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When I posted about my new pressure cooker the other day, I had requests to demonstrate some recipes using the pressure cooker. I posted a step-by-step today on Farm Bell Recipes. (See Money Peas.) I’ll be posting more recipes using a pressure cooker, and we’ve even added a “Pressure Cooker” category to Farm Bell Recipes, so if you’re already cooking with one, bring on your recipes! We’d love to see them! And if you’re not, watch out, we’re going to tempt you into either going out to get one or dragging that thing out of the attic and using it. Be not afraid! A pressure cooker will change your life! (I cooked this pot of New Year’s Day Hoppin’ John in FOUR MINUTES FLAT.)

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 1, 2011  

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    I LOVE my pressure cooker. I have two. One was given me as a wedding gift years ago. It never saw much action and I thought I had gotten rid of it. So I bought a used one at Goodwill this year. I think I paid $6 or $7 for it. It cost me another $3 or so for a new gasket and safety valve plug. Then when I moved this past Aug, the pressure cooker from my wedding showed up in the attic. It only needs a new gasket and safety valve plug and it will be good to go too.

    So I now have a 4qt and a 6qt, plus my large pressure caner. I ought to be good to do any amount of pressure cooking. And I’ve had times when I have wished I had a second pressure cooker to cook something else while the first one was rocking away and the pressure canner is just a tad large to use for anything but canning.

    Scary thing, the instructions with my pressure cooker (wedding one, 6 qts.) states you can CAN in it. Pints and half-pints only. Somehow, I don’t THINK SO!

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    Darlene, you can I’ve done it long time ago.

    Suzanne, I was given a perfectly like new Pressure Cooker yesterday. God is so good how He BLESSES us. The neighbor got one from a yard sale and didn’t use it and gave it to me. I’m so glad and thankful. It is a 4 qt. steinless Cook’s Essentials. I taught her and another woman to can chicken this week and had talked to her about it and her husband said I could have it.
    I have the opportunity to (maybe) buy another canner from someone else that doesn’t use it, so if she will sell it to me I will buy it and shorten the time I spend in the canning room. Yeah.

    Thank you for your sharing of the life you have and live. Be BLESSED. :heart: :sun:
    By the way, did I see melting Snow in some other photos?

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    Now This I am excited about. I have been going to haul my pressure cooker up but just keep putting it off. This is just the encouragement I need. I am looking forward to recipes. I actually started using mine about 25 years ago for a couple of recipes. One started sticking to the bottom as I recall, and it just discouraged me from continuing. It has been on my mind a lot lately, so I am anxious to get started. I had gotten it at a garage sale way back when, and it had never been used..instructions with it and all…And stainless steel. So hopefully I will be all set…if I can find it amidst the junk.

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    Suzanne, I ordered a pressure cooker and am glad to read that you have added the PRESSURE COOKER category. Can’t wait to start cooking this way again.

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    :happyfeet: Happy New Year Suzanne!! I bought a bag of ” Money Peas ” yesterday in hopes of making them today also in the pressure cooker, and now I have a Great Recipe!!!! The Fannie Farmer Cookbook has a section on pressure cooking and times for vegtables, I will try and post some of the recipes on Farm Bell Recipes later this week. Happy Pressure Cooking!

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    I love my little pressure cooker.

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    I ate my share of Black Eyed Peas this year!

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