She’s Hot-Blooded


That’s not your imagination. That really is Morgan cleaning off our satellite internet dish in the snow wearing basketball shorts.

Glory Bee could hardly believe her eyes. She had to follow Morgan out there to stare at her.

“If my mommy bought me pants,” Glory Bee said, “I’d wear them.”

Then she remembered her mommy wasn’t in the goat yard with her right now and things went all bad after that.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 8, 2011  

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  1. 1-8

    Yes, kids these days must be tough! It’s not “cool” to wear coats, boots, gloves, hats, etc. Better to freeze! My 19 year old grandson and his friend came to visit the other day; no jackets, sneakers on, of course no gloves, and it was about 20 degrees out and windy. It made me cold just to see them getting out of the car.
    Although I must say they did have their knees covered. :snowman:

  2. 1-8

    Somehow I thought Glory Bee was bigger than that, maybe 4-6 times bigger.

  3. 1-8

    Looks like Glory Bee likes Morgan. Nice to see her acting so friendly.

  4. 1-8

    Kind of reminds me of a woman in our neighborhood when I was growing up in chicago , the snow could be knee deep and she’d be outside in skimpy shorts , a short sleeved shirt and a very thin sweater always tending to something in her front yard , and the funny thing is she’d be out there for hours and as far as anyone knew , she never got sick.

  5. 1-8

    Well, I was kinda glad to see this, as I have just been complaining about my granddaughter, age 13. She got cute warm boots and hat for Christmas…and where are they? We are freezing here, but she walks around like it was summer.

  6. 1-8

    Maybe Morgyn needs a reminder : She’s not in TEXAS any more! LOL

  7. 1-8

    Oldest son, born in Georgia, raised in Southern California has been living in Alaska for the past 24 years. He still wears shorts and has been known to walk out to the mailbox barfoot or wearing flip-floops in the dead of winter. You can take the boy out of California but you can’t take California out of the boy! :bugeyed:

  8. 1-8

    Shoot, I’m over 50 and went out in my shorts to sweep snow off the patio this a.m. Guess i’m a kid at heart. Glory Bee is adorable!! :heart:

  9. 1-8

    ok, ok, Morgan wears shorts in the snow, Glory Bee followed her around. Cute pix were taken. Then
    “THINGS WENT ALL BAD AFTER THAT” Enough with the foreshadowing…what happened ?:) Inquiring minds have been led on.

  10. 1-8

    My winter wardrobe was shorts and a sweatshirt for many years…then something happened, I’m cold all the time!

    Yes…things went all bad after that…WHAT HAPPENED? Where’s the next chapter?

  11. 1-8

    Suzanne, will Glory Bee come up to you and Morgan and let you pet her?

  12. 1-8

    bonita, LOL. I just mean she was whining. (In calf speak, that means mooing and a little bellowing.) She’s always crying when mommy isn’t with her.

    judyh, she will come up to me at the fence, but if I’m inside the gate, she runs away. She’s still skittish.

  13. 1-8

    That’s a teenager for sure!! You see them in the malls here all bundled up with flip flops!!

  14. 1-8

    Poor Glory Bee…this is funny tho. :)

  15. 1-8

    Now I’m not THAT much of a longtime reader, but I seem to recall someone’s (hi Morgan :wave: ) mother has shared a propensity to not wear pants. Would basketball shorts really put her as an apple too far from that family tree? Just sayin’.

  16. 1-8

    My two youngest boys (ages 4 and 8) are hot blooded to the core! They’d much rather be running around the house with shorts and t-shirts than in the winter clothes the rest of us northern Indiana folks wear! LOL! Shoot, sometimes I have to beg them to go put a shirt on because they’re making ME cold looking at them! :sun:

  17. 1-8

    Oh my how funny is this post — only young people could brave the cold to go out in shorts. Although i do see a lot of older people here in Colorado in snow with shorts – go figure – they have great stamina.

  18. 1-8

    I grew up here in West Virginia with a girl like that. I think she just had a high metabolism.

  19. 1-8

    Nice calfs…

  20. 1-8

    Two pretty, funny children!

  21. 1-8

    :purpleflower: Maddy is the same way! She runs outside to walk the dog in furry boots, a goose down coat, and shorts. Or her bathrobe. It’s freezing here!! I wear gloves to take the dog out! LOL! Kids these days. :) :bugeyed:

  22. 1-8

    If you would look back to this former post ( It runs in the Family), you would see a young lady in the background of one of the photos in LONG JEANS in the summer. Youngan I think you have your seasons mixed up. :hissyfit:

  23. 1-9

    HER AND MY BROTHER. He wore shorts 365 days a year in MI. (Might still do it–I’m just not there to see it anymore.) At least it was lower peninsula and not the UP…

  24. 1-9

    Morgan and I must be members of the same hot blooded tribe! People always comment on the fact I’m running around in short sleeve tee shirt and wet hair in the middle of a Colorado winter. I am so tired of hearing how I will get pnemonia. I have to remind them of basic germ theroy, that diease is caused by bacteria and viruses not by temperature. If illness was due to temperature everyone in Alaska and Russia would be dead. They still don’t get it. I very rarely get sick. I never get flu shots and I’m a nurse who is exposed to all sorts of nasty stuff. I feel that exposing yourself to fresh air and and some cold is good for the immune system personally.

  25. 1-11

    brrrr…she’s nutz.

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