Mud Road


Between snows, the relief of melted snow sinks into mud as the road turns into a thick, unwieldy mass of slippery earth that is almost harder to drive on than the snow. It scares me. But not as much as the snow and I keep going, inching along, trying to not slide off the hill.

It’s supposed to snow again next week and I’ll be wishing for mud….

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 23, 2010  

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  1. 1-23

    If you get really scared , put foot on brake and shift to neutral it will slow engine down! People forget that is what neutral is for!
    From a Michigan Winter Wonderland driver

  2. 1-23

    Mud….snow….ice. All scary for me, too, Suzanne. In Dallas, there is no dirt roads to produce mud to drive on. Rarely have snow and only occasionally have ice. But….I’d rather have all that than bumper-to-bumper traffic 356 days a year. Count your blessings!

  3. 1-23

    Your website should be chickens ON the road! Just kidding, you seem pretty fearless with all that you do!

  4. 1-23

    We have had a full week of above freezing temperatures and there is still too much snow to see the ground. I would love to have your mud! Only a couple more months of winter left.

  5. 1-23

    Hard to believe that all of that snow has melted!! Maybe spring is around the corner….

  6. 1-23

    I know what you mean Suzanne…we have ‘slimy’ roads like that too but we don’t have ‘cliff’s’ to slide off here in Kansas. Hang in there…it won’t be long until all the snow is over and sping is here…can’t wait!!! :hungry2:

  7. 1-23

    We go slammed with snow here in northern AZ. We have about 2 feet. But when it melts next week it will be mud for weeks. I can relate. HATE the mud.

  8. 1-23

    Hey Suzanne!

    At least with the mud you can see the ditch that you would go into! lol That is what I hate about it when there is snow on the road. I can’t see the sides when I have to pass another car so you don’t know what you are driving on or into!

    I always put my gear shifter in the low 1 when going down a hill it slows your truck down to a crawl without you having to put the brakes on. :turtle:

    I too am wondering what next week’s snow will bring! :snowman: I’m trying to keep all of towels and dishes washed so if the electric goes off again everything will be clean.

    Angela :wave:

  9. 1-23

    If you drive in a lower gear (Drive 2 or 1), the transmission will help hold the vehicle’s speed down and you won’t have to ride the brake so much. It will put more power to the wheels which might help when you ford the river. Try it. Won’t hurt as long as you need the slower speed. When you hit the pavement, shift her into Drive and you’re good to go.

  10. 1-23

    Yes…snow or mud…they’re both slippery and require caution. Using the lower gears so you can avoid the brakes is good advice. It’s a healthy fear you have, Suzanne. Don’t be ashamed of it :) Better to be cautious than too cocky in my humble opinion.
    It sure makes us appreciate driving on dry roads, doesn’t it? One of life’s blessings :snuggle:

  11. 1-23

    Ah, yes, the Mud Season is beginning in some areas.Yuck!

  12. 1-23

    :sun: I agree with Blessings comment…put the car into neutral. I do the same thing. Dont worry Suzanne, you’ll get use to it. Time and practice. :yes:

  13. 1-23

    From another Michigan Winter Driver…our dirt road has now turned into chocolate pudding. There’s no other way to describe it. Always fun when I’m navigating the ravine. Take your time, don’t rush, you’ll be fine. :yes:

  14. 1-23

    Yep, I can relate. Every time the kids get in or out of the car I say, “Please step away from the car.” Doesn’t matter, everyone still gets mud on the back legs of their jeans…

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