw the other half of BP on the other side of the door. Very clever.

    I love how all the paintings just make the huge room come alive. How wonderful to live with the views.

  11. 8-31

    I absolutely LOVE it! :snoopy:

  12. 8-31

    Really terrific. I keep thinking maybe I can make it next year. We’ll see. I love ALL the farm animals in the photos. Very nice work. I love the BP picture probably best.

  13. 8-31

    Love, love, love!! :snoopy:

    Okay, now I want to try painting my critters. Seeing Kelly’s work is both inspiring and intimidating–I’ll never paint that well! :hissyfit: But now, I’m feeling like I have to try anyway! :shimmy:

    Oh happy day! :happyflower:

  14. 8-31


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