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Along with hayrides, spinning, quilting, felting, iron skillet coffee bean roasting, and other demonstrations and activities, not to mention FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, (and, possibly, pony rides on Shortcake), I’m hosting my first ever Sassafras Farm Flea Market at the Party on the Farm.

You are invited to sell your wares at the Party on Farm in our very own flea market, open to CITR readers and party attendees only. The wares are limited to handmade or homegrown items. There is no fee.

Even if you don’t have anything to sell, be ready to browse the tables of fellow CITR friends! Purchases will be cash or personal check. No debit/credit cards can be accepted/processed. You must take responsibility for your own items and money—-we can’t promise to watch it for you.

I’ll be selling my homemade soaps (Wild Mint & Honey, Oatmeal, Sassafras Tea, and Lemon & Lavender) along with my preserving.

Drunken Cherries, Raspberry Sundae Preserves, Apple Maple Jam, Orange Slices (spirited!), and pints and PINTS of my Whiskey-Raisin Apple Butter.

For the second year running, we will also have a swap at the party. One table will be set aside for swap items. To participate in the swap, bring your “extra” homemade crafted or canned goodies to exchange with your CITR friends. You must take responsibility for your own items—-we can’t promise to watch it for you.

Participating in the swap OR the flea market is OPTIONAL, of course. If interested in the swap, bring your goodies and check in at the swap table when you arrive. If participating in the flea market, bring your wares and set up shop in the flea market area. (There will be signs directing to the swap and to the flea market.) There will be limited table space available for the flea market due to table use for the swap and the food. If you want to be sure to have table space, bring your own table. I will do my best to set up as much market tablespace as possible with whatever I can conjure up that works, but I would appreciate any and all table(s) you may bring with you.

Don’t forget to bring cash or checks so you can have fun shopping! The flea market will be somewhat like an impromptu craft fair/farmers market and I hope it will be a lot of fun.

We do need to know you’re coming, so don’t forget to register (free!) to attend the Party on the Farm.

Registration is open–click here to sign up!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on September 2, 2012  

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  1. 9-2

    I love the labels, Suzanne!

  2. 9-2

    This newbie feels like there’s a hole in this story. How does the swap work?

  3. 9-2

    Eve, to participate in the swap, you bring “extra” goodies (homemade) and trade with other people at the swap table. There will be a swap table set up and someone there to coordinate. No money changes hands, trades only. To sell, set up at the flea market tables, which will be in another area. The trade exchanges are entirely left up to the participants.

  4. 9-2


    I of course realize we do not know each other but over the years I have come to know you through your blog. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! I wish you so much happiness and success with your farm and business. I saw what you wrote about another reader being unhappy with your posting…I thought I would share that I find your work delightful.

    I have an urban farm with hens and goats…all DIY much like yourself. It takes a lot of work to keep all this going. She simply doesn’t understand. Best of luck with your flea market…party on the farm and of course the main event!!!!

  5. 9-2

    Hmm…won’t be there, but those preserve flavors sound mighty yummy. They’d make great holiday gifts, too! If there are any left over, would you consider shipping to NM (I’d pay shipping costs, of course!) :woof:

  6. 9-3

    Suzanne, I would like to see some kitchen linens added to you for sale items, perhaps dome tea towels, aprons, pot holders, etc. I have a chicken design in my kitchen, have had for about 20 years.

  7. 9-3

    Suzanne, can quilters participate in the swap by swapping (unsewn) fabrics (such as fat quarters) in order to increase the diversity of their stash?

  8. 9-3

    Sigh…wish I lived closer…

  9. 9-3

    bonita, absolutely!

  10. 9-4

    aprons, tea cozies and other fabric arts would be nice to see especially useful everyday stuff.

  11. 9-5

    Do you think anybody would be interested if I brought kombucha (fermented tea) to swap? Not the mother, but a bit of strong brew that can be used to make your own mother. Call it a “starter” if you will, about a cup per container. Just mix with cooled sweetened tea, let it sit on the counter until the “mother” grows, then you can use that mother to start making your own kombucha tea. I wouldn’t sell it, and I can only bring a few. Opinions?

  12. 9-6

    Please bring some of your kombucha tea starter…with instructions :-). We had some years ago. A great health drink!

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