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Our power was out for more than 8 hours yesterday. We had a good long rain for most of the day, which we need, but apparently trees weakened by the big windstorm toppled from the soaking.

I need to figure out how to incorporate heavy power cords into my regular decor since there’s just no point in putting them away around here.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on July 14, 2012  

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  1. 7-14

    Oh no! Sorry to hear this, Suzanne. You will persevere though. I have no doubt.

    The Enchanted Bath

  2. 7-14

    Sympathy, sympathy! But as Linda says, you’ll pull through. I know you love that place, the power outages are just one of the little things that are so …. endearing… eh? :?

  3. 7-14

    oh!!! Love the photo of the kitty, she’s adorable. That’s a treasure for sure. Sorry to learn of the power predicament. You’re getting all the rain and here in Wisconsin we’re in a severe drought. But it rained yesterday for the first time since the end of April. And thunder too!!! My rain gauge read 1.5 inches, which really really helps. I wish you could send some of your rain our way! And I hope you dry out soon…. :yes:

  4. 7-14

    Suzanne, I know it would be rather expensive for you, but since you have free gas have you thought about a whole house generator? I believe my husband ordered ours from somewhere like generatorsdirect or somewhere like that. It’s a Genrac. They delivered it to our house and he installed it. I would be costly in the beginning, but for what it would save you over the long run it would be worth it. I believe our 20kw cost around $4300. It was a life saver the 11 days we were without power. We couldn’t run it all the time because we don’t have gas, just propane. I didn’t lose anything out of my deep freezer. Just a thought.

  5. 7-14

    On days, weeks like this, I now think to myself, “Time to put on my Mammy Jane panties” haha. So glad you are getting rain and very glad you have the generator. With your free gas, I would ditto what ladybird said! Our neighbors have one that kicks on as soon as the electricity goes out. Their home here is for vacations, so they are not often here. It has saved them many freezer messes!

  6. 7-14

    Maybe if the whole house generator that ladybird mentions also included the studio it would be considered a business expense. An outage can occur in any month and would be necessary when you have paying attendees at the farm. I don’t see how it would be different from any business with a weather related backup plan. Maybe a question and guidance from you tax professional.

  7. 7-14

    Yes, I am able to deduct the generator as a business expense–I’ve actually already asked! But I’m not ready for that kind of upfront layout. Sounds wonderful, but sometimes you can’t afford to do wonderful things! I could definitely keep a workshop going with the generator that I have now so there wouldn’t be more than a slight interruption to hook up.

  8. 7-14

    The whole house generator is a good idea in an area that seems to have outages like you do. We are working our way up to one of those. So far we have the switch to install that keeps the generator power from back feeding the utility lines. Next is the generator big enough to handle specific circuits. The well pump being my number one priority.

  9. 7-14

    Ahhh the wish list gets longer. . . The extreme weather of today is rumored to be the normal weather of tomorrow. Heaven help us all!

  10. 7-14

    What a pretty face on that kitty! Is it Maude, your newest one? She seems quite calm for being a wet cat!

  11. 7-14

    incorporate heavy power cords into my regular decor ….. :happyflower:

  12. 7-14

    I sent you this link from “Intermittent Farm Report”
    She reads your blog. She posts a link and recommends your blog.
    She lives near Spencer. She has and raises some of the same animals.
    She has her generator hooked up to her own wellhead. The conversion kit is made in WV. Maybe you already know her.

  13. 7-14

    Michael, yes, I know Shelley and I’ve seen her post about her generator before. She has an awesome setup.

  14. 7-14

    I can see why the novelty would be wearing off by now…

    Is that Killer? He sure has a sweet face for a wet cat. If my cat were that wet she’d be letting the world know how misused she is. ;)

  15. 7-14

    Yes, that’s Killer.

  16. 7-14

    You mean to tell me that you got the “banister cat” outside and she even, “gasp”, got far enough away from the house to get wet!
    Ms.Becky and Whaledancer are so right…she’s adorable and has a sweet face!! If I lived near you you would see a trail of kitty treats leading from your door over to mine–trying to tempt her over to my house.

  17. 7-14

    I think you could give you house that “industrial-chic loft look. That’s what we do. No large power cords at the moment but we do have a lovely exposed gas line to our kitchen range and some definitely industrial-looking exposed furnace duct work. Just one of those by-products of getting free gas after the house was finished but I admire them everyday…along with the exposed coaxial cable from our internet satellite dish :-)

  18. 7-15

    Ooops, just re-read the archive blog about the “dashboard cat”. Killer is, indeed, a HE. Who would have thought a kitty with such long, luxurious whiskers would be a “he”? Guess I should have played it safe and put “(s)he”!

  19. 7-15

    If you get a whole house generator be sure to purchase the switch that automaticall kicks the generator on. Ours has a 15 second delay and then it switches on. The only thing that we have noticed that pulls down the power is when the well pump kicks on. City water is available to us and we have a tap, but we prefer the well over public water. As I said in my original post, the whole house generator is a costly investment, but it was well worth it those 11 days we were without power. This is the first time our power has been out for that long and never in the summer, always in the winter. We have grandbabies to look out for, so that was another reason for the investment. We get tired of leaving home in the winter when there are power outages.

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