Greetings from the Anti-Mall


My cousin brought me this early Christmas present from the anti-mall–the Salvation Army store. It’s a cookie press! I’m very excited! It’s in perfect, unopened condition, all sealed up. Brand new. If you haven’t thought about thrift stores, second-hand stores, antique stores, or Salvation Army stores this holiday season–think of them! You can find wonderful things at these places, including, sometimes, brand new things that someone else just didn’t want. (My cousin could have even not told me where he got it, but he did because he knows how I appreciate such a frugal find.)

Haystack Cat


Diego, on top of a stack of hay. Complaining. We usually call him Diggy for short. He’s one of our three orange cats. (Diego, Buttercup, and Kitten.) We found Diggy skulking around the old farmhouse one day a few years ago. He just appeared out of nowhere. He was crying and crying. He still cries. For no apparent reason. He’s just always a bit moody. (He looks a lot like Buttercup, by the way, but Buttercup is much meaner. Which is really saying something because Diggy is no slice of sunshine.)