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More babies! Someone asked the other day if I thought Sprite and Fanta were pregnant. Yes, yes, I do! In fact, I think Mr. Pibb is pregnant, too! Look at that! I can get anything pregnant! BUT A COW.

And MORE news on our workshop and entertainment line-up for CITR Retreat 2012, too! I updated the post yesterday afternoon, but for those of you who may have read it earlier and didn’t see–we’re able to add felting (with Pat Springer of Springer’s Yarn Nook, one of our sponsors at this year’s retreat!), painting (with artist Kelly Walker, who did the “downstairs art” here at the farm!), and container gardening (with the awesome Mrs. Fuzz, and you’ll be taking home your own homemade self-watering containers from that class!) to the workshop line-up. I also booked Saturday evening’s entertainment: Granny Sue, a real live old-fashioned folk storyteller. That is going to be fantastic!

Could there be more exclamation points in one post? I’m excited! Especially about getting Mr. Pibb pregnant. Alert the media.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on October 5, 2011  

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  1. 10-5

    Yippeee! Heather, I am excited for your class! I can’t wait to see you again!
    (There Suzanne, three more exclaimation points! Now four… LOL)

  2. 10-5

    If MR. PiBB is pregnant I will call ABC news myself.

  3. 10-5

    Wow…more classes…this is great! But, hey, if you ever get the inclination, I’m ALL for adding more classes and making it a week long event! Heck yeah, I’ll take a week of vacation for it. I don’t want to miss a single thing! Can’t wait!

  4. 10-5

    Now it is just an UNFAIR WORLD if you can get Mr. Phibb pregnant but not your cow inspite of all your efforts. Maybe the artificial method might be best. I mean you tried to make it romantic for her. Gave her a flower. Walked her to the door so to speak. Your an ex-romance writer so you know how to make it special. I blame the bull!

    I think you need to add a link on the masthead just for CITR Retreat so we can find all the news as things develop. So it was a success for you? I know it was a success for the participants since their posts seem to indicate that. I’m glad you decided to do another one. I make my Dear Hubby promise that we’d go to the next one. We want to travel to that area anyway so why not meet some of the folks I’ve been reading posts by for a long time.

  5. 10-5

    OK, I DO know how to spell, I’m just not typing too well this morning. :cry:

  6. 10-5

    joykenn, there is a link in the green bar for Events/Retreats! We can change that directly to the Retreat 2012 page, though. Thanks!

  7. 10-5

    Yippee on all the great Retreat news!!

    Dear Santa, I know it’s early, but this is the only Christmas before CiTR Retreat 2012 so I thought it best I get my request in ASAP. All I want for Christmas is to go to this retreat. Sans hurricanes. Oh, and please make BP preggers, and Mr Pibb not preggers. On second thought, do, cuz then Suzanne could get rich from all the media. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Thank you.

  8. 10-5

    I can’t stand it! All this fun stuff is making me crazy! I wanna do EVERYTHING! I have already requested vacation time, too!


  9. 10-5

    Count me in for MrsFuzz’s class! My garden still is not producing enough to can anything. Does the apron class include jewels and flowers? Do we need to bring our own sewing machines for the quilting and apron classes? Can’t wait to see my CITR Sisters again! :hug:

  10. 10-5

    cincyjojo, we will have machines for attendees to use!

  11. 10-6

    This is so totally awesome Chicken Sista’s……can’t wait…I want to take alot of classes, don’t know if I can fit them all in, because I so loved the ones I took this last time and would like to repeat them LOL…

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