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It has rained almost every day this summer. I’m pretty sure West Virginia has been reclassified as part of the Amazon jungle. I’m expecting to see monkeys hanging from the trees at any time. Anyway! Here’s how the odd mimosa tree is looking now. It did bloom.
But only from the few branches that survived the winter. The new branches didn’t bloom. Hmmm. Will see how it goes next year!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on July 28, 2015  

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  1. 7-28

    I was wondering if the Mimosa Tree needs as much water as you have gotten this year? Perhaps the excess rain affects the blooming? I live near Chicago and I don’t remember seeing a tree of this type. Perhaps we are out of the growing zone. I love Wisteria and they don’t grow here either. Too cold and they don’t survive the Winter.

  2. 7-28

    Maybe Mimosa is like lilac, they dont bloon on new wood, so hopefully it will bloom next year.

  3. 7-28

    I wouldn’t worry about too much water. We had mimosa trees down in the Gulf coast region of Texas and we got LOTS of rain. It pops up everywhere down there. Here’s a link

  4. 7-28

    Do these trees have a good fragrance to them?

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