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My days never look normal, do they? That’s okay. I love my days! One of the best things about being a single independent woman is that you don’t have to answer to anybody. For instance, I can bring home a gigantic house dog and not ask anybody for permission! And I can have man friends, and do things with men, without worrying about what anybody thinks! I actually spend most of my time anymore around men. Men know how to do stuff. Anyway, today, my friend Jerry met up with me at the farmers market where I was getting apples and I hopped in his car so he could take me to Harbor Freight. I’ve never been there, and he was going to help me pick out a trickle charger for my generator. With a trickle charger, I won’t have to worry about the battery, which makes the push-button start work, ever going dead on me. Winter, how prepared am I for you, let me count the ways. I bought a trickle charger, then I wanted to swing by Wal-Mart so I could get a baby gate, aka dog gate, to keep Gwennie from going upstairs during the day. At night, she sleeps at the foot of my bed and I want her there. But in the daytime, I want her to stay downstairs. I knew Jerry’s car was little, but ack.

It was like being in prison! And this was the ONLY way to get that baby gate into that car! (The trunk is tiny. It laughed at the baby gate.) Thank God it wasn’t that far back to the farmers market (and my Explorer)!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on September 28, 2012  

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  1. 9-28

    OMG – it looks like if he had to slam on his brakes, you’d clothesline yourself with that baby gate! :shocked:

  2. 9-28

    STOP IT! I do NOT need to be jealous of your “independent woman” life. But I am. A little. (On tough days, a LOT.) Anyway – what wildcat said!!!

    We have apples and I’ve only made 14 quarts of sauce. Sunday is dedicated to more sauce, and butter!

  3. 9-28

    Oh, no. Harbor Freight is dangerous. It’s filled with so many handy things you didn’t know you needed until you saw them, and so cheap. Zip ties and duct tape and magnifying glasses, oh my. And giant stock pots. My DH found such a good deal on 20-qt pressure canners a few years ago that he bought three; one for us, one for my sister, and one for the church. That place is a snare.

  4. 9-28

    Good idea to restrict Gwennie’s access to 2nd floor to evenings only. Thank goodness there were no sudden stops on the way from Walmart to car!

  5. 9-28

    Looks like a Mini Cooper.. though, they are surprising spacious inside! That farmers market is amazing. I wish we had something half as good as that here.

  6. 9-28

    It’s a Mazda MX-5.

  7. 9-28

    When my husband wants to be really, really nice to me, we go to Harbor Freight just to browse. There and Central Tractor are my two favorite places to look around.

    Yeah, guys do know how to do stuff. I keep trying to figure out how they just “know”. It has to be gender related because as fascinated as I am by hardware, it takes me a really long time to get brave enough to actually do stuff with it.

  8. 9-28

    Yes, Harbor Freight can get you. We have one here and I (and hubby, also) have found (and will find in the future) a lot of neat and useful things. I am not telling him that they are having a HUGE sale this weekend

  9. 9-28

    I have to say it, because I bet you are waiting for someone to say it: women can do things, too. :D I mean, look at you! Of course you know this, and it is great to watch that slow eroding of gender-based skills.

  10. 9-28

    Woman, do you EVER wear pants? LOL :lol: :
    Sharon B., VA

  11. 9-28

    My ex was almost useless as far as knowing “how to do stuff”. In fact he would ask me if I could “fix this”. One afternoon he came into the kitchen to find my legs sticking out from under the kitchen sink. He wondered what I was doing….I was putting in a new kitchen faucet. I have several DIY home repair books that I have put to good use.

  12. 9-28

    All I could think of was “egads don’t hit the breaks!” when I saw the picture… but you gotta live a little on the wild side to get stuff done (and into a Mazda MX-5). We used to have a tiny car and I was always amazed when my husband would come home with lumber I couldn’t figure out how to get into my truck.

  13. 9-28

    You had me crackling up! thanks I needed that!
    “Carry on” lol

  14. 9-28

    Oh Susan, thank you for posting stories like this…I’m just reminded how real our lives are & how practical too. Love your humor and your genuineness! You made me laugh a little today and that’s a good thing. Take care & have a great weekend. Oh by the way, enjoy the weather. I hear it’s really nice out there. Where I’m at right now we’re still in the 100’s :( Our Autumn is late I think! :butterfly:

  15. 9-28

    Good luck with training Gwenie not to knock down the baby gate since she’s a gigantic house dog. LOL :D You do have adventures daily! Sounds like you have built a great life there in WV and are on the way to being a ‘native’, but of course they will always know that you aren’t. I’m still in Texas and a native but people don’t think I am because I don’t have an accent.

  16. 9-28

    too funny!!!!

  17. 9-28

    I’m looking at the picture thinking, what is that, I know I’ve seen it before. Oh my, that is what is sitting at the foot of my staircase to keep my little doggies from going up into my quilting room! Too Funny. Found a gate at Lowe’s that I spent way too much for and put up between the tiled living room and my carpeted bedroom, but way easier since it has a gate you actually walk through and open! As I said, spent way too much, but love it! Oh, by the way, I think it is awesome to get the men to do those things to help us! Gives them a since of being needed, even when we know we don’t have to have them for that! It just frees us up to do those other things that need to be done and they don’t want to do! LOL. Keep up the good things!

  18. 9-28

    For those who may not know, an MX-5 is what used to be called a Miata, a tiny 2 seat car that is so small, they don’t even put a spare tire in the trunk anymore. I too have carried everything from 2x4s, to 8ft x 120ft rolls of straw used to cover new grass. If I cant get it in the car, I have 2 trailers. If Suzanne had purchased anything else today, I would have had to gone back home to get one. :D

  19. 6-9

    When my kids were young, I always had station wagons. You know – those big old “boats”, and I loved them. After my husband died, I went to small cars, last being a Toyota tercel. Love that sporty little thing and it even had room for most things I had to haul. After I’d had it for about a year, I finally noticed a little tab at the top of a back seat, pulled on it and it opened the seat clear back into the trunk! I showed it to my daughter and said “look! I have a station wagon”! Of course she thought I was nuts! Now, I’m loving my 12 yr old suburban, gas hog that it is. You can haul just so much more stuff. LOL!

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